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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Recovering my files from a crashed HD

Im attempting to recover my files from my crashed laptop HD today. The crashed was experienced when my laptopgot busy posting a photo album in Facebook. My browser freezes when I started to surf around on a new tab. BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH was encountered. And after I restart and upload again. I encountered the issue again. For my third restart my laptop's Windows 7 started to boot slowly and then it no longer start up.

I tried the auto recovery and fix but it didnt worked.

I decided to remove the HD and will try all the luck I have to recover all my files

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Angelo Casto Jr. (veteran news man, died of lung cancer)

Teddyboy Locsin, Tina Monzon Palma, Angelo Castro Jr
Teddyboy Locsin, Tina Monzon Palma  and Angelo Castro Jr.

I was checking the stats of my blog and then I noticed that there's a hit of views on my blog post about Angelo Castro Jr.'s return to ANC's The World Tonight, the trend views started since last week and I'm not sure what's the news about it, then I noticed minutes ago that there are much more viewers and the trend keeps on coming, so I Google on what's the news is all about and then I read one blog post and mentioned that Angelo Castro Jr already died, I went to page two of the Google Search result and found ABS CBN NEWS report about his death. 

Read the news here -Angelo Castro Jr. succumbs to cancer

Watch out for more official news posted in ABS CBN and ANC

I'm not sure if its really Lung Cancer, because I just read the details from a local forum and they mentioned that the cause of his death is lung cancer, Angelo Castro Jr. is 67 years old. This is a sad news for me because Angelo is one of my favorite news anchor that's why I blog about this return in ANC last November 2011. Condolence to his family and friends. Thanks Angelo for deliver the news to us and I'm glad we saw you again on TV after your return in ANC.

I'm posting this blog entry, just to direct readers to the official news of ABS CBN NEWS.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Max's Restaurant seafood and veggie for the Lent season

Max's will offer food for the Lenten season this week, check out the heartwarming flavor prepared for you this year. So if you drop by to any Max's resto and observing the Lenten season, you can try their new seafood and veggie meal.

 “At Max’s, we understand that Lent is a special time for Filipinos. This has inspired us to create our lightest and the most scrumptious fare for Lent. These dishes are bursting with flavors, married with the homegrown classic taste that Filipinos love – it’s a certified gustatory experience for everyone,”
- Bobby Simborio, Corporate Communications Officer for Max’s Group of Companies.

Max's Sizzling Seafood
Max’s Sizzling Seafood in Honey Bagoong Sauce is a harmony of breaded cream dory, shrimps and squid rings that are deep-fried until light, golden brown, sprinkled with julienned red bell peppers and chopped spring onions, and splashed with a special sauce that brings together sweet honey and piquant bagoong. Served in a sizzling hot plate, this sensational dish is a guaranteed must-try for seafood aficionados.

Max's Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu
Max’s Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu is an inventive and mouthwatering twist to the quintessential adobo. Fresh kangkong leaves, shiitake and button mushrooms drizzled in sweet adobo sauce stuffed in deep-fried tofu blocks. The harmony of greens and earthy colors lend a refreshing vibe that appeals to both vegetable and non-vegetable eaters.

Max's Cauliflower Puffs
Max’s Cauliflower Puffs is the perfect dish for very picky young diners and self-confessed meat-lovers.  Crisp cauliflowers are dipped in a special batter, deep-fried and tossed in a special sauce. Fun and vibrant colors of finely sliced carrots and spring onions also brighten up the plate. Every crunchy bite of this palatable dish makes diners forget that they are actually eating cauliflowers!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I'm worried about this missile test launch by North Korea

Government gears for North Korer rocket launch; warns vs. sea, air travel - 2012-04-03 19-02-49
I heard this news last week when I was out of town and I don't have the time back then to check the news and read the newspaper to understand what's the fuzz about the North Korea's plan for a test missile launch. I stumbled a twit news link and read the article and news from Interaksyon, after reading the article, I got worried and prayed that North Korea government change its mind and never launch that test missile.

read the full story and news here at : Govt gears for North Korea rocket launch; warns vs. sea, air travel

The news article says that between April 12-16 ay 7am to 12pm, that's 6am-11am here in Manila, the test launch will commence and it will fly near our country and according to our National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council that there will be refrigerator size debris will fall in the northern part of Luzon in land and also in the sea. This will be very unexpected which part of land or sea will it fall, they advice already that people should not travel by air and sea and wait for further announcement if its safe to travel. Let's hope that the missile debris will land in the sea and nobody get hurt during the aftermath. Also there's a possible threat if the missiles carry some nuclear component such as plutonium and uranium, it will be a disaster if those debris that are contaminated by radiation will fall in our land and sea. Another problem that our government to face. If someone get hurt here in our land....I'm sure crime does not pay.

let's pray and hope the missile test launch will be cancelled.

Also the sad part here is that our military defense don't have the capability to deflect the missile in the sky and our government just rely on other countries' capability in shooting the missile from the ground, I think the only weapon we have here is prayer and rosary..

geez...I'm starting to get paranoid about this news

Let us also hope that the missile will explode in the sky and not on our ground.

This scene reminds of that Twilight Zone episode " A little peace and quiet"a remake of a classic episode titled "Stopwatch", a married woman found a watch and she uses it in stopping time, in the final minutes of the episode, she used the stopwatch to stop the time again when a nuclear missile was launched and it will hit their hometown where they lived in.

watch the series below

This is part 1, just scroll on the sidebar of the video to watch the other parts

Scenes in Boracay (photos)


I took these photos from Boracay and you'll see here the different scenes from day to night. Boracay is a busy island and there are lots of unexpected moments. Photos below will show you the life in a week in Boracay.

Check out the photos below

Drinking spree at night

Yoga class in the afternoon

P5010232P5010226P5010223P5010222P5010207P5010206P5010200P5010193P5010192P5010184P5010180P5010163P5010158P5010157P5010092P5010036P5010016P5019990Beach hopping and other beach activities

Sunset photography everyday

meeting new people and friends

More Boracay beach actions!

This is a test post on how I can share a photo album posted on Flickr.

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