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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

32 year old Girl from Butuan City won Php150,000 as sole survivor of Star Movies 4th annual movie marathon event

I remember that I got an invitation to join the 1st annual movie marathon event of Star Movies in the past, but I back out because I can't take the bathroom break and I might end up having a kidney failure again, yes, I got hospitalized during my youthful years for a week for a kidney operation. Star Movies big event is back again for their annual movie marathon that is always held in Newport Cinema every year, the participants this year really got a healthy kidney and got the guts to watch a movie for 16 hours without a bathroom break. OMG! That is totally hard core for a movie fan. But if the prize money is good, I'm sure there's a big chance to win it. From the last 3 years of the movie marathon competition, almost 20-25 people won the money prize, they will just divide the cash prize and that will result for a minimal share to each other.

But for this year's 5th annual movie marathon of Star Movies, they are just looking for one sole winner and to make sure that one people will win the Php 150,000 cash, the organizers of the movie marathon put up a military theme setting and movie marathoners are task to do some physical challenges while watching the movie. I heard that the last challenge is that they will watch a war themed movie and through out the movie they are squatting while watching the film. Whoaaa! participants now requires to have a healthy kidney and also be mental and physically fit. Ohkay. no more chance for me to join the movie marathon hahaha.

photo above: Ian of and Ferds of
we tried the last minute of the movie marathon and it looks like that we need more cheese in our popcorns. All of us are disqualified for requesting more cheese ahahaha.
Movie Marathon Year 4 - White BG
According to Jude Tuarcuato of Fox Intenational Channels and rep. speaker for Star Movies, every year they are revamping the rules and mechanics of the movie marathon, its getting better and harder. They have a around of 50,000 movie fans who registered to be part of the annual movie marathon, and from the massive list of registrants, they raffled off the first 300 to be the official participant of the movie marathon, they want to adjust and add more participants but the Newport Cinema can accommodate only to 300 movie goers. The prizes are upgrading, this year the main prize is Php150,000 cash for the sole winner and then they also gave out Star Movies merchandises to all participants and some consolation prizes like a Devant DVD and TV for the 2nd and 3rd runner up of the movie marathon.

Since the movie and marathon are going military, each participant wore a military style jacket with Star Movies logo, its one of kind jacket exclusively given to participants. There are big muscled bouncers guarding them and on the watch to see any of them violates the rules of the movie marathon. The rules today are much difficult compare to the past 3 events. This time, they are not allowed to have a bathroom break, no yawning, no phone calls or sms, no coughing, no stretching, no sleeping, and no looking at another participant. With these rules,the contest is one serious shiznits... if you want to win the cash prize, you have to watch a movie for FREE for 16 hours, eat and drinks are given for free, but you have to follow this rules first before you become the sole winner.

Last Oct 6, 2013, We went to the cinema to check out the scene and also try to watch a movie for free, but after 9pm, we learned that someone already won the contest!

I was informed that there are around 25 remaining participants and then after a few minutes of a physical challenge, they already got one winner!!! whoaaa!

Inside Newport Cinema

And here's the sole survivor of Star Movies 4th annual movie marathon
32 year old, Ana Marie Bacul of Butuan City. She stayed here in Manila for this competition, and this is her 3rd year in joining the movie marathon, and also 3 time winner (won with other group) but the only survivor of the movie marathon for 2013. She reveals to us that she doesn't even tried going to the bathroom even the contest is finish, her tip is: drink water just a sip only. She said that they watch Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates and some classic war films. She doesn't have a job yet here in Manila, but she really careered this contest, she shared that she no longer have money left in her pocket but now she have to pocket that big check of Php150,000, we told her to ask a friend or a family member to fetch her in Newport Mall, but then she did call her mom with teary eyes after our interview. Everyone cheered for her and I just can't believe that she won!!!

Ana Marie Bacul is seated at the front of the cinema, almost few feet away from the screen, I told her why she chose to seat in front, is that a strategy?, then she revealed that she arrived late for the call time and there no available seats at the back but the available seat are the ones in front of the screen..ohhhh partida pa yan ha.. galeng!!

Congratulations Ana Marie!!

here are the remaining movie marathoners

Ana Marie Bacul receives her grand prize!


The Star Movies Movie Marathon is brought to you by Fox International Channels in cooperation withVaseline, Berocca, McCafe, DeVant and the official venue Newport Cinemas in Resorts World Manila.
Congratulations to all winners and also surviving participant of the Movie Marathon of Star Movies. See you all again next year for the 5th annual Movie Marathon!
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