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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Interior Zone Exhibit for Earth Day in SM North EDSA

resize 1 SMNE IZone Earth Day Full Page
Create an eco-beautiful style with a demonstration on green living at the "Simply Ecological Earth Day Exhibit" from April 22-29.

In partnership with The Philippine School of Interior Design, the exhibit will feature an Eco-board on how to shop with sustainability in mind, and showcase 18 ec-inspired displays from Our Home, Muebles Asia, Modufit, Dos Pueblos, Lazy Boy, Muebles de Abubot, Urban Concepts, Dimensione, Contempo Design, Space and Style and Linden Teak.

More and more people around the world are finally realizing the importance of conserving our natural resources and protecting Mother Earth. We know that we can do our part by following thethree R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - but not a lot of people know that you can start right in your own home!

resize 2 SMNE IZone Earth Day Full Page
Come to Interior Zone at SM City North EDSA and find out how!

Exhibit runs from April 22-29

Watch boxing match Ring Kings: Mayweather vs. Cotto live via satellite in SM Cinema this May 6

I saw on the Facebook page of SM Cinema that they will air the live boxing match event of Mayweather vs. Cotto and also Canelo vs. Mosley this May 6, 2012. The boxing event will start at 9AM Manila time and SM Cinema will open their gates of their participating mall to show the boxing match live in the big screen.

here are the participating SM Cinema in malls and also the ticket price

P450 ticket for :
- SM Megamall
- SM Mall of Asia
- SM North EDSA

P400 ticket for :
- SM Manila
- SM Marikina
- SM Pampanga
- SM Clark
- SM Tarlac
- SM Baguio

Boxing fans can buy their tickets at SM Cinema website and SM Tickets website

Canelo, Mayweather, Cotto and Mosely (pic via  )

Mayweather and Mosely (pic via  )
I’m not sure if it will be impossible for now to see a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, but this will be a great preview for us to see Mayweather’s fighting condition when he battle head to head with Cotto this May 6th , we remember that Cotto loses a fight with Pacquiao years ago and now Cotto is back as the  main challenger again for this year , I heard that Mayweather and Pacquiao will retire after this fight, and if Cotto beats Mayweather, there might be a good reason for Mayweather to challenge Pacquiao again with proper documents. I hope both team can settle this once and for all and see who is the the King of the squared ring.

I’m excited to see this, I don’t bet on Mayweather or Cotto, I’m just curious on how Cotto can defeat and survive the pound for pound undefeated fighter. The fight will be like a battle of the titans.

and oh.. I just saw an update from Ring TV’s website re: their boxer ranking 


Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog will hit its 3 millionth mark (and a contest for my readers)

My blog will hit it another million hits this month and after a few days or maybe after an hour it will hit the 3 million hit count. Last 2 million count hit was last September 2011 - and It took the blog to generate another 1 million hit after 6 months and for its 3rd million hit, the blog reached it for 7 months, its a weak stat for me because my target was 5 or 4 months to generate another million. But the problem is that the blogger behind this blog is so slow in posting updates and content are so rare to be seen online hehehehe.

Okay, let's have a giveaway.

Take a screen shot of the 3,000,000 hits counter in my blog
email me at

who ever captures the 3 million (as in 3 with all zero) will win the prize!

and our prize is a one bottle of...

Free Spirited For Men

thanks to Penshoppe for sponsoring our giveaway today..


Get ready to smell like Gossip Girl’s billionaire bad boy Chuck Bass, as leading brand PENSHOPPE recently unveiled their highly anticipated fragrance starring ED WESTWICK for the new FREE SPIRITED for men.

The new campaign shows Ed frolicking in the waters – plunging in the pool fully clothed – while gazing into the camera longingly using his signature Chuck Bass stare. The new fragrance is described as “cool and sporty, with top notes citrus and cardamom, as well as accents of marine fresh scent.”

Because the new scent epitomizes the confidence portrayed on and off camera by the handsome British star – cool demeanor, manly and fresh – there is no doubt that FREE SPIRITED will be a hit among the high number of avid fans waiting to try this shower fresh scent from PENSHOPPE.

Adds Alex Mendoza, PENSHOPPE Brand Director, “FREE SPIRITED is the perfect scent to start the summer season and when we shot the campaign, Ed showed us how to let go and have fun.”

FREE SPIRITED for women is also available at all PENSHOPPE stores nationwide. For more information, follow @PENSHOPPE on Twitter or LIKE them on Facebook. You may also visit their website at

Reason for my absent and slow blog updates


The photo above is one of my reason why I haven't been active lately in attending and covering events for my blog. Also my blog updates are slow today and it lacks good content to share and story to tell. The HD that I'm  using is a 2nd hand and it came from my old Compaq laptop, I used it again to replace the broken 320GB HD of this Acer laptop, the old HD is only 80GB and I found a way to lengthen the lifespan of this old HD and work on my stuff while I save money to buy myself a new HD.

I discovered the technique when I experienced 4 different HD crash after installing this old HD to my Acer,  I re install and do my work again, then I decided to reformat the HD again and get a half partition of the HD, now I'm running a 32GB size and I'm very careful in working and rebooting, because the Windows 7 start up is very slow and processing my PSD files are so slow, I also disabled the automatic Windows update because that's one the reason why my old HD crashes over and over again. I need to refrain from installing lots of software because the HD gets stress out and it fails after writing again and again.

Maybe in May 2012 I can replace this HD with a new one, I found a store in SM Cyberzone here in SM Bacoor, and they sell HD for laptop, and price is :

500GB - P4,800
640GB - P5000

Brand they offer is Hitachi and Toshiba.

What brand is the best ??
I want Seagate, but I don't know where to buy one and I'm sure the price is a bit high.

Mini movie standee is a collectible

Saw this mini movie standee in the meeting room of a movie distributor company here in Makati City. I got full interest to own a set of these mini movie standee and instead of collecting movie posters which eat a lot of space in our walls and having it framed is very expensive.

1. Now all I need to have is a high resolution image poster
2. An artist who can edit this and conceptualize the 3D standee design
3. printer supplier
4. person to cut this and paste it together
5. and a money budget to cover my geeky needs.

hmm..any here collect mini movie standees? These are mini version of the lifesize version posted in some cinemas.

There's money in our trash

We dispose lots of trash everyday and every minute, and the photo above is just an example that we exchanged our trash into an instant cash. I didn't know that an empty bottle, tin can, broken glasses and etc are one of the things can buy you bread or one bilao of pancit canton. Now I understand why we have scavengers that collects these waste everyday in our street. Here in my photo example we earned P125 for a small quantity of trash we sold at a nearby junk shop, so what about those scavengers? (sorry guys,I don't know what will be the bests term for them, I just heard people call them "mangangalakal" or merchants), if they exchange a sack or more than a sack of garbage, they can earn more than P125... or maybe they can earn P500 per day, if ever they have regular suppliers of trash and waste in the area.

Last month, I researched on how I can re-use or recycle these dirty baby's diaper, its a tough challenge,but in other countries they recycle and convert dirty diapers into fibered roof and house walls and other objects, here in the Philippines there's no company that recycle dirty diapers and you can't sell it to the junkshop.
I hope there will be a solution on how we can re-use these diapers, they are so expensive and I want to make good use of it to other things.

Okay back to my topic. Turning trash to cash is an eye opener for me, Then I read about SM Supermall's campaign for Earth day this month and they are inviting everyone to visit any of their mall and exchange their trash into cash or exchange it for a SM Eco bag. I'm checking the details and I hope they can post details on what kind of recyclable materials needed to bring and exchange it for cash.


Intex inflatable surf and slide

We saw this Intex inflatable surf and slide in SM Bacoor, and it is priced at around P5,000. I'm thinking if I'll buy one for our summer backyard fun and my son loves sliding now, but I'm not sure if he loves sliding with the water. I researched online and I learned that you need to insert a water hose in the surf and slide inflatable in order to have continuous flow of water to add waving effect for you to surf and slide. Hmmm... looks fun but you're going to waste lots of water, because the water will over flow and it will just go to the ground and no way to recycle it back.

Its a fun inflatable gimmick, but it will waste lots of water.

Here's a video on how it works

Oh man... it looks kid will enjoy this...
The water hose will just a add continuous water spray in order the slide to be slippery..

We have this mini pool at home, we bought this last year and its hard to manage filling it up with water, cleaning it and also disposing the water away. There's a motor filter add on where you can have a complete flow of clean filtered water for the pool, so that you won't have to clean it everyday, there's also chlorine mixture add on, but I don't know how to apply it.

Then I saw this pic online of an inflatable water park......ohh wow!!
I'm sure this will have a 20k price tag.

Toy Kingdom renovation in SM Bacoor

We're trying to hold on here in Cavite, because Toy Kingdom is closed and they are having a renovation, you know that Toy Kingdom is one of my favorite store here in SM Bacoor and its the only Toy Kingdom store here in Cavite, other SM malls in different city of Cavite don't have their own Toy Kingdom store, they have the Toy Kingdom Express section in every SM Department Store, I've tried visiting other malls like SM Molino and SM Rosario, but they don't have their own Toy Kingdom store. SM Mall with a stand alone Toy Kingdom store promises you with lots of toy stocks and wide selection of toys, and I don't like shopping in the TK Express because the section is small and arrangement of toys are not in order. For Toy Kingdom store they have section for kids, section for baby and toddlers, toys for boys, toys for girls and toys for the big boys.

I'll be waiting for the new store for Toy Kingdom in SM Bacoor, I took a peak two days ago and saw a large space and I think this time they will be using a nice and big toy rack.

What Toy Kingdom branch is your favorite?

Every hour is like breakfast here at home

C360_2012-04-16-16-05-07_org there's food...we always eat here at home. I prepared this merienda few this ago when Lace told me to cook merienda for them, and if ever we ran out of food stocks in the fridge, we just go buy some ingredients in a sari sari store nearby and create our own merienda. Lace baked some cupcakes for us last week and for this week, I just learned on how to make your own french toast.. Okay, I'm going to try it and make one for merienda later.

Dora the explorer is coming to SM Bacoor this May 3

We saw this tarp ad posted on the walls of the over pass here infront of SM Bacoor, I'm so happy that Dora is here near us, my son will be excited if he saw Dora the mascot in person hahahaha. I don't have budget for that pricey ticket of the Barney show in Manila, but I think here at the Dora show, we need to purchase something in order to get in the show venue for free.

Any one here got the idea how much purchase is needed?

I finally tasted Magnum Ice Cream Bar

a IMG614_edit0

I finally tasted this Magnum Ice Cream Bar and its funny because there’s no special thing about it, I still love other ice cream…I mean the real ice cream. So this Magnum is only a one hit wonder for this summer, and then after holy week, people already forget about Magnum and shifted to halo halo which we can buy for only P20 or P40 in a nearby vendor.

I’m not sure what will be the future of Magnum aka the social climber’s ice cream, but the promotion and influence of their endorsers are very effective to us pinoys that want to have a bite. And for this country, I’m sure there will be another brand of ice cream will come out having their own Belgian chocolate covered ice cream.

And then after writing this blog post..

I saw this dark version.


omfg…I want!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pinoy horror flick "The Road" will be available in the US and Canada this May 11

I think I really need to find a DVD or VCD of this movie, I'm curious on the style of filming and how they tell the story and also how the movie will scare us. I'm not a fan of the modern pinoy horror movie because they lack the proper way of story telling and also effects are so low budget, but with the buzz going on with this movie titled "The Road",  I got my interest again for our local horror movie and with its US and Canada release this May 11, I'm sure this one can compete to other Asian and American horror films.

The news also gives a big buzz that Marvin Agustin shines in this movie...hmmmm

Have you seen this movie?

Btw, check out the play venues below

- press release -

The Road is a Filipino psychological-horror film directed by Yam Laranas, and starring Carmina Villaroel, Marvin Agustin, Rhian Ramos and TJ Trinidad.

The film was released in the Philippines by GMA Films on November 30, 2011 and will be commercially released in the United States by Freestyle Releasing on May 11, 2012. It will also be the third Filipino film to be distributed internationally by an American film studio after Genghis Khan (released by United Artists in 1953) and Small Voices (released by Warner Bros. Pictures in 2002).

aug 21, 2011 fairview 367

aug 21, 2011 fairview 259

aug 21, 2011 fairview 230

aug 21, 2011 fairview 215
The Road is about a 12 year-old cold case which is reopened when three teenagers went missing in an abandoned road. In the course of the investigation, deeper and gruesome stories of abduction and murders are discovered. After more than two decades, the secrets and mysteries of the road are finally revealed and the spirit lingering the dark and desolate pathway is out to make sure nobody leaves alive.

Cast also includes Barbie Forteza, Derick Monasterio, Lexi Fernandez, Alden Richards, Louise delos Reyes, Ynna Asistio, Renz Valerio, Jacklyn Jose, John Regala, Lloyd Samartino, Gerald Madrid, Allan Paule, Dex Quindoza & Ana Abad Santos

Get the latest updates and follow The Road online via Facebook, Twitter #onemonthtiltheroadtohollywood, YouTube & Official Website

May 11, 2012, Yam Laranas' critically acclaimed horror masterpiece The Road finally arrives in the United States. Are you near one of the U.S. theaters? Check back for updates. New cities are being added. Also, request it in your city!

New York: Empire 25 Theaters - New York, New York
New Jersey: Cherry Hill 24 - Cherry Hill, NJ
Bergenfield Cinema 5 - Bergenfield, NJ
AMC Jersey Gardens 20 - Elizabeth, NJ
Allwood Cinema 6 - Clifton, NJ
Philadelphia, PA: Neshaminy 24 - Bensalem, PA
Washington, D.C/Virginia.: AMC Hoffman Center 22 - Alexandria, VA
Lynnhaven 18 - Virginia Beach, VA
Chicago: 600 N. Michigan Ave. - Chicago, IL
Village Crossing 18 - Skokie, IL
Rosemont 18 - Rosemont, IL
Dallas, TX: Angelika Film Center and Cafe - Dallas, TX
Grapevine Mills 30 Theatres - Grapevine, TX
Jacksonville: Regency 24 Jacksonville - Jacksonville, FL
Aventura Mall 24 Theatres - Aventura, FL
Palace 18 - Miami, FL
Los Angeles: Chinese 6 - Hollywood, CA
Marina Pacifica 12 - Long Beach, CA
Playhouse 7 Cinemas - Pasadena, CA
Covina 30 - Covina, CA
Block 30 @ Orange - Orange, CA
Buena Park 18 - Buena Park, CA
San Diego: Gaslamp All Stadium 15 - San Diego, CA
Mission Valley 20 - San Diego, CA
Palm Promenade 24 - San Diego, CA
San Francisco: Camera 12 - San Jose, CA
Phoenix, AZ: Westgate 20 - Glendale, AZ
Arizona Mills 24 Theatre - Tempe, AZ
Seattle: AMC Southcenter 16 - Tukwila, WA
Kitsap Mall 8 - Silverdale, WA
River Park Square 20 - Spokane, WA
Hawaii: Pearlridge West 16 - Aiea, HI
Kapolei Theatres 16 - Kapolei, HI


Make your own Nescafe Creation Cafe and win cash and trip to Davao

I learned on how to brew my coffee during Holy Week and its one of the awesome coffee making experience for me, I also tried using those coffee machines in a cafe, but I still don't get the idea on how they make yummy coffee, and here's a contest from Nescafe and they challenge you to create your coffee flavor with the use of Nescafe, the prizes are listed below, so if you want to experiment and take advantage of your coffee making skills, then this contest is for you.

Read the mechanics below

Make your own coffee mix at the NESCAFÉ Creation Café

Add a shot of fun to your coffee with the newly launched NESCAFÉ Creation Cafe. NESCAFÉ Philippines teamed up with digital agency, OgilvyOne to create an easy way for netizens to concoct their own unique NESCAFÉ mix. From ingredients down to packaging design, you can now have your virtual coffee exactly as you like it.

Once you’re done personalizing your NESCAFÉ, you can share it with fellow coffee-lovers via Facebook and Twitter. The 25 NESCAFÉ Creations with the most number of votes earn the chance to win following exciting prizes:

1st prize: An all-expense paid trip for two (2) to Davao, inclusive of white water rafting activities, plane fare, accommodations and P25,000 pocket money.

2nd prize: 10,000 cash and P3000 worth of NESCAFÉ products

3rd prize: P5000 cash and P1400 worth of NESCAFÉ products

To start mixing, drop by

Flower shape doughnuts from Krispy Kreme for Mother's Day

Krispy Kreme Mother's Day Flower Doughnuts

Aww this is very sweet and cute, instead of giving a real flower to your mother, you can grab a flowery doughnuts from Krispy Kreme for them to feel the sweetness and love from you whenever they bite one flower doughnut. This is inline with Krispy Kreme's 75th birthday, and here they honor every mom by releasing its first ever flower-shaped doughnuts.

The flower doughnuts are available in 3 colors - white, pink and yellow.

You can buy a box or piece starting April 13-May 31, 2012.

Summer nightlife - EFFIN' HOT: Drenched in Midnight Heat this April 27

Its getting hot in here! If you are looking for some nightlife and party here in Manila and you are so tired and lazy just to travel to Boracay just to party... well, don't look around and check out this party event organized by the UP Diliman Alpha Phi Omega Sorority. Read the full details below on how you can get a ticket.

UP Alpha Phi Omega Sorority - ETA Chapter
Q Ave Restobar
Baileylicious Swimwear
in cooperation with My 1x1 Trading Corp and Moonleaf Tea Shop
EFFIN' HOT: Drenched in Midnight Heat
April 27, 2012
Q Ave Restobar (former Be Bold Superclub), Quezon City
8 pm
Join us as we hold this event for the second time. It's this year's hottest summer party.
BURLESQUE Performances
Swimsuit Fashion Show
Body Paint Art
Free Flowing Drinks
Free Flowing HOTNESS!
Tickets at P180.00 (Pre-selling) and P220.00 (Door Selling)
Contact Roxanne (09272913877) for ticket reservations.
This event is also brought to you by Anywhere Philippines.
Special thanks to Piknik, and My Fame Store.
Photobooth: Alva Photobooth
Media Sponsors:, Crossroads FM, DZUP,, Manila Bloggers Network, Circuit Magazine,, Blessings Copy Center and Bookbinding Services, InStyleCebu, Asian Escapades, The Style Reactor, G'Style Celebrations

Baby Ashton's first hair cut

A P4157757
I don't remember about my 1st hair cut during my early years, but I remember my dad cutting my hair during my kindergarten days and I hate the look because of the trendy apple hair cut during the early 80's and I look like that I'm wearing a helmet with straight cut short bangs. I cried because small bits of hair got caught in my eye and it took my dad to cut my hair for 30 minutes but I'm not sure if its 30 minutes, because I remember he always do spotting on my face and see if the hair is cut straight.
That's a quick flashback from the past and now let's go to the present day, last Sunday we decided to have our baby his first hair cut, we were planning to bring him on those kids hair salon in the mall, a salon with toys and colorful painted walls, they play Barney DVDs on a small tv and kids sit on a kiddie car  facing the mirror, it will be a great treatment for Ashton and I know he will enjoy seeing those things, but its a normal view for him already because he have lots of toys, cars and play objects here at home, We got the idea to have his haircut in a nearby barber shop inside the village for a change and a short introduction for him about barber shop.

We don't want to travel all the way to Manila just to go to the mall and have his hair cut and its a Sunday and the weather is so hot and humid, so we decided to stay home and visit the nearby barber shop. We went there after taking a quick shower and Ashton didn't know what's going on after we entered the barber shop and he started to cry when we let him sit on that barber's chair and wrapped him with  white cloth, the barber is an old man who owns this popular barber shop here in Bacoor, Cavite, he is a perfectionist and he cuts Ashton's hair so fast using scissors and a clipper, he makes sure that Ashton got a nice hair cut and he goes back to the hair when he misses a spot. I want to say the hair is short already and we can stop the hair cut, but the master barber continues and finished it in 30 minutes.

A P4157786
Ashton cried from start to finish, I played his favorite music video on my smartphone and we didn't got his comfy mood, but then as soon as the hair cut is finish, he stop crying and request for milk from his mom.

Now Ashton is no longer a baby! from his new hair cut and style, he looks a kid! hahahaha. I can't believe that kids these days are fast to grow up. He now runs around here at home and jump and then slide in our backyard, looking at him reminds me of my little me hahahah.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid : Dog Days - Official Trailer

This is their 3rd movie based from the book "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book series.
Our main character - Greg with his family and friends are having their summer vacation, and from the trailer below we see that the kids are starting to grow up so fast.

Release Date: 3 August 2012
Genre: Comedy | Family
Cast: Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron and Devon Bostick
Directors: David Bowers
Writer: Gabe Sachs, Maya Forbes
Studio: 20th Century Fox

School is out and Greg is ready for the days of summer, when all his plans go wrong. What on earth is he going to do all summer?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Trying the webcam photo capture and upload of

Hey this is cool! I can now post and upload photos using my webcam here in  my laptop, this new feature can be used if you are using the new UI of, Okay I'll have to say good bye for the classic UI, but I'll miss the easy and user friendly set up of the Edit HTML section.

Have you tried this webcam upload over at ?

just read this cool update here at The Blog Herald

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