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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mister Donut's Bavarian Doubles, Dochi and Belgian Bites for Jan-Feb 2013

(photo via Mister Donut FB)

I like Mister Donut because they have the most affordable price and their donut is much different and have this soft and a not so bit sweet taste that it removes it self from dieters and sugar haters. I don't know ha, but I found Mister Donut easy to chew and fast to eat compare to other donut brands. But I love any kind of donuts, there are times that my taste buds want a less sweeter and more on the taste of the donut.

Mister Donut is much famous for the Belgian Bites every Valentines Day,and also they have some exclusive Sponge Bob tumblrs as giveaway if you bought a dozen of donuts, but the most exciting offering for this month is the introduction of these so-called crazy donuts, I call it crazy, because it breaks down the traditional donut that we know and they created these donut to start a new trend and also fun in our mouth.

Above, is a photo Bavarian Doubles, its a regular Mister Donut bavarian variant, but the special thing here is that they have three kinds of bavarian creaming - Classic Bavarian & Choco Fudge, Coffee & Caramel, Choco & Caramel. And you can buy that for only P130 for a box of 10 pcs.

This comign Valentines Day, the packaging for the Belgian Bites (photo above) will be the hot item for lovers.
Its a heart tin casing containing 6 pcs of Belgian Bites, you can buy the whole package for only P120 and it comes with a free mini heart balloon or you can buy the entire set with a teddy bear for only P165.

photo above c/o Misyel Coladilla of

here's the actual look of the entire set

and here's the content inside the heart tin can

And if you just want to eat the Belgian Bites, you can just order this in a box without the heart thingie

And here's another food innovation from Mister Donut, Its an amalgam of a donut and buchi, they say that this DoChi is already been offered last year and now they are back for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Its a mini donut ball with fillings of strawberry, mango and chocolate and the donut ball is covered by sesame seeds and it tastes like a real ordinary buchi...and donut..oh it a donut buchi or buchi donut ?

You can buy the DoChi for only P8 each or buy a box of 3 for only P24

I haven't tried these donuts yet, but I'll buy each soon and share a review here, I sent my sister for that Mister Donut bloggers con to cover and check out the new offerings of Mister Donu, thanks to her and I'm glad that its a good news for more new food innovation coming in from Mister Donut.

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