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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Instagram launches their own web profile page

I didn't expected that Instagram will be viewable on the web, and it will be coming from their own web page soon, I'm not sure if this will affect other 3rd party sites that grabs Instagram feeds, but the good part here is that Instagram will go beyond photo story sharing out of mobile and it will be available for view in our desktop PC and laptop.

Did you noticed that the UI is so Facebook ?
Its okay, because Facebook acquired Instagram months ago, I'm not sure if Zuckerberg's idea is to make it available on Facebook or have it build by itself, but as we see the design, Zuckerberg's finger print is obvious.

So I went to my Instagram page to see if I have the feature -
And there I saw a note from Instagram that the web profile feature will be available next week. I'm going to wait for it and prepare for an awesome photo blogging story in my Instagram.

They say that there will be a privacy setting for Instagram users if ever they want to hide their photos for the web and make it accessible for Instagram users or to friends only. And there will be a set to public settings for users who want to share their photos and use Instagram as their photo blog site.

I like the idea, but if it will go public next week, I'm not sure how will you receive comments from non-Instagram users, will they have a feature that Facebook users can comment on your photo? or does the FOLLOW button will be exclusive to Instagram users? It will be cool if they add some sort of Follow button that will allow a Facebook user to receive updates through their Facebook timeline.

I'm so excited and this will be the next thing for photo blogging.

check out some samples -

cucinadigitale on Instagram 2012-11-06 09-19-53

nike on Instagram 2012-11-06 09-19-14

mycookingdiary on Instagram 2012-11-06 09-18-22

palomaparrot on Instagram 2012-11-06 09-17-31
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