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Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

our bus window got stoned

The two glass window of our bus was shattered to pieces after something hit us while in the dark road here in tarlac. We dont know what hit us. We saw two holes coming from the left and right side. The two window broke up to pieces.

The hole was behind our seat. And we are lucky that no one got hurt. Esp. To the girls seating behind us.

We reported the incident to a police unit and we removed the broken glasses and continued our journey.

We dont know if a stone was thrown at us or a stray bullet. But the hole size is too big for a bullet.

I researched and found out that therr are lots if cases here in the PH that buses are stoned at night and some are a sign of hijack nd holdup. Im glad that we didnt stop after te incident.

Read the details here posted by who experienced their bus got stoned

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Earth Hour 2012 this March 31 at 8:30pm - join the global switched off event

This March 31, 2012 at 8:30pm-9:30pm, the world will participate and observe the annual Earth Hour switch off, this global activity is an eye opener for other people who are not yet aware about the Earth Hour, this also serves a reminder that the planet we live in should be take care of and also help preserve the last remaining natural resources that keep us a live. The switch off of electricity for an hour can help a city, a community, a country and the world just to reduce the emission of light pollution and other Earth killer substance.

Your participation is important and hope that after this Earth Hour,let us practice in saving energy, recycle materials, and prevent creating more carbon foot print.

Earth Hour 2012 video

Here are some info about Earth Hour

earth hour 2012 poster
1. Earth Hour started as an idea and it was initiated by one city in Sydney, Australia back in 2007 of March 31. 2.2 million people joined the one hour switched off and the result is that the one hour switched off is equivalent to removing 48,613 cars off in the roads of Sydney for one hour.

2. Earth Hour started to be global movement in the year 2008, Philippines was the first South East Asian nation to join and pledge full support for Earth Hour. Total power saved was amount to 80MWh, an equivalent of shutting down a coal fired power plant for one hour.

3. In 2009, Philippines became the top Earth Hour country with 647 town and cities that joined. 10 million Filipinos joined the one hour switched off and it save at least 611 megawatt of electricity, equivalent to a temporary shutdown of a dozen coal fired power plants.

4. In 2010, Philippines got the title once more for having the top Earth Hour country, 1076 towns and cities participated.

5. In 2011, 1661 cities and municipalities joined the Earth Hour and once more, the Philippines got the title for being the top Earth Hour country, and now called as the official Earth Hour Hero Country.

6. Earth Hour grown to a 5251 strong global movement,reaching 1.8 billion people in 135 countries.

And here are the highlights of Earth Hour 2012

1. Earth Hour now includes Space! The global switched off now widely observed through out the world, but this year the International Space Station will also join in the Earth Hour, thanks to the Earth Hour Astronaut-Ambassador Andre Kuipers for the initiative to join and also he will stand visil over us here in Earth and he will document everything in photos and live commentary.

2. Philippine Earth Hour switched off ceremonies will happen in three city here in the Philippines, - in Makati City, Cebu City and Davao City, other towns and cities will also join and this will be a sync switched off of electricity for one hour. Makati City will have their own switched off event at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, event will start at 6:30pm.

3. Earth Hour co-founder Andy Ridely will be here in the country to join the switched off ceremony, he will be in MAkati City to lead the grand switched off globally. Our local WWF ambassadors will be there also, Rovilson Fernandez will be the host for Makati, Marc Nelson will be the host for Cebu.

4. Caracol dancers, glow in the dark dancers Bailes de Luces, El Gamma Penumbra, Bridaga are one of the top performers for Makati. In Cebu City Plaza Independencia performers will be our Sinulog dancers, and then in SM City Davao our performers will be black light and fire dancers. Thanks to participating group that help these events be possible - Ayala Land, Makati City Government, Aboitiz Group, Cebu City Govt., SM Supermalls, Green Alliance and Davao City Govt.

5. , “We’re extremely excited for this year’s switch-off ceremonies. Though the Visayas and Mindanao have always observed their own unique switch-off ceremonies, WWF has traditionally celebrated Earth Hour from Manila. To commemorate our country’s fifth Earth Hour, we thought it high time for WWF to observe the movement across the archipelago - which has always been what we’ve aimed for.” - Earth Hour Philippines National Director Atty. Gia Ibay

6. How you can help? its easy to join the Earth Hour, but we need more help in spreading the awareness and you can help by using your Facebook and Twitter. Just post a challenge and your sacrifice just to help our mother Earth and also remind everyone that on March 31 is the Earth Hour day.

The "I will if You Will" spreads recently online, and I can tell because after I posted some challenge and offered a sacrifice, many online readers googled and visited some of my Earth Hour blog post.

All you need to do is post like this:
"I will not eat rice for a week if my friend Myke Soon stops using plastic bag for a day, Let us support #EarthHour #WWFPhilippines

and from other countries, celebrities are now joining in this "I will if you will", take a look on Miranda Kerr's video below.

So are you ready for Earth Hour 2012 ? Mark it now in your calendar - March 31, 2012...turn off all lights starting 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

Native Shoes - foot wear perfect for your summer 2012

Native shoes is now in the Philippines and its a big buzz last February during its launched here in Manila and to project the Native shoes identity for having a colorful design, light, trendy and all purpose style shoes, a perfect event was organized with a colorful Carnival theme and a live DJ music by DJ Trevor and Jason Bothe. The launch is jam packed with carnival games, booths and celebrities.

Native shoes was inspired by a classic and casual silhouettes and they are made from foam injection molded EVA, its a lightweight, durable and comfortable material. Its a waterproof and odor resistant shoes that you can use in different kind of wearables style, in fashion, in summer season, rainy and in the beach. Native shoes is from Vancouver, Canada and was formed last 2009 and now it has a global distribution in over 30 countries.

Native shoes is now available in all stores, malls and SM Department stores and also other boutiques.
check out their Facebook page at
I’ve been seeing some people already wearing these colorful shoes in the malls and its eye candy for us because the design is unique, the colors are too colorful and you’ll mistake the design that it could be that animal shoe brand? or the island brand thing? but Native shoes are easy to spot and identify with the style of having holes on it and you’ll think if the shoe is rubberized or plastic.

I regret of not attending the launch event of Native because of my busy schedule and I just came back from a long trip and I decided to stay home and rest, but the photos says it all and it shows that pinoys are excited to own one set of Native shoes, I even saw some of my friends wear this and with the price range are just right, the market can embrace it so easily, all it need is an awesome marketing and promotion.

I thought its a sneaker brand, but then when I saw the photos similar from above, I started to giggle and want to own one set now, I love to bring and wear a Native shoes in my trip to the beach and this can be a good foot wear to trek the shores of the beach and also walk under water, sometimes its hard to wear sandals when you walk in open sea, corals and other sea animals are painful to step on when you are barefooted.

Here’s another stylish way of wearing your Native shoes, but you can see that there are designs that are truly designed for fashion and street wear, I like the style of this Native shoe, even if it sports a neo color, it will still reflect that you are ready for summer or maybe you are just colorful in life.

Here’s another design – The Verona.

But for me, I like this Hugo design, perfect for the beach and street wear.

Trevor Andrew_01
DJ Trevor Andrew

Here are the Event photos and fashion show

Event Grounds

Native Marketing Rep Jason BotheNativeTrevor's new tattooTrouble Andrew getting tatooedHappy AttendeeTrouble Andrew getting inkedBall PitKid getting balloonStilt WalkersDivine Lee happy with her snow coneQueue for registrationEventEvent GroundsEvent OpeningStreet performersKids playing twisterPerformers posing with attendeesNative shoesPerformers paradeEvent Hosts Tracy Abad and Vince GolangcoJason Bothe on stageDancersTrouble Andrew spinningFashion Show 6Fashion Show 1Ramp modelFashion Show 2Fashion Show 5Fashion Show 7Fashion Show 8Fashion Show 4Fashion Show 9labelFashion Show 3Finale PictureMarvin Kiefer trying on native shoes

Native Shoes and celebs at the carnival party

Vince and Patricia Hizon with family

Divine Lee David Milan getting Snow ConesRovilson FernandezJenni and Aryanna EppersonPrimer Group of Companies COO Mr. Jacky QuintosDivine Lee and Victor BasaCircuit Magazine EIC JR IsaacPaolo Paraiso with sonPaolo Paraiso and son 2Sarah Meier and daughter KayaDino ImperialMarvin KieferDino Imperial 2Sarah Meier, Banjo Albano and daughter KayaHost Sarah MeierBrent Javier and Karen Pamintuan94.7 Wakeup Show Tracy AbadMega Publishing Group's Sophie MenorCandy Magazine Fashion Associate Sam PotencianoPrimer Group of Company StaffVince and Patricia Hizon with familyTim Yap 2Tim YapMarc Gueco

and here the product shots of some Native shoes in different designs, its obvious that I selected the designs that I like.
NATIVE - Blanca Regatta Blue Crayon Yellow (P1,890)

NATIVE - Fitzsimmons Jiffy Black (P3,990)

NATIVE - Howard Beaver Brown-Hulla Blue (P2,790)

NATIVE - Hugo Jiffy Black (P2,790)

NATIVE - Jefferson Beaver Brown (P2,590)

NATIVE - Jefferson Picnic Green (P2,590)

NATIVE - Jericho Men's Jiffy Black (P2,590)

NATIVE - Jimmy Regatta Blue (P4,490)


NATIVE - Paolo Regatta Blue Crayon Yellow (P1,690)

NATIVE - Verona Regatta Blue (P2,790)

Not Available

Already a favorite in the Philippines, Native shoes (which hails from Vancouver, Canada) continues to develop the brand to cater to more style preferences. This makes the unveiling of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection all the more exciting as guests got to see first-hand Native shoes five new styles namely: The Paolo (a long-lasting and ultra comfortable sandal – similar to flip flops but way better), The Blanca (t-front style sandals that are both cool for the beach and casual days in the city), The Hugo (a new take on slip on sneakers, but is still effortlessly cool), The Verona (a Latin-inspired Espadrille-like slip on that’s been taken a million notches up), and the Men’s Jericho (you asked, Native responded, with a cool new version of its bestselling style, this time it’s especially for the guys).
Another important selling point of Native Shoes is its timeless style which is well

complemented by the variety of colors that the brand’s core styles are available in. Jefferson, Corrado, Jericho, Miller, Fitzsimmons, and the Howard were each created based on popular shoe styles for more classic silhouettes that will work well for both day and night.
This brand also has boots! The Native Fitzsimmons is a funky work boot that comes in an assortment of fun colors. It recently won the Red Dot design award, one of the most renowned international product competitions. While the Jimmy Boot, which has recently launched an exclusive collaboration with famed international designer, Marc Jacobs is now available in local shores and is something that every practical fashionista should look out for. While the Jimmy Boot x Marc Jacobs style is limited only to select branches of Marc Jacobs abroad, the local launch of the Jimmy Boot is still something that fashion fans should watch out for.
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