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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello Soup # 5 in Mahogany Market - Tagaytay holiday tripcation v.2 part 7

December 31, 2013 – this is it pancit!!!! few more hours and it will be New Year’s eve, to update you with my blog 2nd blog series of our holiday tripcation in Tagaytay, this is part 7 of our New Year holiday-cation and its all about our adventure and food trip around Tagaytay City.

For lunch, we went back to Mahogany Market to eat our lunch, but this time, Mama and Liza are with us and we brought them there via riding a public transport, its just a few minutes away from the place we are staying in Tagaytay City. We skipped in ordering a bulalo that day, and then I ordered this Soup #5 haahaha! its my first time to eat and sip the soup # 5 – the main content of this soup is …… cow’s testicles… its one of the best exotic food that we pinoys love. They say that this is a super energizer and a main favorite food for guys who works really hard.

I have tasted the cow’s testicle cooked in bistek or beef steak-like cooking in Baguio’s Slaughterhouse carinderia, and when I tried that….it was like an explosion of yummyness in my head and for me, it was the best food in town!’s my photo story of the day

hello again Mahogany Market

We ate our lunch here again at Betchay and Vic Canteen, we are now an instant “suki” of their canteen.

Mama ordered this Tulingan fish

their papaitan is the best, we tried the other papaitan of another carinderia here in Mahogany market, and theirs not that good as in Betchay’s canteen.

Soup # 5
Its my first time to eat cow’s testicle in soup version, the taste is like Batchoy, or a bulalo soup with chicharon and lots of eggs.

Crispy shrimps

Crispy crablets
Their crispy crablets is good too! we ordered this after we finished eating our main meals hahaha, we call it a crablets dessert. We ate this like we are eating potato chips.

For our 2nd time to eat here in Mahogany Market, our technique is to bring our own cooked rice, it really works, we saved more money that day and we ordered more food for our lunch. Last time, our bill was PHP 900, but then, minus the double order of bulalo, we pay for PHP 600 only.

Here’s baby Ashton trying the crablets for the first time.
He loves it…and he dips it with vinegar and ate it like a chippy hahaha.

I don’t like crablets, because I have this fear of the shells to get stuck into my throat, but when I tried eating the crablets here in Tagaytay City, I started to love it… all you have to do is chew and chew and taste the yummy crispy crablets.

I’m holding the biggest crablets that we have on a set of cripy crablets

How to eat this ?
1. just bite the pincers and then legs of the crablets
2. then bite the body in half
3. if there are some spikes in the body of the crablets, just bite and chew it carefully
4. chew it and make sure all shells are crushed inside your mouth

lovers vandals here in our table..I wonder who wrote this..

Thanks again Mahogany Market!!

Mahogany Market
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