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Friday, March 16, 2012

Olympus celebrity endorser Erich Gonzales in SM MOA this March 17

I got news from Red Dot Philippines that their celebrity endorser for Olympus camera, Erich Gonzales, will be at the SM Appliances Center in SM Mall of Asia this Saturday, that's the store near the ice skating rink.  Olympus camera users are welcome to meet Erich at the event.

Event will start at 4pm

photo source

A visit in Olympus service center facility c/o Red Dot Philippines

2012-03-15 04-41-06-240
I'm glad that I checked the OlyClub forum last week, I joined them in a tour and visit inside Olympus service center facility here in Manila, thanks to Red Dot Philippines, official distributor for Olympus camera and OlyClub Ph, Olympus camera club in the Philippines, for organizing the tour for us club members and also Oly users. I arrived late yesterday and miss some of the discussions with Mr. Yuji Hato, CRM Department, Olympus Japan, I heard that the facility will be soon a topnotch service warranty for point-and-shot, PEN and DSLR units in the country.

What did I learned from yesterday?

The Olympus service center, managed by Red Dot Philippines  is located at
9th floor CU-Unjieng Center, Dasmarinas cor Quintin Paredes St., Binondo, Manila

you can view the map here going to that building in Binondo

Accdg: to our reader... Red Dot Philippines already moved to a new address. they are now located at
1817 EspaƱa Blvd., corner Prudencio St., Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Philippines
Tel :632-708-9282
Fax :632-522-7079

I also found details here via

Take note: My blog and this blog post is not connected or affiliated with Olympus and Red Dot Philippines
I'm just one of their customer and I'm here to share my experience tru blogging it.

Waterproof Oly digicams that were water damaged are hard to repair, it can be repaired but the parts will be expensive, most advice is to buy a new one or avoid opening the battery cap of your waterproof Oly digicams when you are dipped in a body of water.

Obsolete and very old cameras are hard to fix, because the parts are no longer available, but they suggest that you bring the camera to their office for them to check it and diagnose the defect.

I inquired about the defect that I encountered on my Olympus E520 dslr, its a 5 year old camera under my hands and it shows already some tech error, I told them that the dialog switch might be loose, because whenever I switched to Manual, then the screen will display that I'm in the scene mode. Then Mr. Hato checked my dslr and he told me that there might be dust under the dialog switch that blocks the sensor of the switch, so it needs cleaning...   When I heard that, I felt a stick was pulled out of my chest, I'm glad that my Olympus dslr is not defective. After the talk, I let the service center take care of my camera and stay there for 3 days for proper cleaning, its a 5 year old camera and it never experience some cleaning because I'm looking for the right service center for my camera and I'm glad that Red Dot Philippines is here to service us Oly users. The diagnostic personel told me that my camera will be okay after 1 week, I told them if its possible to claim it tomorrow, she told me that it will be available by Friday night, and then I told her that I'll claim my camera on Saturday morning, so that I can cover the pyromusical happening in SM MOA. Im glad Red Dot Philippines helped me fix my camera problems.

Its weird that I'm living in a day with out a dslr hahahh

At the service center facility, we were allowed to check the room and see their tech guys revive lots of Oly cameras, we were advised that we should not take photos because their repair gadgets are confidential. All of us Olyclub members stayed in the room for awhile and checked how their tech guys work, each tech person have its own space and all of them are wearing those finger gloves, I saw that they repair lots of digicams and also video cams.

I'm excited that Olympus is reigning the waves again! especially with the new release of EM-5 camera, everyone want to own already, and I want one too! but I need to convert first and own a Pen camera and embrace mirco 4/3 glory! oh yeah!!

here are some pics taken by my LG optimus black (yeah obvious that my dslr is not with me hahha)

2012-03-15 04-49-39-419
Olyclub member Jaime shows his photo prints to Mr. Hato

2012-03-15 04-50-15-256
Jaimes uses his Pen 3 in taking photos in RAW, and wow! the details are so alive!

2012-03-15 05-12-23-887
Erich Gonzales is the celebrity endorser for Olympus!  astig!

2012-03-15 05-24-06-796
Red Dot Philippines at the 9th floor

2012-03-15 05-40-44-926
That's the building! right after the Chinese arc and Savory

HDR effect on my LG Optimus Black

infront of this sign. I'm waiting for my bus ride going home

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A preview of SM City Manila 3 day sale this coming Friday

Me and my blogger friends went to SM City Manila to check out the mall and look for some cool items that will go on sale this coming Friday, The big mall in Manila will have their 3 days sale this March 16-17-18, 2012, its a big shopping sale event again for SM Supermalls and shoppers who live in Manila knows the difference of a normal day and a normal sale event, expect lots of foot traffic, bargains on the table and full house restaurants for the entire three days. If you plan to visit the sale in SM City Manila, and it will be your first time, then read my post and learn the interesting stuff I found here in their mall.
Here's the poster of the 3 day sale, they also going to raffle 3 HP notebook PC to lucky shoppers. I'll post back here again for the mechanics of the raffle contest. I also heard that there will be a special discounts for SM Advantage Card holders for the 1st hour after opening on 1st day of sale this Friday.

Our adventure starts here, but before I go and I need to check out this store directory, it can guide me and point the location of the store that I want to visit.

Gotcha! you already know what I want for this 3 day sale
SM City Manila have 5 levels, the top is the location of their cinemas, and wow!!! 12 cinemas!

spotted Aileen 1 and Aileen 2

Saw this Unicorn statue at the Putitos food booth at the top floor, cute thing to have a photo op.

My trusted hospital is now have a clinic here in SM Manila, Its a big clinic operated by The Medical City
A view of the giant banner that hangs from level 5 up to the basement level

Its movie time! this is their cinema hallway

We noticed that there's a special screening going on that day,  there's a special movie ticket price of P25 per person and you can watch an old movie.

Here's a way to kill time or relax or enjoy a movie with friends. This long line of people are going directly to that old movie screening, Php 25 as a movie ticket price is cheap and its fun to watch a movie that you haven't seen it yet

I saw Chicco di Caffe near the cinema lobby and I only saw it here in SM City Manila, Im not sure if there's another branch outside the mall. I'm attracted to that unlimited coffee promo offer. Check the poster on the glass.

FMCC shirts are on 50% off! super sale!!! I must visit store this Friday

The iconic Francis Magalona logo, I wonder if this shirt is on sale too.

I remember that some of my shoes back in college are from a Payless store in the US, I just love some of their shoe sets, even that the designs are old, but I still like the uniqueness of each design. Having an old design is unique in this generation.

All branded shoes are on discount, Here's a look of an Airwak shoes that looks like a Chuck Taylor

Pacman's monster. This blouse is so cute!! The shorts are marked now to 50% off, visit the store of Cache Cache

I spotted this milk tea house  somewhere in the mid level, I think its a Taiwanese tea shop, the venue is always full. maybe their milk tea is good.

I heard that Chica booti is like the other brand similar to Forever 21, lots of female shoppers inside and according to blogger Aileen that the price of their outfits are affordable.

I dont have an idea on how much a blouse is priced, but the P199 price tag looks okay

This Olympus EPL1 with a Zuiko 40-150mm telephoto lens is the apple of my eye that day
Its a little bit pricey for me, but I'll wait for the price mark down next time.

The SM Store..formerly known as SM Department Store, its a bit odd to see a different sign, but then we learned that the old SM Dept. Store is now called SM Store.

The Rockport store is a must visit too, heard that there will be 50% off sale for shoes

I always buy my sunglasses here in Fly Shades, this is a new arrival, I'm going to buy one and use it for my summer 2012 collection

Trying out the Cordoba style sun glasses

Here's a crazy deal!!! the white sun glasses below is priced at P99 only

not sure if there are any sale items here at the SM appliances

Toy Kingdom Express is always on have to check out the price of the toys here

I'm not familiar with this robot, but it has a Bandai logo

And if you complete all the robots, you combine them and turn into a giant robot!!! wow!!! Price per toy is P100

Baby toys are also on sale...

This is priced at around P200

Comic Alley store..your anime and toys store, Im not sure if there are any sale items
I'm curious on this Nanos resto, their pizza looks like the pizza from Sbarros

Same look..same smell of that NY and Chicago Pizza

Good thing here is that the pizza are affordable

My visit again in SM Cyberzone

I just imagined that this is thing is a teleporter

Saw some affordable smartphones at the Firefly booth, the phone aboive is a dual sim android phone...oh di ba!

For emergecny phones, this is an ideal phone for you

talk about tablet..this is a 1ghz tablet..using Samsung's processor.oh di ba?!!!

After our tour...we saw this Twilight photo op set up in line with the launch of its DVD

My view from the basement

To end our day...we enjoyed eating a yummy pizza and pasta at Shakeys

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