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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rodizio restaurant in Holiday Inn Hotel Clark Freeport Zone

Aug. 17, 2013 – During our first 5 hours stay in Holiday Inn Hotel and also after finishing an activity, we ate our dinner here in Rodizio restaurant, located at the 7th floor of the hotel. Going to this restaurant will require you take that elevator with glass wall and see through features going up to the 7th floor.

I’m not familiar yet on what kind of food they can offer to us, but as I enter the hall way of the restaurant, I saw the wine cellar-like area and this reminds me of a fine dining resto that serves yummy steaks.

Wine area.

Here’s the warm ambiance feature of Rodizio restaurant.

The resto is really nice at night.

Rodizio restaurant

Buffet area for guest.
I don’t have the details on how much is the price for dinner buffet.

Start of the buffet area- soup and bread

Covered are rice and mash potatoes, the resident chefs at the buffet area will assist you for your meaty platter.

cooked shrimps.ready to eat.

veggies and chili con carne
the chili con carne tastes perfect!

the grilling machine
sausages, lamb and beef meat are roasted here.

When I start to get my food, I just stared at this roasting area, I didn’t wait for the meat, bec. its still in roasting mode, the waiter told me that the meat will be served in our table after it was cooked.

Dessert area.
I just skipped on the tummy is super full of chicken, sausage, beef and lamb meat

salad bar


P8156725 P8156726P8156728 P8156730
More desserts and sweets!!!!!
For those who can’t wait for their meat… there’s always a way for dessert comes first

my plate – salad first
I customized my own salad with lots of sausage, carrots, bacons, cheese and that Frenc salad sauce.

my other plate… for the heavy meal
I was just waiting for the meat to come

Here’s the roasted chicken… I love the taste of the roasted chicken here at Rodizio. The taste and juicyness of the roasted chicken is perfect. Everyone commented the same and we agree that its one of a kind taste.

Imported sausages are also served on our table, you can choose if it’s a pork or chicken sausage.
warning: the sausage are so heavy in your tummy, I suggest wait for the roasted beef and lambs

A close up of my roasted chicken and two sausages.

Baby back ribs steak, I want to eat more of this, but my heavy tummy started to surrender.

Rodizio’s waiter David serves more beef and lamb roast on our table.
The roasted lamb is also the best!!!

Thanks Rodizio restaurant!!! @ Holiday Inn Hotel Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
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