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Monday, December 10, 2012

Jollibee Kids Meal toys for December 2012 - Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Pucca

Jollibee Kids Meal toys for December 2012 Jollibee Kids Meal toys for December 2012
Jollibee is bringing in more new toys this holiday season and I just hope that they can re-stock more toys because the nearest Jollibee branch here in our area ran out of toys for almost a week. The new toys are Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Pucca, both characters are popular and have its own animated series.

Batman easily attracts the boys and collectors, while the Pucca is for the eyes of girls and teens

Boys can join Batman to save Gotham City with the Grappling Launcher. Attach the grappler to Batman’s hand, aim by moving his arm up and down, then press the button to release the launcher.  Zoom through the streets of Gotham City with the Batjet Shooter. Attach the wings to the side of the Batjet and place it on the ramp, then hit the button to launch the Batjet to defeat the Super-Villains.  

I like the Batman toys today, and this is a super exclusive and available only here in the Philippines.

Jollibee Kids Meal toys for December 2012

Girls can have fun with Pucca as their best pal with her exciting Write N’ Play toy set. Have fun twirling while getting creative with the Pucca Spin-a-Pen. Make the umbrella spin by pressing Pucca’s feet together and remove the cover on top of the umbrella to use the pen. Write your thoughts and doodle fancy objects in the Pucca Secret Diary. It has a charming lock that only opens when you spell Pucca’s name correctly. Also, inside are adorable Pucca stickers that you can use to decorate your diary or share with friends.

At first, I thought that its a mini action figure,  I saw this first when my sis posted a pic of it in her Instagram, and then I found out that its a pen holder and action figure in one. There's also a special mini notebook that you can use for taking notes.

Get a Batman: The Brave and the Bold Gotham City Cool toy or Pucca Write N’ Play item when you purchase any of the following Jollibee Kids Meal: Yumburger Meal (P80), Spaghetti Meal (P82), and 1-piece Chickenjoy Meal (P99).

Hurry and don’t miss the Batman and Pucca fun. The Batman: The Brave and the Bold -Gotham City Cool Collection and Pucca Write N’ Play set are available in all Jollibee stores from December 1 to 31, 2012.

I think its time to hunt for these toys and there's a go signal already that it will be available for the entire month of December 2012 only. I suggest you grab Batman and then Pucca, if you spot them available in a Jollibee branch.
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