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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lunch at Felix restaurant in GB5

I ate my lunch here in Felix restaurant in GB5 with a group of foodies for a half day of salo salo, during this lunch treat, my mind is not cooperating well and I’m a bit distracted on something, maybe because that I’m with my wife and she’s attending a meeting in the other side of the building. But that was okay, when I saw food on my table, my mind started to pump up some brain juice hahahah. Okay..that’s a signal that I’m hungry.

This is my 3rd time here in Felix, and I just forgot already what I ate here in the past, but then when we started ordering our food, I noticed that their specialty is on pasta, grills, steaks, chops and food with pinoy twists.

The rest of the foodies on the table ordered their own food and we shared some food shots together, we roam around the table and started instagramming everything on the table hahahaha.

I visited this website - for the menu of Felix and see if I get the right name of the food we have last October 2013.

Felix in GB5

PA223005 PA223006PA223007 PA223015
My plate..and my view of the day

It was a treat from the marketing peeps of Seattle’s Best Coffee, and thanks to Spanky Enriquez for inviting us, at first I thought that it was a Felix foodie meet up,but then I found out that the meet up is for Seattle’s Best Coffee hahhah.

Jeje…I asked the waitress why they call the spicy wings Jeje ?
she just laughed and she explained something that I even didn’t understand.
oh well, that’s okay, I ordered it anyway.

My eyes started to go wide….I ordered this San Antonio baby back ribs…

a view of their menu

The price is quite okay for a restaurant in GB5.

PA223016 PA223017
There’s our table…

here’s our food!!!!
My Coke
My best beverage whenever I dine in a restaurant, I laugh at some restaurant when they don’t have Coke and instead offer me the other brand hahahah.

Mambulao soup - malunggay with tofu (Php 180)

Pia baked salmon with orzo pasta (Php 695)

Jeje spicy wings (Php 245)
that’s my food!!! I didn’t expected that the appetizer serving is a plateful of yummy spicy wings.

CY Royale wagyu burger with fried mozzarella chese (Php 750)

Salmono baked salmon (Php 625)

LC grilled lamb chops (Php 990)

San Antonio baby back ribs (Php 525)
I’m happy with this baby back ribs…. its soft…but a little bit burned

Foodies on the table

ahaahah, the food stayed on the table for 15 minutes, just a short time for some photo op and instagramming.

Its another lunch experience here in Felix restaurant, at first I thought that it is super expensive, but the price is just right, although they should cook the ribs well, but that’s just a minor thing but all around, Felix’s food is okay na din.

I will visit this next time... but I need to find a date first hahahaa.

Felix Restaurant in Greenbelt 5
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