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Monday, December 02, 2013

Royal Lake Spa in Timog Ave. Quezon City–it’s a spa, videoke, buffet, resto bar and event venue in one building

Update: February 18, 2014
I was infromed that this spa is already closed permanently.

here's a message from one of the blog readers

"Hi good morning!

I already went to royal lake spa last saturday to check if they are already open, im really really disappointed when the guard told me that the spa was already closed permanently. Im really upset because i just wasted my money for the gc and got nothing. "

Its my first time here in Royal Lake Spa, the popular service here is the spa, buffet and videoke, I haven’t tried yet doing those activities after or before a spa treatment, so I tested their services and see what’s the buzz about it. Royal Lake Spa is located in Timog Ave, the building is just beside a gas station and few feet away from the boys scout monument circle, they are marketed as an entertainment center with spa/health and wellness facilities, plus with restaurant and bar, café, event center, and salon, it seems that they have it all in one building.

Read more and see my photos below and check out our experience here in Royal Lake Spa.

I really don’t like going to QC, because I’m located at the South and going to that city is almost half way going to the north side of the metro. But when Ian of told me to join with them to try Royal Lake Spa, I did some google-fu and found out that they have all those cool amenities, I have heard of this service from friends and now I got so curious and want to try it. I just don’t like to go to QC, but then I realized that I need a spa treatment, never mind the videoke, but what I love here in Royal Lake Spa is the buffet hahahahaha. They told us that we can stay there for 3 hours after our spa treatment and it’s a standard offer for all their customers. I got excited and traveled all the way from Cavite via MRT, bus and jeepney just to reach Quezon City.

Royal Lake Spa at night
I'm glad that they got a big signage, its easy to locate it and they are easy to pin point too in Foursquare. I always use Foursquare in finding the location of an establishment and its very helpful, it can also act as a live GPRS, I use it so that I won’t get lost.


and according to Foursquare users, they gave a rating of 7.4/10

(btw, those watermarked photos were lifted from Royal Lake Spa Facebook page)

The front desk counter at Royal Lake Spa.
I tried a bit of the real simulation of their service, but in my next visit, I will drop by as a walk in and see how the real deal works here. At the counter, we just registered our name and was welcomed properly, then they gave us a plastic beaded bracelet with number and told us we should wear and keep the key of our locker cabinet. In other spa establishments, they use the traditional keys in threaded bracelets.

Before going up to the spa rooms and dining area, we are instructed to remove our shoes and wear their rubber flip flops. Our shoes were kept in a locker room behind the front desk counter.

I’m not a bit comfortable wearing the flip flops, because it’s a bit slippery, I suggest you wear it with your socks on, they advice not to use our shoes upstairs just to avoid contamination of the rooms and pool.

There’s my shoes… see you later shoes!

Here’s my locker key in a beaded bracelet, the locker is located upstairs.

with John Bautista, my only writer and contributor for my blog
I arrived late that night and everyone are there at the lobby waiting for me, it was traffic that night and I arrived one hour late.

Before we start the spa treatment, we request for a short peak to one of their amenities, here they showed to us their event center and resto bar area.

Dining area at the resto bar section

The tables are well dressed for that night because the venue was rented for a company party.

Here we also met the lovely marketing person of Royal Lake Spa, her name is Miss Justine.

Menu at their resto bar, drinks and some food

Package menu for groups – big and small.

There’s a note for lost locker keys… why so expensive? because the locker keys are high tech, its not a regular metallic key, but it’s a RFID (radio frequency identification ) scanning key to the locker.

here’s the rate of Royal Lake Spa.
(BM) Body Massage with Body wash - Php 980
BM or (FM) foot massage and milk salt body scrub - Php 980
BM or FM with manicure - PHp 1180
BM or FM with Green tea or strawberry scrub - Php 1280

And here's their promo rate -- Php 780
with that rate and with any package rate, each customer are entitled to use their amenities for free for 3 hours, you can try the eat all you can buffet, videoke, hot sauna, showers, hot spring pool and also free drinks at the videoke room.

it’s a good deal ha, and I pay for Php 500-700 for a regular body massage in other spa establishments, and that’s a body massage only. But here in Royal Lake Spa, you can enjoy FREE entertainment and dining, you can try it before or after your spa treatment.

At the 2nd floor is the locker area for male and female.
Each locker and shower area for the two gender are separated.

above is the male locker room

On the other side is the female locker room .

The spa center is located at the upper level

Here’s Ron of inside the male locker room
they have locker room staffs that can help you if you need some assistance, I also learned that each customer are entitled to two towels only.

so I picked up one towel for my 1st shower before the spa treatment, and then after my spa session, I went back to the locker room and get my 2nd towel for my 2nd shower.

Here’s how the RFID key works, just tap the locker key with number at the door knob and it will show a blue light and sound and the locker will unlock automatically. Just close the locker door if you want to lock it. Just make sure you always lock your lockers before leaving the room.
Inside the locker room is the wet room, here’s the hot sauna bath area
the shower area…don’t worry there’s a shower room in the other side with doors hahaha
hot spring pool

So after leaving our things in our lockers, we continue to check out the other rooms of Royal Lake Spa

Here’s the room for foot massages and manicure

There’s Ron again ahahahaha.

There’s an elevator that serves up to 6th floor
when we were there, the elevator is under maintenance…we used the staircase in visiting the other levels.


At the 3rd floor is the buffet area!!! wohoohooh

more pics later…after the jump
at the 4th level is the male massage room and on the 5th floor is the female massage room area.
here’s the look of their massage room

and here’s a version that haven’t dressed up yet. They have lots of rooms that can accommodate many people, and also I think they also have private rooms too.
I just saw this in Royal Lake Spa Facebook page, they also got jacuzzi.
5th floor – the female massage area…. guys are not allowed to hang out here…

At the 6th level…the videoke entertainment rooms.

just register at the front desk at the 6th floor, the staff will guide you which KTV room that you can use.

LCD TV with videoke machine and player

Time to sing!!

Here’s Enzo serenading his lady love with a Maroon 5 song ahahah

My turn to sing… let’s sing 20/20 by Pupil

At the 6th floor, they are planning to convert this available space into a coffee shop area in the balcony.

Okay, let’s go back to the spa-dining buffet area.
Food are served 24 hours a day. They replenish the food right away, here at the buffet area, there’s some rice, veggies, chicken, pork and some soup.

Dining area

Pork mechado

Fish fillet

Roasted chicken… ---- masarap sya ha…

Shabu Shabu area.

Just grab some fish balls, siomai, veggies and noodles and hand it over to the kitchen staff, they will boil it and pour hot soup to your shabu shabu.

here’s our blogging mates – Gian of, Ian of and Ted of

my 1st plate hahahaha.

I told them that we should eat lite meal only before trying the spa services.

spotted Enzo of

After a short dinner, we went back to the locker room and changed our clothes to this spa robe attire.
We experienced a one hour full body massage

After the body massage, we clean up in the showers and went back to the dining area for another round of good food.

And then after the meal…its videoke time! ahahahah

spotted: Myrns of and John Bueno of

hahhaah…si John

Gian is the 1st performer of the night


spotted: Ian and his daughter

spotted: Ashley of

my review:
Its my first time to try this kind of service- spa with food and entertainment, I can say that the service is targeted to large groups or family, if you plan to have a birthday party with spa, then Royal Lake Spa is the best for you, because they got big rooms and you can blow your cake here after or before the spa treatment, and then later on enjoy a videoke party with your guest. That’s 6 floors of spa health and wellness with food and also entertainment.

For the body massage, they gave us a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish, for me its not quite okay, because I’m into Swedish body massage only and having a combination of two styles are not good to me. But for others, I’m sure they got relaxed after the spa treatment, I enjoyed it too, the spa staff is very attentive and also its easy to instruct them, like for example, I told the staff not to massage my belly and chest ( because It tickles me hahaha). But I was looking for the relaxing state that I experienced before, like I almost cried of super relaxation, if ever I get that again, I will give a big tip to the lucky spa staff.

I will visit Royal Lake Spa soon, I will try their other services and also get my Swedish massage next time, because the combination massage-fu is not for me.

Royal Lake Spa
60 Timog Ave. cor Tomas Morato Quezon City former CITYLIFE STYLE Building.
Facebook page:
Services: Body Massage, Eat-all-you can Complimentary Food (Salad, Buffet, Shabu shabu, Bottomless Drinks) KTV Bar(maximum of 3 hours stay) Restobar with Live band (Fri- Sun)
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