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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kabila Filipino Bistro @ Ayala Museum Café Greenbelt 4

Awesome lunch at a restaurant that serves different Filipino cuisine, I’m starting to love this resto because I love the true pinoy flavor of their dishes. At first, all I know is that I’m dining in M Café or the Ayala Museum Café in Greenbelt 4, and I didn’t know that there’s a restaurant inside the café called “Kabila Filipino Bistro”, I learned about the resto after doing some Google about M Café and what is Kabila.

Our lunch at Kabila is hosted by Metrobank, I was there for a media briefing about their new product in banking.

photo above is a Turon and Coffee, our dessert that day

Alaminos Garlic Longganisa

I seated with three other people in our table, all of us loved this Alaminos Garlic Longganisa, I told them I tried the longganisa in Pangasinan and this version is very tasty and sweet.

P3269710Seafood Kare-kare

I’m not a fan of seafood kare kare, but I love seafood…bur for a kare kare version, I skipped on the seafood and I make way for the veggies on top of the kare kare. Their kare kare sauce tastes good too, a good kare kare comes from the peanut sauce.

Grilled Tiger Prawns

Their prawns are good too, I think their version is better with cheese

Pork BBQ Skewers

The presentation of this BBQ got a lot of wow factor, there’s a grill on top of a pumice rock, I think they put some burning coal inside that pumice rock to make the pork stay hot and warm.

I like the pumice rock…I want this to have at home hahaha.

P3269706Lola Ata Beef Sinigang
Beef Sinigang is one of my favorite… yeah, I ate this like there’s no tomorrow hahaha.

Thanks to my seatmate for the nice chat, she helped serve the food in our plate, our talks was about banking, then its about me and blogging and then about food and travel, the conversation started on food and travel after we shared some review about that longganissa.

Our lunch host of the day, thank you Metrobank

Kabila Filipino Bistro
Ayala Museum Complex (Greenbelt 4), Makati Avenue corner Dela Rosa Street, Makati City, Philippines
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