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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Touch Freeze your mouse touchpad when typing

cursor feet
After I reformatted my laptop last week, I became very uncomfortable with my keyboard and mouse, every time that I type or blog, my mouse cursor always jump to the bottom of my texts or sometimes it jump above my texts and overwrites everything that I typed, it sucks to see that and the next thing that I can do is to press Ctrl X and make sure it will never happen again, I already tried the mouse setting in the Control Panel and I already clicked "hide mouse when typing" but that thing never worked. There's also that Fn control F7, a control function that will disable your mouse touchpad, but you need to press it again if you want to enable it. I don't want to do that pressing thing over and over again and I just want my fingers busy typing and use back space and the mouse touchpad if ever I want to control something. Then I remember that I installed an app in my Windows 7 that helped me before and it locks the mouse touchpad whenever it detects that I'm typing.

Touch Freeze is the app utility that I discovered on the net after Googling some good app that can help me with my problem. All you need to do is visit
and then download the app and Run it! It will automatically reside in your Windows 7's memory and it will disable the touchpad from moving or jumping whenever you type.


Rebooting my blog category and tags


I decided to reboot my blog tags or categories, I noticed that I'm using too much tags and other contents are starting to be cluttered in my blog archives, I listed and streamed down my tags in order for my blog readers won't get lost or it will be easy for them if they are looking for a certain content or a fan of the topics that I'm blogging here in Azrael's Merryland, for example - all topics about comics, toys, pop culture stuff will be categorized under "geekystuff" in my blog tag menu title it will be "For the Geeks", I'll be re-tagging some of the content and contain them in the right order for this new ek ek of my blog. I'm planning to reboot the entire blog, but Its hard for me to accept to leave Azrael's Merryland and now it will be its 9th year this coming July.

I think the blog reboot will have to wait and let's power up this blog will cool contents, I also introduced the "press release" tag, that section will be for PR that I receive and want to be mentioned here, I love PR and this blog is no longer just a personal blog..a pop culture blog..a review blog..a geeky is also a publishing platform for everyone, let's try this new thing and see if I'll be comfortable. Let me know if you love this idea.

Here's a walk through

Personal - topics about my thoughts, opinions and my life. I'll be posting here some of my adventures with my family

Production notes - blogging about my projects and status of it

Entertainment - anything showbiz, tv news,local and international entertainment

Movies - featuring movies, reviews, trailers and movie posters

Music/ Concerts - anything related to local and international music, concert and other musical events

For The Geeks - local and international comics, pop culture content, sci fi, Star Wars, anime and etc.

Food - food, dining and cooking

Shopping - all about malls, latest sale, interesting shopping items and shopping tips

Travel - travel related post featuring my own travel adventure, feature of resorts, provinces, the city, hotels, and etc.

Fashion - anything that are wearables and this is also a section for my fashion coverages

Tech/Gadgets - featuring tech breakthroughs, news and apps, also a place for gadget feature, reviews and uboxing.

Social Media - anything related to social media like Facebook, Twitter and the Internet

Photography - my photography works, and camera news

Blogging - all about blogging and updates of Azrael's Merryland Blog

Videos - blog post content with embedded videos

Video Blog - my video blog section

Contest - will list contest that I run and also contest that I want to feature hosted by other people or company

Events - featuring the events that I'm interested to attend and feature

Press Release - pure copy paste content from PR firms/news + my comment

And here are some old tags that I want to remain the same, but I will update the content soon

Macro photos with insects in our garden

a P4147702
My wife called me and she said that there are a lots of baby grasshopper occupying the leaves of her eggplant in our garden, I told her that those grasshoppers looks cute but you are not aware that they ate the leaves of your plant, I think its a sign that the eggplant is growing in its top shape. She went to closely to the insects and took some photos using her Nokia phone, she posted it in her blog -

When I saw the photos, I got curious and grabbed my Olympus E520 dslr camera and then I removed my UV filter and mounted that macro filter and converter infront of my 14-42 Zuiko lens, last time I used a DIY styro in my pop up flash to help diffuse and illuminate light on a macro object, but this time I used my Ring flash add on to my CDR King flash gun (normally a rebranded Godox TT520 Speedlite flash ) and I went to our garden and started shooting.

I forgot to set a correct ISO for this and I took a quick shoot of the insects and then I started to complain the mosquitoes around me and decided not to stay outdoors in a hot 11:30am. The grasshoppers are so small and its hard for me to position my camera with a heavy O ring flash add on and on my first trial shoot, the O ring and my flash fell off to the ground, I got worried that my camera hotshoe might be damage, so my 2nd trial is to hold the O ring to support the heavy weight of the flash if I'm going to shoot downward. After some successful attempt, I shoot smoothly...and almost lay myself on the dirt.

1st photo is above, its my favorite shot, but after the grasshopper, I got an interest to shoot that tiny spider who grabbed its lunch.

a P4147709
Shooting from above

a P4147711
I shot this using my camera's live view because the leaves blocks my path and I don't want to disturb the insects

a P4147713
spotted this one munching his lunch

a P4147692
I love this spider, but I got scared because of its pointy feet

a P4147721
Someone is having their lunch.... tiny spider caught a small beetle

a P4147724
Posing for one last shot

Its summer here in Cavite and I think this is the best season to do macro photography here in our garden, my only problem is that the heat and the harmful rays of the sun, maybe a shady afternoon around 5pm is a good schedule to do marco photography, I'll do another shoot and see how's our insect kingdom is doing under the hot summer.

Olympus E520 dslr camera
zuiko lens 14-42mm
CDR King flash gun
O ring flash

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

SM Cinema E-Plus card (photo coverage)

SM Cinema launched their E-Plus card last night in Cinema 3 of SM Megamall. The event is filled with lots of food, beauty and photo booths for invited guests and there's also a live performance act on stage and then SM Cinema treated all guest with a free E-Plus card and a Battleship movie screening.

E-Plus stands for Entertainment, Privileges, Lifestyle, Upgrades and Surprises, the card will enable moviegoers to load the card with credits that they can use to pay movie tickets and also earn rewards that can be redeemable at any E-Plus booth in all SM Cinema nationwide.

Visit SM Cinema areas for registration or just log in at

I'll post a detailed blog post in a while.

P4117579P4117580P4117581P4117582P4117583P4117584P4117585P4117586P4117588P4117590P4117592P4117593P4117600P4117603P4117610P4117611P4117613P4117615P4117616P4117617P4117623P4117624P4117627P4117632P4117635P4117636P4117640P4117641P4117644P4117645P4117647EPLUS card

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SM Cinema E-Plus card? e-pass for movie goers?

smcinema ecard
I think this E-plus card will help a regular cinema goer to stock a load of cash on the card and use it to pay movie tickets without going to the cashier or movie ticket booth,  and I'm not sure if this is the same like in the toll gate E-pass that enables motorist to pass in a special lane and no longer wait in a long line going to the counter, with this system that the movie goer can go directly to the entrance and swipe the card to pay and enter the movie theater, It might be reloadable cash card for SM Cinema use only. I have seen lots of gimmicks of SM Cinema and this is new to me, I'm sure it will also be helpful to others if this E-pass can be used in  movie premieres, advance screening and special invites to movie events. I'll get the full details later at their launch event in Manila.

Also, what happened to their SM Cinema VIP card ? and how successful is their E-tickets and Cinemobile ?

Maybe I'll ask that question later at their launch event.

LMFAO live in Manila - April 11 (tonight na ito!)

Sorry for the late post...but this is another show from LMFAO, they will perform and play live tonight in Araneta Coliseum for their "Sorry for Party Rocking" live concert. I wasn't ready to watch and cover their gig here in Manila, and I promised to my son that I'll take him with me to watch the concert , but that will happen if he's around 10 years old, my son loves LMFAO music, he always dance and rolls out whenever Party rocking is playing in the background.

read here for ticket details -

we also love to watch this video of Elmo doing a parody music of "I'm sexy and I know it"

Another endless summer of photo shoot in our backyard

I'm stuck at home for almost 4 days and busy fixing my laptop, my hands are starting to get itchy and wants to go out and take photos again, I can still feel the heart break and can't set my mind in order because of that massive data loss last week,  my hard work in photography and media materials were gone in just a flash, I need to move on, so I grabbed my Olympus E-520 DSLR camera and went out yesterday and followed my wife, son and Ate M on the road to a mini grocery store and check if they have Magnum ice cream bar on stock.

spotted Kuya B and his son Kyle

pet cat Pute just finished sun bathing......she's resting after a day of hunting in a grassy lot

Baby Ash is on the roll

Saw our neighbor grandma teaching his grand son to ride a bicycle

plane! plane! plane!  - Baby Ash always shout whenever he see planes in the sky


caged :(
our neighbor owns this dog

traffic inside the village

PAL passes by



no we bought Cornetto

another plane

a different plane flies on top of us

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