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Monday, December 02, 2013

coverage: Pacquiao vs. Rios Fight As One Screening in Solaire Resort #FightForPinas @solaireresort

November 24, 2013 is the fight day here in Asia for the Pacquiao vs. Rios Fight as One boxing match, and Its funny that I forgot that the fight will be in Macau and not in Las Vegas, But I’m glad that the schedule of the main fight is also the same sched of their previous Las Vegas boxing match. I got worried in the first place because I woke up late and went to Solaire Resorts for the live viewing of the match at around 9am, and I thought that the main fight will be around 9am or 10am, but its good that the main event occured at around 12nn.

Thanks to Solaire Resorts for inviting me to attend this and also do a blog coverage of the live viewing event. I invited my blogger buddies from our PB Network group, - Enzo of, Raffy of, and Ian of, there’s also that PLDT Home sponsored live screening in BGC and I sent Eli of there to cover and use my slot.

I got pumped up for this match after seeing Pacquiao’s head coach receives a cheap kick in the chest by their former team mate who is now part of Rio’s camp, the incident occurred and was captured in video during the two boxers practice session in a gym in Macau.

let me share here my photo story of our awesome day in Solaire… btw.. Pacquiao won the match!

Here’s my ticket of the day, yey!!! thanks to Myk Cruz for assisting us

After entering, we are entitled to join in a raffle draw, who ever wins in the boxing match, they will pick one winner via raffle from the fighter’s bowl. For my bet, I placed it for Pacquiao.

Solaire Cares is also present there, you can pledge on how much you want to donate for the #YolandaPH victims.

The ticket price that we have is for deluxe seating, located right after the VIP section. It is priced at Php700+ and the ticket holder is entitled for a free pop corn, tuna sandwich and iced tea drinks. I later discovered that the iced tea is refillable.

Here’s our view.
Solaire Resorts did a nice set up of the viewing, they placed a REAL boxing ring and on top is a hanging LED HD TV. Inside the Solaire Resorts Ballroom, we felt that we are there in Macau.

early bird of the day…Ian arrived first and thanks to him that he got a time to reserve some seats for us

At the live viewing event, we have LIVE commentators during the match.

In between breaks, Solaire Resorts provided us some live performance on stage, here are the Congga girls

There’s also a pole dancer, swinging live and gracefully performing those impossible pole dance tricks.

More girls in the house!!! hahahaha.

The ring

the host of the event interviewed the Pacquiao impersonator hahha. Now we felt that he’s really here.

spotted at the venue – Jeffrey Santos

And then the lights went off and fight day will happen at around 1pm

Everyone started to be serious for the fight, but there’s still one more undercard fight to finish before the main event. Here’s me and Raffy waiting for the match, everyone are silent because we are waiting for the Pacquiao vs Rios fight.

Ian and Enzo is seat on the other side

After the end of the last undercard match, I decided to visit the comfort room just to unload those unlimited iced tea hahaha, but when I arrived at the comfort room area, almost all guys in the event are in here lining up to enter to comfort room.

I’m surprised that before the main event the live dancers here in Solaire performed and in sync with the dancers in Macau… wow!!

Jessica Sanchez went inside the ring and sang two national anthems – Philippines and USA

Pacquiao entered the venue and everyone went wild cheering for Manny.

The much awaited fight is here!! Rios and Pacquiao charged and lots of punches are seen during round 1

And ohhh we have live round girls here in Solaire ehehehe.

The fight continues and ended in Round 12

Manny showed some mercy after he saw Rios’ face are swollen and bloodied.

Manny Pacquiao won the match via unanimous decision.

Its an early celebration for all pinoys around the world!!! I told my blogger mates that we should go up in the ring and do some photos hehehe.

Here’s a reporter laughing when he interviews the impersonators there fake President Benigno Aquino, Manny Pacquiao, Coach Freddie Roach and Christopher De Leon.

Time to up in the ring!!!

ahhh..its my first time to be in a ring..I tried boxing when I was in grade school, and it was a painful knock out.

Feeling boxer or wrestler haahaha

Ian got a photo op with the impersonators

yey!!! pinoy wins

We played inside the ring and here’s my boxing stance

Pacquiao always pray before and after the fight in the corner of the ring, so here I tried praying too

Ian tambay mode sa ring hahahaha

Fight as one!!!!! Enzo vs. Ian
who will win the boxing fight ???

since Manny is not here in our country, I sent my congratulations to the two impersonators.
Pacquiao and Coach Freddie fakers hahahahaha. Some people thought that the other guy is Jeman, I told them kamukha lang haahaa.

I also spotted this two pretty ladies, they are TV5 celebs – Chanel Morales and Eula Caballero

Here’s my photo op with the fake President PNoy hahahaha.

Also we met Anton Diaz and RJ Ledesma here in the viewing, here’s a photo with RJ Ledesma and Solaire Resorts’ Myk Cruz.. Thanks again Myk.

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