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Saturday, May 05, 2012

See you later at the iButterfly event!


See you later!!! if you want to join with us, all you have to do is read the guidelines here at and then just proceed there.

yey! make sure you charge your smartphones!

The art of copying someone else's blog post

Few days ago there are lots of issues happening within the blogging circle and I read there are three kinds of copy paste blogging incident occur in one day. There's a mainstream news about that movie launch event, and then there's the Facebook status confrontation of two bloggers, and then I found a blog event website copying the whole content of an existing blog event website. It was a crazy day and we were celebrating World Bloggers Day last May 2 and the fun was gone because of this 3 kinds of incident.

After that day, I found out that there's this person copies lots of blog post from other sites and it includes my blog.

nakakainis lang...
I'm sure the blogger used a RSS aggregator that captures all my post and repost it automatically to his blog

this blog

copies my original blog post

And there's many more...all of my post were copied.

Yesterday, I got tagged by a blogger friend, Myke Soon, and he asked us on if its okay to disable the "right click" mouse action to his blog, I told him that even if he disable it, there are still ways of copying your images and blog post. I explained to him on posting a Copyscape banner just to shoooo away the copy cats, but we know that copy paste bloggers don't care and they all hide under the blanket and never reveal their selves.

So a better way to avoid this and let the readers of the copy paste blogger discover that the article they are reading are not original and copied from other blog sites. The only way to trick them back is to include a short note directing them to the original post.

like this:

If you have read this blog post here, I like to inform you that the original post is at

No guarantee if the blogger will notice this, or care about it or even stop mining content from you blog, but its also a way of informing the copy paste blogger's readers that the blog they are supporting is a total FAKE.

Let's see if this post and my future post with a note will appear in his blog.

How about you?
How do you prevent copy paste blog sites in grabbing content from your blogs?

// update

I found a good tip here if you are using blogspot, a way to prevent auto blog copy
just read the instructions at

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Next is Spongebob Squarepants Yellow Party (me and Ash are ready!)

Okay! Our next event for Ashton is to attend a Yellow Party in Global City, I'm excited for this because we got invited again, but this time we can go now with our son and he is a super fan of SpongeBob Squarepants. This afternoon we attended a Dora the Explorer and Boots event in SM Bacoor, it was like a 2 hour show and kids really enjoyed the fun stage games and also meeting Dora and Boots. I got tired because Ashton is so hyper and later on took a quick nap for some minutes and then he wokes up hyper again when he saw Dora and Boots on stage.

It was a funny moment and we were throwing flying kiss and high 5 in the air just to get Dora's attention. This Saturday will be wacky and fun, because I like SpongeBob and the Bikini Bottom creatures, I'll go wacky with my funny sun glasses tomorrow.

Me and Ash are ready!

Let's go bloggers at the iButterfly launch this May 5

Inviting bloggers for a big gathering in line with the celebration of "World Bloggers Day" this May 5, 2012 at 10:30am inside THE BLOCK Atrium of SM North EDSA

What: iButterfly launch
When: May 5, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 10:30am
Venue: The Block Atrium, SM North EDSA
Organized by: SM Supermalls

food and exclusive wifi connection for the App will be provided for all registered bloggers
This is an exclusive bloggers event organized by SM Supermalls

You can register here in my form at
iPhone and Android phones and tablets are required. But if you don't have a smartphone, that's okay, we will still help you experience the iButterfly with a help of some of our friends :)

iButterfly is an application for iOS and Android OS enabled phones, you can catch the iButterfly using your smartphone via Augmented Reality. Each iButterfly is marked with freebie items and prizes.

The iButterfly uses GPS for the location and number of their virtual butterflies, it also uses motion sensors for the smartphone users to catch the iButterfly and store it inside their phones, and it is an augmented reality were iButterflies exist only in the augmented reality world and can be viewed using your smartphones. It was previously created by Japan's Mobile Art Lab and has been successfully launched in Japan, Hongkong, Indonesia, and Singapore.

This was launched last Easter Sunday and you can read my post about it here at

Establishments that joined the iButterfly are : SM Dept Store, Forever21, Mcdonalds, Jollibee, SM Cinema, Baby Company, Timex, Krispy Kreme, Yellow Cab, SM Food Court, Starbucks, Quantum, Promod, Our Home,Smart and many many many more.....

Be one of the first to win exciting prizes from participating sponsors and SM Supermall shops!
Don''t forget to bring your iOS or Android gadgets to the launch!

Download the iButterfly App now! Go to App Store or Google Play and then start Practice catching iButterflies to win more prizes during the launch.

See you there! Check out this website for more information:

here's a video about iButterfly
iButterfly E-invite

"It's your life!" - SMART shares the music behind #Livemore ad


Read more here about the artist

Its a collaboration effort done by Pixelbox with Component Music artists James Banbury and Pete Davis

There's a download link there in the site for a mp3 freebie sample, I'm going to grab some music for my phone and mp3 player. The music is good and makes me relax.

here's a lyric that I copied from the lyric video

my love is always the same
it shines forever
shoot across the sky tonight
its your time...

i don't want you to change
its enough that your always there

its your time
feel the love
shine fovever...

my life is more than a game
calling out your name

i dont want you to change
yeah i know you are always there

time's your life
make the most of every moment

here we go....its your time....its your life...

Dora The Explorer meet and greet today! (me and Ash are excited na)

We're eating our early lunch because we're going to watch Dora the Explorer and Boots today in SM Bacoor, we waited for a year for this event and I'm excited to see my son's reaction when he sees Dora on stage and live! Last weekend, my wife and son watched Barney in Aliw Theater, and then this coming weekend, we're going to watch and attend a SpongeBob Squarepants Yellow party! yay!!!!!

here are the details posted at SM Bacoor Facebook Page
"Catch Dora the Explorer and her friend Boots at SM City Bacoor on May 3, Thursday, 1PM and 5PM. Just present P500 single receipt purchase of any Dora the Explorer items found at the entrance of the Event Center to qualify for the meet and greet session! And don't forget on May 4, 5, 6 the BIGGEST sale in CAVITE happening at SM City Bacoor!"
Summer time is for kids talaga! heheheh
hope the sun stays bright today

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Return of the iButterfly in SM Cyberzone

Last Easter Sunday, SM Cyberzone launches the iButterfly event, each person with a smartphone with a iButterfly app installed can catch those butterfly using the app and each iButtefly caught on the phone are marked with freebie items which can be redeem later at nearby booth. The iButterfly works via augmented reality system of the app and your smartphone.

Me and my family tried the iButterfly in SM Cyberzone, SM Bacoor, it was a fun and challenging activity. I installed the iButterfly app in my LG Optimus Black with Android OS, I installed it here at home using my own wifi network and I downloaded it for free at the Google Play Store. I caught two iButterflies and one of it has a prize, but the iButterfly was gone after my wifi got disconnected inside SM Bacoor. We didn't played again because my little boy here wants to eat Jollibee and buy some toys at Toy Kingdom.

I checked out some blogs and saw Carlo Ople's experience with the iButterfly and wow!!! he caught lots of butterfly and redeemed lots of items!!

" SM Malls had a pretty cool Easter promotion yesterday at their Cyberzone sections. People with smartphones (Android/iOS) could download the iButterfly application and they could try to catch virtual butterflies using the camera feature of their phone. The virtual butterflies flew all around Cyberzone but you needed your phone to see them and catch them! Some butterflies yielded prizes which they can claim with the various shops in Cyberzone. That’s pretty awesome tech right there. " - Carlo via

Carlo's loot via the iButterfly

I'm excited for the return of the iButterfly this May 5, 2012 at the SM North EDSA The Block. This time I can have my revenge and catch lots of iButterfly!

Are you game for another iButterfly catching event this May 5th?

watch out for the official announcement at SM Cyberzone website and Facebook page.

** I got this news heads up from my friends at SM Cyberzone

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ashton and Barney at the Aliwan Theater

We're happy that my son saw Barney live at the Aliwan Theater near Star City and thanks to Concertus for the 2 complimentary ticket. My wife and son watched the show and I just stayed there at the lobby and wait for the show to be finished. Ashton didn't know at the first place that he will be watching the Barney Space Adventure musical show, he got the idea when he saw lots of Barney images inside the lobby of Aliwan Theater. We didn't got any photos of the stage show because my wife is so busy watching the show with Ashton.

I remember when Ashton was 6 months old when he watch Barney on DVD for the 1st time, we are at the dentist clinic and then the receptionist played Barney DVD on their LCD screen, Ashton got scared and cried hahahaha. But now, on his 1st year of age, he loves Barney and its funny that he wants Barney to come alive here at home everytime he saw the little Barney doll.

I also found this old photo of my wife with Barney, taken by at the TV5 Caravan event. I think I'm the only person in the family that haven't seen Barney live hahhah.

Barney musical in space! (from a PR photo)

At the Aliwan Theater, its our 1st time to enter here. I accompany my wife and son and guided them through the theater

As we enter the theater, we spotted a merchandise store selling all kinds of Barney items, we love the shirt design but there's no small size for Ashton, the medium size shirt is too big for him.

Here's the price list of the expensive..but all are authentic and imported

Popcorns! I wonder how will kids eat this during the show, they will be busy singing and jumping on the floor during the Barney show

Barney DVD were sold at the theater, it almost got sold out after the show, DVDs were sold at P150 in its discounted price if you bought other merchandise.

Barney snow globe

LAce and Ashton after the show, my wife told me that  Ash got teary eyes when he saw Barney comes to life and saw Baby Bop appeared on stage after Barney.

Here's the after party of the Barney show, Ashton plays around with other kids

Photo op time, its funny that Ash never left the photowall

Beside Aliwan Theater is Star City, I was planning to enter the place but I remain inside the theater and play some games in our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Thanks to Concertus again for the complimentary ticket, we already crossed out these kid friendly creatures on our list and Ashton is ready to meet other characters.

This week we will watch:
1. Dora the Explorer and Boots show
2. Sponge Bob Square Pants

Now we wish for a Yo Gabba Gabba and Hi-5 show here in Manila.

Hot news from the web

I'm trying to update regularly now here in my blog and Its hot here at home and its hard to work around and sit infront of this over heating laptop,  my Belkin laptop cooler starts to fail and I need to set the the electric fan to power level 4 so that my laptop cools down and also prevents me to sweat down. I'm wearing my shades here at home because the sun's bright light invades half of the house.

Here are some cool news I found on the web

Philippines, tough to sell ?

Happy Birthday Anya!

TRON: Uprising trailer 2

Mrs.Martinez in Shenzhen

The Avengers as Nick toons

Photos of Stumptown comics fest

Wasp almost made it to the Avengers movie

Best Avengers cosplay

Teddy Bear Museum in South Korea

Asia's Next Top Model in Studio 23

Local komikeros shouts FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

Young Avengers TVC!!!

Khan next villain in Star Trek 2?

The Dark Knight Rises movie trailer 3 (breaking of the Batman)

OMG!! The trailer shows that Batman will be broken by Bane! that's awesome..and if you have read the comics story line of "Breaking of the Bat" up to Knightquest and Knightfall, you'll understand the war between Batman and Bane. I'm pumped up for Dark Knight..

pic via

Saridon - the fastest headache killer in 15 minutes

az saridon
Having a severe headache in a normal day is painful and this will make you stop working or even watch TV. Many pinoys experience severe and mild headaches, because of our hot weather in our land and also we get headaches when are stressed and tired. I hate having a headache if my mission for the day is finish a deadline or watch a movie premiere and write a review for my blog, Its hard to live with headaches and at the same time you are doing something that needs more focus, but headaches are notorious to hit hard on your head and affects your concentration, focus and also eye sight, for my experience I rather stay in bed and sleep just to take headaches away.

I asked my Facebook friends on how they can beat headaches without taking medicines, it was a great crowd research for me and learned that one of their advise is to drink the coldest drink or eat halo halo and get a brain freeze, because the brain freeze will take away the headaches and pain in your head, but no scientific proof yet, but to others who experienced it, they say that it is very effective. My problem is that I love cold drinks and it will take more time for me to experience a brain freeze. Others say that eating an apple can take the headache away, and others say drink coffee or a “matapang na barako kape”, because it is one of the advise of our elders, because coffee relaxes us and it takes away headache.

For taking medicines or drugs, I got introduced to Saridon, a new formulated drug from Bayer that contains a unique combination of ingredients that deliver faster, more effective headache relief than any single ingredient like Paracetamol, Asipirin or Ibuprofen tablets. Saridon have three main ingredients: Paracetamol, Propyphenazone PPZ (not Phenacitin) and Caffeine. Bayer says that with the combination of these three ingredients in a single dose, the Saridon user will experience a faster acting, more effective and longer lasting relief. Saridon is forumated and designed for severe headaches and this is not a pain killer for muscles, this is a medicine for headaches only.

The quantities of each ingredient in Saridon is a 250mg Paracetamol, 150mg PPZ and 50mb Caffeine.

add Saridon in Facebook -

I did a research and learned that Caffeine is proven a neuro-stimulant and also as a metabollic stimulant. Caffeine is very addictive,especially to people who started drinking coffee every morning and afternoon. I also drink coffee every morning and this keeps me awake and oriented for the day that I woke up, I drink coffee to relax myself while working. I read online that caffeine is also a mild natural analgesic, meaning that the elders we were told about to drink coffee if we have headaches is really true.

So when caffeine - the mild natural analgesic combines with Paracetamol and Propyphenazone, it will have Saridon tablet as the fast acting headache and pain reliever.


"Paracetamol is still regarded by many as the first line of defense against mild-headaches and fever—a reputation it gained due to the fact that it is safe and affordable. Bayer has chosen to augment this in Saridon by adding propyphenazone, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that has a fast onset, and caffeine, known worldwide as a stimulant and a natural analgesic, which improves the efficacy of paracetamol-based analgesics by up to 41%." -

if you want to learn more about headaches and Saridon, you can read lots of information here at

Here’s the TVC of Saridon that was aired early this year.

"Saridon launches nationwide with a new hard-hitting TV commercial depicting what it feels like to work while nursing a persistent headache - a situation which many people can identify with"

The TVC ad says that the Saridon tablet can deliver a 15 minute effect to take the headache away, so when I heard about this, I tried one tablet when I experienced a severe headache that night and after taking up a tablet, I started to work again and record the time when I feel that I’m okay and better and yes… is a 15 minute effect.

I tried taking Saridon tablet again when I have a headache on the way for a meeting in Makati, and I’m glad that I always carry a Saridon tablet inside my bag, I took the Saridon immediately before I step into the floor meeting and when we started the meeting, I’m okay and never complain of headaches again.


The last time I travel, I gave a Saridon tablet to a backpacker, because she complains of headache that day and she didn’t have enough sleep, I told her that Saridon is effective, and she’s happy that I got a Saridon tablet inside my camera bag hahahahah. For now on, where ever I go, in times of need to take away the headache immediately, I carry Saridon inside my bag. I try not to be addictive in taking medicines, I take Saridon ONLY if I experience a painful headache and not the mild ones.

I’m convinced to the formulation of Saridon and thanks to Bayer for introducing this new drug to us pinoys. I don’t take any tablets for headaches in my life ( I know the other brand, but I take them if ever I’m sick), but Saridon is purely for headaches only and I’m glad that I got introduced to Bayer’s new drug.

You can buy Saridon to any drug store over the counter with a price of Php 4.50 only! Yes that’s the cheapest drug ever! If you are not sure about Saridon, better consult a doctor before taking it.

Department of Tourism's "Its more fun in the Philippines" Meme TVC (and Duck Sauce music used)

photo source

I heard about this news online and then I saw the tvc last night in in GMA 7 news, I got excited to see it and then all I saw are a bunch of slide shows of photos and a music borrowed from American-Canadian DJ Armand Van Helden and A-Trak, our DOT used their music titled "Barbra Streisand", When I heard the music on TV, it was so familiar, then the only artist that registered on my mind is the band Cobra Starship, because these band covered Duck Sauce's music when they performed here in Araneta Coliseum and the band usually covers it for their concert.

below is the TVC of DOT

From their Youtube channel, I saw that they credited everyone, but no Duck Sauce credit

Title: DOT MEME TVC (International Campaign)

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero
Producer: Jing Abellera / Ino Magno / Anj dela Calzada
Director: Dale Lopez / Meggy de Guzman
Editor: Princess Wendam
Coloris: Musseli Cruz
VFX: Justin Gimeno
Post-Production House: Post Manila

The Department of Tourism would like to thank the following photographers who gave us rights to use their images for FREE:

1. Joey Rico (for the Street fashion meme)
2. Abby Yao (for the Stretch limos meme)
3. Gutsy Tuason (for the High fives meme)
4. La Venta 2012 (for the Underground meme)
5. Henson Wongaiham (for the Tour guides meme)
6. George Tapan (for My humps, Going upstairs and Commuting memes)
7. Company of Ateneo Dancers (for Meetings meme)
8. Darwin Dumaraos (for Bananas meme)
9. Bottle School (for Stargazing meme)
I was wondering why they created this so simple TVC, maybe they are just going to the nature path of the meme nature of the campaign and I think that they used Duck Sauce music just to target foreign market with its catchy beats and humms.

Here's Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand

But then... these TVC created by ABS CBN "Choose Philippines" TVC is much better...but I think it targets pinoys and not foreigners , because they used Filipino song and its hard to market a TVC to a foreign land with non English language.

and then we have this.. .Pilipinas Tara na

and I saw this cool TVC of Ilocos Norte "Paoay Kaway".. a right way of marketing the region to pinoys who haven't visited Ilocos Norte and learn that they have great travel spots.

Do you think that DOT's meme tvc will work ?

and check out also the tourism TVC of other countries

Malaysia, True Asia

Your Singapore TVC

Your Singapore TVC

Amazing Thailand

Egypt Tourism commercial

Enchanting India

Crumpler's Limpet, Noose and Carrot - traveler and photographer's accessories (feature and review)

CRT001_B_P_Y00000_20110628_0028_DxO NOS001-B00000_img01_nrm LIM001_O00000_20110829_1828_DxO-1
We have a new feature today here in my blog and these are cool accessories for camera lovers and travelers. These are new accessories from Crumpler, a brand that specializes on camera strap and bag accessories, and also travel gear add ons. Three Crumpler accessories - The Carrot, The Noose and The Limpet are very handy and useful add ons for your camera and bags, check out our hands on test and preview of the three Crumpler. These are available in our Crumpler stores here in Manila. (SM Megamall and other two branches)

The Carrot

Pencil cases and small pouch are starting to be obsolete in this generation and for us guys, we can't find a good case that matches our taste, because most of the pencil case like item is all decorated with flowers or cartoon character. The Carrot is the new reincarnated pencil case, but this time with a new facial look.... it looks like a carrot.

I use The Carrot in storing all my memory cards and other small things for my camera, its slim body compresses my items inside and it fits inside my bag and Its easy for me to look for my small items stored in this Carrot case.

The outer shell of The Carrott and its lining are made of water resistant materials. No more worries in my end if ever I kept a cold mineral water inside my bag. The Carrott is created in a single material, means that no stitches or stapler to build a whole case. You can stress the Carrott to its storage limit and you will never get a torn body from it, the only thing that can remind you is that the case can fit everything, so keep your things in an order fashion.

Just showing you the Crumpler tag

It really looks like a carrot, I wonder if they will make an onion pencil case.

The Carrot is priced at P950

Here are my items, on pic are my memory cards with case, internet stick, my camera lens mount cover, and a LED light holder. I tried inserting some more but the Carrot has its limit and its hard already to zip it close.

Organize your items inside The Carrot, so that everything can fit inside

I love the idea of including a key ring here in the Carrot case, you can add a key chain or a piece of strip so that you can just pull the string from your bag in order to find the Carrot case.

I also got an idea that I can use this as my wallet

The Noose
Here's a camera accessories for you, The Noose is a camera wrist strap by Crumpler. The Noose helps you to lock your camera to your hand, this is a good strap if you got tired already of using your camera neck wrap.

The Noose is made of ultra strong polypropylene webbing and neoprene for the soft mold to the wrist strap. It wraps to your wrist, prevents you from using your neck strap, and then with the use of this Noose, you can go guerilla photo shoot, because neck strap can attract many people because the camera straps to your neck. With the use of this Noose, you can be an invisible photographer on the streets.

I use the Noose here in my old Olympus SP500UZ camera, I insert the Noose strap to the other side, because the other side of the strap ring is broken. But I'm glad that there's a Noose that helps me from securing my camera by a one strap directly to my hand.

Here's a close up look

There's a hidden button lock under that red Crumpler logo, all you need to do is open it and you'll see that there's a hidden pocket where you can keep your extra SD card.

Button with Crumpler logo

And here's what it looks like when you strap it to your wrist. The Noose is best to use in a smaller camera, its okay to use it with a DSLR camera, but its a little bit heavy to carry by hand. This is a good strap for point and shoot camera and ultra zoom cameras.

The Limpet
The Limpet is a bag tag from Crumpler. It is not an ordinary bag tag that you know, this Limpet is bullet proof made of polyurethane, polypropylene webbing and ripstop nylon ensures. It has a colorful weave design and a Crumpler logo that gives its own identity that you are a traveler or a photographer. The Limpet hangs on to any kind of bags or luggage and its hard to tamper it because the bag tag is not look like your ordinary bag tag.

The only problem is that, if your bag got lost and someone found it, they will have a hard time to figure out that the Limpet has a label inside with details of the bag owner.

Here's how I use the Limpet, It hangs on my camera bag, but sometimes I transfer this to my big bag, back pack or luggage whenever I travel. The design is a marker for me whenever my bag rides on that conveyor inside the airport.

a close up look of the Limpet

Here's the back of the Limpet

At the back, just push the back body downwards and you'll see the bag tag label inside it.

its hard to tamper this, because the Limpet is connected to your bag and tampering the label is so hard if your Limpet is recognized as a bag tag.

I love Crumpler!! because they got the accessories for travelers and photographers with a unique style and use. The Carrot, Limpet and Noose are very helpful to me, and also I own that long camera neck strap that has locks and Crumpler calls it as "The Convenient Disgrace" camera neck strap. The only problem is that I attached the Noose to my camera and saw that I inserted it in a wrong way, there's no manual here so you better research or look on the drawing on the label tag to understand on how you should use it. Crumpler never fails me because all their products are well crafted to fit for the right user and market.

here are the price list

Limpet - Php 750
Noose - Php 850
Carrot - Php 950

** Available in local Crumpler stores in Manila only

Azrael Coladilla is the blogger and founder of Azrael's Merryland Blog. This blog started as a personal blog in 2003, and then converted the blog into a lifeblog about his interest and reporting about pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, food, travel, toys, outdoor adventure, internet and social media. Awarded as the 2009 Most Influential Blogger for Luzon, Philippines, awarded by the Philippine Blog Awards. He is the founder of several online communities - Manila Bloggers Network, Philippine Bloggers Network, Oh My Food! community, Cavite Bloggers, Travel and Blog Community, and Philippine ToyCon. Azrael's Merryland Blog is included in a list of top 50 Blogs in the Philippines , ranked 65th in Top 100 Blogs that Matter , 49 must read lifestyle blog in the Philippines. and rank 40th in 100 Top Philippine Blogs by Feedspot.
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