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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fratini's Restaurant in SM Jazz Makati

I’m not really sure if it’s a dream or its just my imagination, Fratini’s Restaurant is very familiar to me and I’m not sure if I ate in one of their branches outside the country or maybe I just saw an ad or image of it online. Maybe its deja vu, and I’m glad that my visit in their restaurant will happen in real life, so I guess this is no longer a day dream.

Oh Fratini’s… Why are you so very familiar to me. I did some search and I discovered that their only branch is here in SM Jazz, Makati City. The origin of this restaurant came from Brunei, and I’m not sure if ever I saw another branch in Kuala Lumpur during my two time visit last year. According to their Facebook page, Fratini’s is a halal certified restaurant that offers the best Italian cuisine. This could be the first ever halal resto that branches out here in the Philippines.

I think halal certified restaurant will be the next big thing this 2014.

My visit here in SM Jazz is for a lunch meet up with our blogger friends and also with SM Investments team.

Fratini’s Restaurant

The counter

Dining area at the ground floor

Owner / Manager of Fratini’s in SM Jazz
She mentioned to us that they will have a 50% off sale of pizza and pasta, I’m not really sure if its on every Friday or Saturday.

Just visit their resto in SM Jazz for more information.

I just took pics and didn’t got the time to get more info about this resto.

Their menu..

shucks..I’m so sorry, I should zoom in and take photos of their menu.

Watermelon juice….sugar free

My gear for eating

IMG_3698Minestrone di verdure ( PHP 195)
classic veggie Italian soup

Spiral in tomato and eggplant

IMG_3701Petto di pollo
Chicken breast with mushroom and sauce

IMG_3704Panna cotta de fragole
strawberry cream panna cota with choco sauce and fresh strawberry

Our lunch meeting..

I just can’t let go away my iPhone that day..I love taking pics of my food especially if its my first time to dine in a new restaurant, this post might help my blog readers and the foodies to see Fratini’s offerings.

If ever I’ll be in SM Jazz, I will drop by here again to try more of their halal certified menu, their pasta is good, but I’m more curious about the taste of their pizza.

Halal food is the best as they say bec. it is healthy and clean.
Fratini’s Restaurant in SM Jazz, Makati City
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