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Friday, March 23, 2012

Water Camp Resort ocular check

water camp ocular

We did an ocular check this after lunch in Water Camp Resort in Kawit, Cavite, the resort is just a short drive away from home, we decided to check it because we went there back in year 2005 and we want to check if the place is okay and safe for their guest. Me, my son, Ate M and Auntie Y went there and saw that the resort added a new water attraLinkction : pool with waves!

We got excited and inquired for the rates and their rooms. And there while watching the waves, my baby boy is excited to swim and play in the water.. and yes..his daddy is excited too.

here are some details:

visit their site at







Our 1st plan is to go to Ace Water Spa, but then we read the rules that camera is not allowed inside the venue, its too corny already to go home without any photos, so we decided to discard Ace Water Spa and then go here instead...mas ok pa kasi malapit lang sa bahay

Tara let's swim!

video: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta awesome features!
Beta is here already and I'm excited for the new CS6 features especially when it comes to video editing, the new feature will be grabbed by lots of video editing fans and also film makers as it displays a simple and powerful tool of Photoshop in video production, i just watched a feature video about the top 6 feature of CS 6 and you can view the video below.

you can download the beta software here at
Windows version is around 1.7GB

here are some of the cool features.

Camera raw - some settings we see in Lightroom

photoshop document - its like MS word in Photoshop

Vector shape tools - more options to create and custom your own shape style

Image blurring - tilt shape blur now available in just a click, bokeh effect is now a few clicks in this CS6. A preview of before and after effect can be seen after processing

crop tool - cropping tool now comes with rules of third guide

video editing - yes it can edit videos... you can edit videos in layers just like in Premiere. Also add and record audio for your video and you can use the effects of Photoshop to enhance the colors and image of the video. The difference of this video editing feature is that the tools and gimmicks are all Photoshop style.

Take a quick look at Julieanne Kost's favorite 6 features in Photoshop CS6 Beta including improved processing in Adobe Camera Raw, the intuitive new Blur Gallery, time-saving type styles, re-engineered Shape layers, powerful video editing tools, the all-new Crop tool, and auto-select interpolation.

Follow Adobe Photoshop:

source Adobe

video: Man with custom wings fly like a bird

Here's a video of a Dutch guy who discovered on how to fly with big wings and flap them like those bird taking flight and gliding in the air. You know that years ago there are lots of project and trials on how man can fly with wings and we need a lot of wing span and muscles to lift our body using custom made wings. The video above shows the Dutch guy make it to flight by running and flapping his custom made wings with the help of some motorized mechanics, he glides and then lands safely. Everything is caught on video as proof.

But the sad news here is that the video production and trial for flight is 100 percent fake. Arghhh, everything we see now is on CGI, but this video production is so clean and looks real.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated series! Season 2 Trailer

Finally!! Its April 1 for the release of the new season!

Marvel's greatest super heroes assemble once more in this trailer for Season 2 of "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!" Catch the season premiere inside the Marvel Universe block on Disney XD April 1!

El Bonito’s pizza – have you tried it?

Have you tried this pizza called “El Bonito’s” pizza?
I first encounter and tried this pizza when my wife Lace txted me and she want a pizza take out, I was in SM Megamall that time and then I read her text message late,so I was at the road in EDSA waiting for my bus ride home, I plan to go back to the mall but then I noticed that the time is around 10pm and the mall already closed. Then I spotted this pizza booth in EDSA near the bus stop of Crossing and near under the MRT. I didn’t read its name, but i bought a box of pepperoni pizza and I paid around P200.

After I arrived home, we ate the pizza and then we like the taste and softness of the pizza bread, we became instant fans of this pizza, and then we wish that we can buy again on my next visit in Manila.

After a few months, it was our lucky day because I spotted the same pizza booth here in SM Bacoor and there it reminded me its name “El Bonito’s”. I bought a box of pizza again and I saw that each slice is priced at P25. The pizza is an instant hit here in SM Bacoor and the pizza booth stands outside the mall and near the transpo terminal.

Here’s the pizza!

Pepperoni pizza, the slice is big and you might mistake it that it can match the size on that other pizza in Sbarros

I like the pizza because its light on my tummy, chewable and i love the toppings

I searched online about the presence and info of El Bonito’s and then I saw that they have their own Facebook page -

Above is a sample booth at the SME trade fair, they are open for franchise. (hmmm Im thinking of getting a franchise business)

Here’s the pizza booth in SM Bacoor. Lagi na lang patok sa takilya!

The pizza is big and it can compete to other pizza brand, but that’s the size only, there are times that the toppings are not that much, sometimes toppings are just okay, I always order the pepperoni pizza because it has lots of toppings compare to that all cheese pizza. The pizza bread is soft and light and not like those thin or thick crust pizza that we know. I saw that they just reheat the pizza inside that small booth, I think they have a prepared pizza on boxes and they just reheat the pizza in a small oven, but the taste and look of it is freshly prepared. The pizza are always sold out during the afternoon here in SM Bacoor, I hope that El Bonito’s pizza can get a bigger booth or even their own store. I hope there will be a home delivery soon, we have here in Cavite the Green Cab pizza, but later on the pizza delivery changed its name after they got sued by Yellow Cab, the pizza was called Green Avenue Pizza, not sure what happened to them because their branch here in Panapaan, Bacoor closed down.

The pizza is okay, it got the taste perfect for pinoys, or a P25 per is a super affordable grab food for travelers.

Custom masterpiece Predaking by Frenzy Rumble

Action-Master Predaking (3)
I'm a super fan of custom Transformers art of Frenzy Rumble, I follow him on Flickr and almost every week and every month he always amazes me on his custom design Transformers. This masterpiece scale Predaking Transformers is one cool custom job. I'm looking at the TF parts and it looks like the parts are from Bruticus toy.

This super articulated Action-Master Masterpiece scale Predaking was built by thyvipera and painted by frenzyrumble. Awesome collaboration, took many months of communication and work. Predaking stands 20 inches tall from foot to head, and 24 inches tall from foot to back gun tip top. He's massive and has articulation : shoulders, elbows, upper/lower arm swivel, wrists, finger articulation, waist, hip, knee, ankle (swivel/back & forth), wings also swivel at 2 joints, head on ball joint. Predaking comes with a custom build giant gun that mounts to his left arm, oversized sword, and oversized giant wings and back-mounted guns. - Frenzy Rumble
Action-Master Predaking (5)Link

more photos here at

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jamba Juice finally blended a 2nd new branch in Alabang

I’m excited for this great news because Jamba Juice opened their 2nd branch in Alabang, that’s 30 min away from my home and I’m grateful that Jamba Juice is growing here in Manila and I hope that other branches should open in SM malls just like Krispy Kreme which have a lot of branches today. Jamba Juice 1st branch here in Manila (and also 1st in South East Asia) is in Bonifacio Global City last November 2011, you can read my coverage here about Jamba Juice in Manila.

Now here in Alabang, they have a beautiful Jamba Juice branch,with a nice building design and it can accommodate a lot of people, there’s also a 2nd floor and a open air terrace. The press con was held yesterday at the 2nd floor during its main opening which I missed it and I arrived so late and I blame the 3 hour ride from Lawton to Alabang hahahahah, grabe yoko na sumakay dun. Mr. James D. White, President and CEO of Jamba Juice was present the whole afternoon duirng the launch, which I failed to meet him in person, but I saw him there and I just recognized him after I google his photo earlier.

Here’s the new branch of Jamba Juice in Alabang

I spotted them using that stationary bicycle that powers up the blender. also seen here - the mascot Banana Man aahaha

Oh wow!!! I want to have one here at home, this bicycle blender concept is cool. human power for your smoothie!

Meet up again with Mark Gamboa, Marketing Director for Jamba Juice, he thought that I won’t be able to attend, and he got surprised to see me there, although that I arrived late, the whole Jamba Juice counter is open for me and no lines yey!!!

“Alabang is a great model for a district that exudes a dynamic lifestyle. In fact, it is also known for being the hometown of cyclists—an example of the active lifestyle market that Jamba Juice has successfully served in California for many years,” says Mark Gamboa, Marketing Director of Jamba Juice Philippines.

Mark Gamboa told me to try the Acai Supercharger smoothie of Jamba Juice, he sad that its a really effective energizer drink, so I ordered one and the person in the counter ask me if I want some power up add on, I chose the Vitamins add on and then the counter person told me that its okay to add some vitamin add on to my juice and it will not have any taste difference.

My Acai Supercharger (medium P170)
the taste is not sweet and not like the grape fruit, it tastes like blueberry with a sugarless taste

Mark told me that I should Google about this Acai and then I just learned that it is an Acai berry that grows in the acai palm tree found in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. Its like a grape fruit and it contains extremely rich in nutrients, it is also known as the new superfood that gives a boost of energy and stamina, help the immune system, protects our hearts from diseases, increase libido, promote weight loss and fight aging. read more details here
spotted at the event is celebrity host and sports promoter Reema Chanco

While drinking my Acai supercharger, I was offered to try this Smokehouse chicken flatbread, and my face glows after tasting it and its the best and tastiest flatbread pizza for me, I love the smokehouse chicken flatbread and this is now considered as my favorite.

I’m also a pretzel fan and love to buy a set of it, but here in Jamba Juice its cute that to see that they cut my pretzels into pieces, more easy to eat it and can be your own pica pica food. I’ve tried the Sourdough parmesan pretzels (P80) and the Cinnamon raisin pretzel (P145), among the two pretzel, I like the Sourdough parsmesan pretzels.

After finishing my Acai Supercharger, I ordered my 2nd smoothie, here’s my Banana Berry! my all time favorite here in Jamba Juice.

Here’s Fashion blogger Ana of seated with me on the table, we both raided the two kinds of Pretzels prepared for us by Jamba Juice.

Whew! that’s my 3rd and 4th smoothie in my life

Checking out the counter

Ohh they have two counters

Drinks available

the Pretzels…
I’ll order you soon on my next visit

spotted blogger and Phil-IT founder Bam Amor ordering some smoothie

add a boost!

A view inside the new branch of Jamba Juice

another view of the counter area

the seats, I think the table here are much more larger than the table they have in Global City

Here are some prints on the wall

Here’s the start of your line, if you are a first timer, then you can read the note above and then start picking your size.

I always order the 16oz.

you can choose which booster you want to add to your smoothie

ohh they have a gift card!

adding some yohgurt before blending it with fruit


yes it is good for me!

smoothie boys!

in every Jamba Juice there’s alway this free photo booth

have a photo of your self with a friend and send the photo directly to your email

There’s my Acai Supercharger

Smokehouse Chicken flatbread

Sourdough parmesan pretzel

Cinnamon raisin pretzel

Photo 1

Maybe I should try the drink with granola and fresh banana and then the other drink with steel cut oatmeal.

yes! I’ll order it next time.

I’m so tired and exhausted that day and the traveling moment drives me energyless after going to Makati and then in Binondo and then travel all the way to Alabang, I’m so glad that I tried the Acai Supercharger smoothie, because I think it added some energy for me that day and I didn’t felt weak or sleepy after my Jamba Juice visit, my energy kicked off again and want to roam around the town in Alabang, but I need to get home and blog this and play toys with my son and watch tv with my wife. The Acai is effective (i think) because I feel okay and got a great sleep after 11pm and woke up at early time of 730am. The location of the new Jamba Juice is nice and accessible to the people who live nearby, Its hard to miss the new branch because they got cool signage and it lit up at night. For me, its the nearest location for my town here in Cavite, its just a 30 min ride and drive going to Alabang, and compare to traveling to Global City that will give me a 1 hour or 1 1/2 travel time going to Manila first and then to Global City in Taguig City.

and now for me wishlist.... pls pls a branch in SM Mall of Asia or in Megamall or in SM North EDSA! or in Cebu or in Makati :)

Congratulations to Jamba Juice for their 2nd branch...I'll be waiting for your next store opening.

Jamba Juice Philippines -!/jambajuiceph /

Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 7am-11pm
Friday to Sunday: 7am-1am

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