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Friday, July 26, 2013

The successful maki roll party at home via Café Shiro and @foodiedotph

Cafe Shiro
Everyone are at home that weekend and we’re too lazy to go out and dine in a nice restaurant, there are times that we love to stay home and do some food fest while watching TV, and besides we hate the traffic brewing in every highways and street, so we decided to have fun here at home.

Our Sunday is a sunny fest for family gathering and eating good food, then we got this plan to host a Japanese maki roll party at home, this will save us more time to do other things, and no need to dress up nicely, gas up our car, travel and brave the heavy traffic in EDSA and not to worry for parking space.
We also got tired ordering the same fast food and restaurant near our area, even if its just one phone call and the food will be here at home, but there’s no Japanese resto that can deliver food.

Since we’re looking for a food adventure at home, we tried ordering our Japanese maki roll to this new Japanese restaurant in Roxas Blvd. called Café Shiro.

I just discovered Café Shiro after I logged in to WWW.FOODIE.PH , it sounds like a food blog, but its not… it’s a 24/7 online food order and delivery service in Manila and with a minimum order value of Php 300, can help you take an order to any of their participating restaurant and they can deliver the food right infront of your door step within 60 minutes, also the good part here is that they can deliver to a place that is not covered by their delivery zone, which will take beyond 60 minutes depends on your location.
How to order online

thank you! you converted me in ordering food online! and this is my FIRST time to use an online food delivery service.

Before I feature my food that I ordered in Café Shiro, let me show you on how I use the website and also how we order our food.

Its just simple

I registered first and then filled all the details needed for registration and also providing my contact number and also home address, they need those info for the food delivery and a way to communicate with you by phone for any follow up and to inform you if the food is already being ordered and its on the way to your home. But take note, for newbies, you need to have a valid email address, home address, mobile phone or landline, I think its better that you have a landline for better communication.

I understand that launched this online food order and delivery service because its much more convenient to provide a list of restaurant and menu online for their customers and with a mouse click and some buttons… will do the rest for computing the price total and accommodate any special request like adding more sauce or no other side dishes.

Café Shiro menu at
Side bar list all your food orders and also provide total computation of the price you need to pay.
Make sure you review again your order and the total price before you proceed to Check Out.

Bur before we order online… we browse first the restaurant list and there we found Café Shiro.
We chose Café Shiro because they are serving an exotic Japanese maki roll that we want to try, and I haven’t tasted a crocodile meat before and this will be our first time to try it, we got so excited when we saw the menu and we listed our order first in a notepad and then compute the total cost of the food we order, after that, we asked everyone to place their order and we finalized it in one group order.

I logged in at and placed an order online, then chose a delivery schedule at 2pm the same day.

I ordered the food at 11am, then I received a notification and confirmation of my order via email, and then at 1pm, I received a call in my mobile phone and they told me that my food is being order now at Café Shiro, then on exact 2pm, the delivery guy is here!

Cafe Shiro
The delivery guy riding in a motorcycle with big lunch box at the back showed infront of our gate and brought our food kept in a clean container wrapped in plastic bag.

Cafe Shiro
I signed the received documents and paid for the food + delivery fee of Php 114.95, btw the delivery fee will show up in the computation at your ordering section at, and also I gave a tip to the delivery guy – also included in the total.

Cafe Shiro
Café Shiro…nice to know you!! And then I discovered that Café Shiro is also the Shiro Shiro Japanese Restaurant. Here are some chopsticks and table napkins with their Café Shiro logo.

Cafe Shiro
The packaging
Everyone stormed into the dining area and then I stood up like a referee and told them.. “wait!!!! I need to take a photo of the food first for my blog!” and then everyone went back to the living room and watch TV, my wife told me, “okay.. let us know if your finish with the food photo shoot”

oh well..that’s the case if you have a food blogger inside the house, but the understand and they are very supportive! thanks family!

Cafe Shiro
The Japanese maki rolls are sealed inside this plastic microwaveable container, its like they are in cryostasis waiting to be opened after several years of sleeping haaha. I noticed that this maki roll is different, so I suspect that this might be the Shiro Crazy Maki with crocodile meat.

Cafe Shiro
Shiro Crazy Maki with crocodile meat
Crocodile meat is so tasty and more meaty than a regular pork, beef or chicken or even a frog, I haven’t tasted a reptile meat before but the cold blooded crocs is a perfect meat add on for a maki roll. Its an exotic food and there are only one supplier of croc meat in the Philippines and they are located in Davao City. Its hard to find a croc meat being served in a restaurant, but here in Café Shiro, its just a part of their menu, I will order this again and include it in my favorite food.

Cafe Shiro
We didn’t mind the food presentation, the food will end up in our stomach anyway, so if you order food online, expect that the food will appear in a container, but its okay, more important is that the container is clean and food is not messy when delivered at home.

Cafe Shiro
Spicy Salmon roll

Cafe Shiro
The ever favorite of Japanese food fans, Café Shiro’s version is very interesting, I ate different kinds of California Maki and they are all the same in appearance, but this one is different.

Cafe Shiro
California Maki

Cafe Shiro
Epi Tempura

Cafe Shiro

Cafe Shiro
Japanese maki roll party is ready at home!!! thank you Café Shiro and

Cafe Shiro
After removing the cover of the plastic container, I noticed that the maki rolls are okay and not messy, I felt that I’m in a restaurant, minus the resto interiors, table and waiters. But here at home, the experience is much fun and also the convenience of the food comes to you is awesome!

Cafe Shiro
Café Shiro knows what to do if they have food are freshly cooked, they wrapped the fried – Ebi Tempura and Goyza in an aluminum foil, just to control the heat and never moist inside the the styro foam box, that’s why it arrives here at home so warm and still freshly cook. So no need to re-heat it at home.

Now we are ready to eat!

Cafe Shiro
My son Ashton, is so excited eat the Epi Tempura, he climbs up on our dining table just to take a peak what’s inside box number 4 hahahah.

Cafe Shiro
Gyoza sauce
Its so nice that Café Shiro includes a label in every sauce of our food, I got worried an hour before delivery that they might deliver the food with the sauce without labels, but I’m so glad that we didn’t encounter any problem with the sauce. There are some spills inside the plastic bag, but that was okay, since liquid is hard to contain in a moving vehicle.

Cafe Shiro
Tempura sauce

Cafe Shiro
So the first bite will come from the men of the house hahaha. Me and my son Ashton took the first bite together, Our Mama Sally watches us and everyone laugh when we forgot to dip it in our tempura sauce.

Cafe Shiro
Sis Liza and wife Lace are Japanese food fans, look at them!! all smiley! hahahaha. Tummy will be full later for them. We enjoyed our weekend Japanese maki roll party at home and this will be a weekly schedule, I’m excited for another food order

Cafe Shiro
Happy Eating!!

My review:
They provide a very convenient service and hassle free delivery and transaction, and for first timers like me, you need to read and understand all the info they provide in their website – like how to order online, delivery service and payment terms. Surfing their website is very user friendly, all details are displayed infront of you and they answer your inquiries right away, I’m very comfortable with that treatment and I will order again to ry other restos.

Café Shiro
It’s my first time to try Café Shiro and the only wow factor they gave to me is the crocodile meat, I know that Uni and Unagi are much common in Japanese food, but the croc meat is very new and its an exotic delicacy. I give 5 points over 5 points to Café Shiro for that, but for their other maki roll – it was okay and normal but the Spicy Salmon roll is also good! the tempura and gyoza are not from refrigerated-ready prepare food, its quite near to the authentic version and freshly cooked. I can tell if its freshly prepared if the gyoza smells good.

For info ,visit their page and store.


Café Shiro
located at 1440 Boulevard Mansion Hotel, Corner Salas Street, Ermita, Manila, Philippines
tel # 02 3531179
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