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Monday, December 10, 2012

Lunch at Omakase-Ayala Triangle

Our weekend getaway brought us to Ayala Triangle, our agenda last Saturday is visit a clinic and then eat our lunch here in Omakase. I’m not a fan of this Japanese restaurant and we see this resto everytime we visit Ayala Triangle. We are a Japanese food lovers and we enjoy the yummy Salmon sushi, Sukiyaki, Donburi and Makis. Lace got the idea to try this resto and just to end our curiosity about Omakase.

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
When I saw the price of the food in their menu, I thought that they are pricey, but its not, just the average price for a Japanese food. It comes close to the pricing of Sumo Sam, Teriyaki Boy or John & Yoko, I’m surprised that the Gyudon is over P200.

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle  Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
It’s a comfy resto that uses less lighting and the interiors are not too colorful, the Japanese chef characters are also cute.

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
Order time! I got caught here snapping photos using my iPhone 4s hahahah
I’m not sure the reason why they placed a mirror infront of each table set. Maybe its for photo op heheh.

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
Kani salad
Our appetizer always

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
Salmon sushi
It’s the food that relaxes our tummy and taste buds. I super love the slippery fishy taste and aroma of Salmon.

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
Crazy Maki
I’m not a fan of this maki, I usually stay away from it. I tasted this kind of maki in Tokyo Grill. But the version here in Omakase is spicy and salty. We didn’t finished the last 3 pcs and it ended up in a take home bag.

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
it’s the heavy food here in Omakase.

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
Here’s the pricey Gyudon, but then I ‘m not satisfied with the taste, I’m still searching for a taste that I’m used to. I’ll give it a chance next time, but I sure love the softness of the beef and creamyness of sauce.

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
My wife loves this and she’s a super fan of this food. As I mentioned in my Gyudon, both of us are searching for a taste that we love, I’m not sure if the food magic is not present here, but we prefer the taste in John & Yoko and in Terikayi Boy. I don’t know… but the soup and beef are still good.

Omakase @ Ayala Triangle  Omakase @ Ayala Triangle
Our food mission of the day is finished, even we are not comfortable with the taste of their food, but it satisfied our Japanese foodie spirit. Im not sure if we will go back here again, but the price is okay and the ambiance of the resto is nice, kids will love it for sure, its quiet and not too flashy like other Japanese restos.
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