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Friday, January 24, 2014

Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014–another year of global art of mixing music, party and drinks–tonight January 24 in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall

Hennessy Artistry Halo Key Visual
Its another year for Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo this 2014, when this event comes here in Manila, I can start feel that its already the new year, it’s the most awaited music party event because of its awesome unique concept of mixing different musicians and artist with different music backgrounds to jam one another in one big event. I attended their party event for the 1st time in 2010 and then my 2nd was last 2012, but my experience is the best during the 2012 Hennessy Artistry event in Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila, I went to the venue so late, but I noticed that the party just started at around 1am, everyone are still energized and the music DJ still give a lot of dose of club music that give massive boost to the party goers who loves to drink Hennessy.

The event for this year is considered to be 2013 event, because last year, the scheduled was set to Novemeber 2013, but then our country faced the wrath of the strongest typhoon in the world named Yolanda, the typhoon left us with many homeless people and also death. Hennessy decided to postpone their event and then they coordinated with the Philippine Red Cross to help them for their relief and then the Hennessy team used their online channels to shout out for help and support the relief effort.

And now, this January 24, 2014, they brought back the event and it will be hosted in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall. To get VIP access and free invites, go to .
and also at Facebook, Hennessy Philippines, on Instagram and Twitter @HennessyPH.

I remember that I failed to attend 2 previous Hennessy event, but last 2013, I told myself that I should be there and witness how the party goes. From my observation, this party rocks! because of the non stop partying, music, surprises and over flowing of Hennessy drinks. The event is for invited people only and I’m so lucky that I’m still included in their list and been invited every year. Ohhh thank you Hennessy… this will be my 4th year in helping to promote the event also join the party! cheers to you for another year!

Hennessy is very memorable to me, because I got drunk years ago for drinking too much of it… so guys..drink moderately and be responsible, I already learned my lesson and after that…I am now careful and a responsible alcohol drinker.

I’m glad that Hennessy introduced to us their “global art of mixing” – now we can mix Hennessy with our favorite flavor and favorite is a mix with ginger or apple.. others still love the lime with Coke, while others still love to drink it purely. But you should try the mix version because it added more flavor that can suit you to your best pleasure.

Last year..I love the mix with apple..but today..I start to love their ginger mix flavor.
Now I need to learn on how to make my own at home…oh well..time for some GoogleFu powah!

update :
after some google-fu… I finally found the recipe, here it is:

Okay let’s talk about the performers of this year’s Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2014
Their venue for this year is in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall, I’ve been there before but the set up is theater type, I think they will just remove the seats and convert the hall into a party venue, my imaginations are creating its own set up and I can see that there might a big stage in the middle, elevated platforms, lots of lights, long tables and also projectors to stream live view of the main event.

here are our performers for this year.

Kimkat Poster Jessica Milner Poster
Headlined by the best International DJ Duo: KimKat also known as Kim Lee and Kat Nova, the crowd will be experience live their unique brand of house, dub-step, trance and latest electro dance music. The DJ Duo have successfully gained world-class performances with several high-profile collaborators such as Brian Kennedy, the man responsible for such hits as Rihanna’s “Disturbia” and Chris Brown’s “Forever”. Until its release, DJ KimKat can always be found doing what they excel at – delivering euphoric sets to rapturous fans across the globe.

Urbandub Poster Motherbasss Poster
Watch out for local cult favorite UrbanDub, hip-hop DJ and Drummer Duo Motherbasss and DJ Jessica Milner.

Timomatic Poster Nicole Asensio Poster
Australian pop star, Timomatic will take the stage and will be joined by our very own Nicole Asensio.

and I saw whoaaaa!!!! !Urbandub and Nicole Asensio of General Luna band will be there!! woohhoho… I’m sure the Hennessy Universe will go beyond supernova tonight in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall.

here are some pics from the press con yesterday.

Hennessy event babes… the ever friendly event babes that I encountered in my life…they are very super friendly and game on everything..all walang nakasimangot!!! great job girls!

Salon de Ning at The Peninsula Manila, its my first time here..I’ve been invited to attend some events here in Salon de Ning, I always decline because I’m so lazy to walk from Ayala EDSA going to Makati Ave. When I entered the venue… I felt that I’m no longer left behind hahaha.

Hennessy bottle everywhere… that’s me trying to pick up this big bottle.. I failed to open it..because its just a event props…the drinks are at the bar.

PBNetwork PH blogger friends are here!! -- Ron of and the lovely writers of and Edel of

spotted Raffy of grabbing a foie gras pika pika.

foie gras pika pika!!! is the best…I ate 5 pcs that day hahahaa…but then I learned that eating some macarons and cheese cake are the best partner for my Hennessy drink.

Live DJ music…adding some smooth ambiance at the venue.

At the press con – Mother Bass, DJ Jessica and Nicole Asensio

Kimkat and Urbandub

”we are the sexy guys here in Hennessy event” accdg to Gabby of Urbandub hahaha.

Nicole, Timomatic and Kimkat

At the press con event… Nicole Asensio showed to us a teaser of her music in e-music style, my first time to see her go in a trance and not headbanging with rock music.

time to cheers and raise that glass with Hennessy!
this people loves the mix with ginger ale.


Nicole and Timomatic

Mother Bass and Jessica

Timomatic CD album

take home of the day…thanks Hennessy!

Ron’s loot of the day ahhahahaa….just for photo op

Ron and the Hennessy event babe

look who’s photo bombing

“a bit short?” ahhahaha

My Hennessy apple mix drink

with Richard Alarcon of Hennessy Team

Nicole and the Hennessy team!

Nicole Asensio
my first time to meet her in person

see you all tonight at Hennessy Artistry Manila Halo 2103….ishh 2014.

Facebook page:
Twitter: @HennessyPH

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