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Monday, December 02, 2013

Work At Home ‘Pinas the seminar–congrats to my team and thanks to all who supported and attended the event

Our seminar is titled “Work at Home ‘Pinas the seminar” is our first project as PB Network, a team of bloggers who were formed via online and shares the same passion on blogging. The seminar is the start of our advocacy in teaching and sharing how you can get a new career and job while you are at home or just taking your work at home.

I’m one of the speakers of our seminar, my topic is about blogging 101, I shared some tips on how you set up a blog, be an online publisher and then earn money from blogging. Its just a short introduction, but my main goal here is to tell them that you can get a career from blogging, and not just being a person who owns a Blogger or Wordpress account, and not just a blogger.

details of our event:

For starters, we are bringing a learning activity closer to their backyards of Quezon City residents, as opposed to the inconvenience of Makati CBD, Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas Center.

In addition, the presenters are veterans in their respective fields of at-home entrepreneurship. Their expertise developed through the years, the hands-on experiences of their entrepreneurial path, and the stories they can share about the ups and downs of their chosen career, are what makes this seminar a must-attend event.

Therefore, the seminar is for all budding entrepreneurs whose common intent is to establish a small office, home office (SOHO) and acquire the knowhow, materials and equipment to sustain a successful work-at-home environment, that results in a thriving and long-term business.
This is not just about blogging and social media. The objective is to let YOU leave with a sense of real-life direction and comprehension in what at-home entrepreneurship is all about, and the motivation to start right away. -

here are the roster of speakers and their topic
Azrael Coladilla - Blogging 101
Ted Claudio - Photography
Ron Villagonzalo - How to Start Working At Home
Gian Viterbo -Digital Marketing
Raffy Pekson - Introduction to working at home
Enzo Luna - Tales of a Travel blogger and how to become one.
Irene Enriquez – Working at home vs. Corporate life

Original roster of speaker includes Raffy Pedrajita for the photography segment, he got sick for two days and we’re glad that Ted Claudio can fill in the slot for Raffy. Also part of the roster of speaker is Ricky Banaag, but then he informed us early that he can’t make it to our seminar due to personal matters, but its okay because we have Irene Enriquez to fill the slot. I’m happy that most of us in the team are freelancers and people who work at home.

Congratulations to the team and thanks to everyone who went here to attend to listen in our one day seminar. Our seminar is priced at an affordable rate of Php 350 only, drinks and meals are also included – breakfast, merienda and lunch. We promoted the event via our blogs, Facebook posts and Facebook ads and a shout out in a 3 day radio guesting to Chienne delas alas radio show at DZRJ, super thanks to Chinne for being our official radio partner, and also to Enzo of Adventour Magazine, and Raffy Pekson of Go Auto Dial for sponsoring some goodies to our attendees.

Thanks to our event sponsors for supporting us from the very start,

Thanks to:

PLDT KaAsenso


and V Office Philippines

here’s a panoramic view of the our seminar in Sangkalan Grill Restaurant in Quezon City, we have 30+ attendees who came from different parts of the city.

Thumbs up for Work at Home Pinas the seminar!
Our plans for 2014 is to bring the seminar around the country and we want to teach everyone, not only SMEs but also students and people who wants to start their business at home.

I arrived at around 12nn and here I caught Enzo’s talk about Tales of a travel blogger and how to become one.

He showed some of his photo taken during his travel around the country and also overseas

He also shared how you can earn money via stock photography and using your travel photos to earn money and save it for your next travel.

My back view at the seminar

Everyone are listening to Enzo’s talk and many are interested to bring their work while they travel. You can also earn money while traveling and enjoy a leisure trip to an island or a nearest resort.

Gian Viterbo of talks about creating your Personal branding in this digital age.

Gian also showed to us a claymation short film titled “The giving Tree”
its like a parable or short story with moral values..everyone got teary eyes after watching it.

And after the lunch meals, I was called infront to start my talk about Blogging.

The most common advice hat I always say to them is that.
If you want to work at home or be a blogger, you have to be passionate on what you are doing and also learning never stop. In blogging, you can discover many skills and you can use those new found skills for a new career path.

Normally, our talk is around 45 minutes, but I think I reached the 1 hour time, because I created 100+ slides for my presentation. hahahaha! sorry guys! I ‘m sure you have learned something from me.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post a comment below.

Here’s Irene Enriquez of , she showed to us the difference of the life of a corporate person and life of a work at home person. I learned some from her and I just realized that there are also perks in both work environment, but here at home, you have to really be proactive to earn more.

And she said… work at home people should have discipline..

Ron and Irene during the Q and A portion after her talk

Last speaker of our seminar is Ted Claudio of , his talk is about how to become a freelance photographer. He amazes the attendees when he showed how much he earned under the Youtube partnership program. Its not just photography lessons, but also how you can earn money by using an ordinary digital camera.

Thanks to Ted for the multiple mention about how I influenced him to be a full blown blogger, he now start his preparation to journey into retirement and will focus on blogging in his online magazine site in the coming future.

Many thanks to Ms. Arabelle Jimenez for sharing her testimony as a work at home person, she quit her day job in the past and now she’s working at home full time for 12 years already. She now operates her own PR company.

The two CEOs - Ron and Arabelle
Thank you for sharing. It was a very inspiring story, I hope I can reach that level and open up my own company. Btw,, Ron operates his own BPO company.

The seminar ended so smoothly and we end it at around 6pm. Here’s a wacky post from Ian Bacungan hahaha.

spotted John Bautista in photographer mode.

Here in our seminar, we raffled off some goodies c/o from our sponsors!!! yey! Thanks to PLDT and BPI




We also raffled off some Go Auto Digital headsets c/o Raffy Pekson






Raffy Pekson announces the winner of that skin and body treatment GC

And the winner is John Bautista hahahahah! congrats bro!

At the seminar, one of my blog reader revealed herself to me.
awwwww thank you so much for the support!!!

After the seminar, we assemble for a 30 minutes meeting and then we were surprise to see Raffy Pedrajita arrived inside the venue, a bit drowsy because he got a flu, and then he said that he misses us and he can’t stop looking at our Instagram post about the seminar hahhahaha. great to see you bro!

2014 plans are on the way..Im so excited for the next big time for all of us!

Work at Home Pinas the seminar 2014 coming soon!!!!

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