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Monday, June 09, 2014

Beef mechado, sago’t gulaman and Flying saucer is the winner! for my dinner at the Aristocrat restaurant SM MOA ( captured by Kata M1) #katadigital

After my interview and guesting for a tv program about Aristocrat restaurant, I receive a great tip to try their beef mechado because its listed under their best and special food. I’m not a fan of beef mechado, but I do love the tomato sauce, saltyness and sweetness of any mechado. Beef Caldereta is my top favorite, I always order that whenever I see it in a restaurant’s menu.

A week before the tv interview, I ordered and tried Aristocrat’s beef caldereta, it was okay but I’m still “bitin”. But when the store manager of Aristocrat Roxas Blvd suggested that I should try their beef mechado, because it’s the best ever! when I heard that I started to speculate about the taste and it haunts me for days so I waited for another week for me to try their best seller beef mechado. Plus I got to try again their Flying Saucer after 20 years hahaah!

Its weird that my sister remembered that our dad buys the Flying saucer bun in Aristocrat, but I can’t even get a good memory about it, but I’m aware about the flying saucer bun, because some bakeries in Manila got their own versions, and I didn’t know that the original is in Aristocrat.

And now here’s my short feature of my dinner at Aristocrat restaurant in SM Mall of Asia

ok. here’s the food for my dinner!

Aristocrat’s beef mechado (PHP395)
It’s soft tasty and a bit pricey, we know that beef is expensive but if you want to try the best mechado, then I suggest you try it here in Aristocrat. I ordered a rice for a price of PHP35, so that I can enjoy the munch with the mechado.

Adobo Flying Saucer (PHP95)
It’s a bun with pork adobo strips inside. This was prepared via Aristocrat’s traditional way of cooking the bun in a metallic molding directly into the fire that’s why it look like a UFO or a flying saucer.

The juicy and smell of yummy adobo came out after I sliced the bun. Its so meaty inside and it’s a good “baon” or “pasalubong” to your family. I’ll call this a quick snack food because its loaded with heavy meat and chewy bun, and you can bring it anywhere. Its ready to eat!!

If you will order this as a take out food, you have to wait for some minutes, because they serve this freshly baked from the fire or oven.

Gulaman at Sago (PHP65)

Sympre! its my happy drink! I order this every time I’m in Aristocrat. It was scorching hot that day and here’s my little reward for completing all those job and dodging my way out of the traffic in EDSA.

So that’s all folks! for my dinner adventure in Aristocrat Restaurant.
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