Just Thai restaurant in Alabang–a new addition to my fave Thai food collection

I’m a big fan of Thai food, because it taste similar to Vietnamese and close to Malaysian dishes, but what I like from Thai food that it is salty , spicy, creamy and peanuty taste of their food. I have one favorite Thai restaurant here in Manila, but today, I’m adding this 2nd favorite to my collection of restaurants that serves authentic Thai food. Thanks to Kathy Kenny for introducing this new Thai restaurant to me, I’ve been hearing Just Thai restaurant in social media because some of my food blogger friends are sharing some buzz about the specialty of this restaurant.
The name of the restaurant “Just Thai” is very strong for a brand name and you’ll get the first idea that it is an authentic restaurant that serves Thai food, no need to question it or add some tagline that they serve original Thai flavor, because the title of the restaurant and its interiors speak for itself.

Our taste test and food adventure started here in Molito Lifestyle Mall in Alabang. It’s a one jeepney and one bus away from my house, and its just a 20-30 minutes road trip minus the traffic in Las Pinas. I’m not familiar with the Molito Lifestyle Mall, but I’m hearing some good news about it because it’s a mall and venue that host the Mercato market and also Pure Gold grocery.

Just Thai is at the heart of Molito and its easy to find it, after you walk on the greeny grass of the complex, you’ll spot the only restaurant with lots of plants around them,

Front entrance of Just Thai restaurant.

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A photo of their alfresco dining, all nicely dressed up to give you a feel of a piece of Thailand. The mini pond on the big jar carries live water lilies and some fish. The mini bamboo plant are real and also the statue displayed infront of the door is from Thailand.
Its all wood furniture and fixture here in Just Thai. The color of brown and some green give more comfy atmosphere and also appetite for their customers.

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Just Thai restaurant is a bit small, I think it can fit 30 people inside the restaurant. I love the interiors and displays of Thai ornaments and décor. Also I give them more pogi points because they have their own clean comfort room.

The plate and your tools for chomping. The plate is simple but very Thai ang dating nya.

P6055509 P6055510P6055511P6055512
Here’s the menu of Just Thai, just click on the photo above to read the large version of the menu
Take note also the price of their food ranges from PHP 190 up to PHP 290.

Before I feature the food, I like to show you first the drinks here in Just Thai. Not just all Thai food, they also offer authentic hand crafted Thai drinks. If you are dining in Thai restaurant, and you eat authentic Thai food, it is best to pair your food with an authentic Thai drinks.

Thai Iced Tea – PHP 80
I was informed before hand that their ingredients and mixture for the iced tea and drinks are imported from Thailand.

The Thai Iced tea is very refreshing and you have to stir it so that the creamy milk will mix around the drink. Sweet taste with a creamy kick.

Thai Iced coffee – PHP 120
I usually drink this after my meal, just to relax and also remove those umay flavor from my tongue.
The Thai Iced coffee is also imported and not sourced here locally, the taste is very rich and strong that can make you eyes go wide awake for the entire day.

Lemongrass juice – PHP 80
Another refreshing drink that my son loves to drink. Approved by my wife to try this because her and my son are both lemongrass drink fans.

Tamarind juice – PHP 80
The most sweetiest drink ever, the tamarind juice is so pure and it left me no reason to stop drinking because of the super sweet taste and soury flavor of a tamarind juice. I think this is good if ever you have Thai food that are prepared extra spicy.

Thai coffee – PHP 120
Some friends are looking for authentic Thai coffee, so here’s the version here in Just Thai, its similar to Vietnam’s version of coffee drip. Same style to prepare – brew, add milk and stir. The result is a coffee heaven flavor with a strong kick and also sweet after taste.

Chicken Sate – PHP 333 for 5 pcs
Its an appetizer here in Just Thai, but for us..its already our ulam
Tom Kha Gai – PHP 218
One of my favorite dish here in Just Thai, because its my first time to try this chicken cooked with coconut milk and chicken broth, added with some ginger and some veggies. The flavor is creamy and soury-spicy. We requested that our food is not spicy because our 4 year old son is with us that lunch time and he doesn’t like chili in his food.

Khao Krok Kapi (bagoong rice with shrimp paste, sweet pork and mangoes) – PHP 287
Another bonus to try here in Just Thai is their version of bagoong rice. It didn’t fail my taste challenge,and it’s a must order rice to pair it with any Thai food.

Pad Gaprow Talay (seafood curry style with basil) – PHP 322
My next favorite food here in Just Thai, because I love seafood and anything that have its own sauce is the best for me already.


Pad Thai – PHP 322
The noodles are cooked just right and the flavor is very authentic. This noodles is a must order too.

Yam Neua (beef salad) – PHP 402
I think this is the only salad that I didn’t enjoy, because the salad preparation is a bit different, but that’s okay, my wife eats the veggies and them we eat the beef. The beef on top ran out first during our meal. For healthy conscious people, this salad is for you.

Grilled chicken
The grilled chicken is good too, I can’t find this from their menu, but its also a must try.

Gai Pad Gaprow – PHP 333
Its chicken meat with cashew in beef broth sauce. This is a bang! when its spicy and chili. I love this too. because the crunchy cashew adds more flavor too.

Khao Niaow Ma Muang – PHP 260
It’s a mango fruit prepared and designed like a flower on top of a sticky rice. Its like a suman with mango on top. You have to pour over some coconut milk to add more flavor and make it more juicy. The best dessert to try here in Just Thai.

Tha Kho – PHP 140
Its sticky rice cooked in pandan leaves. So cute parang puto or suman ang lasa
My son enjoys this puto like dessert.

Khao Pad Poo (crabmeat rice) – PHP 253
Here’s a take out food from Just Thai, we had an overnight stay in Azumi Hotel that day and Ms. Kathy prepared some take out food for us. I don’t have some photos of the other food, but I’m glad that I took some snap shots.

The crabmeat rice is the best ever…it erases already the existence of diet and it makes you want to eat more rice than your meal. I’m glad that the crab meat is prepared perfectly, there are no crab shells or any part of the hard shell of the crab.

Kuai Tiao Neua (stewed beef noodle soup) – PHP 322
My son love the soup of this Kuai Tiao Neua. For take out, they separated the noodles, soup and beef. I got a problem on how to mix them up, because I thought that its only a noodles, I’m glad my wife told me to add the beef.

Here’s my family enjoying the good food here in Just Thai. Its funny that I forgot to take a pic of myself enjoying the Thai food.

Over all, Just Thai is alright to try if you want to taste a new flavor, because Thai food are very tasty and its similar to our pinoy dishes, but the only difference is that they love spicy and chili. If you will order food here, you can also request if you want your food to be super chili or not. The resto staff can assist you for your chili level.
Just Thai now operates with three branches and also accept food delivery to your home or office.
Just dial City Delviery if you want a food fest in your home, or if you want to have a quick snack, just drop by to any branches of Just Thai restaurant.

Just Thai Restaurant
Forbestown (Burgos Circle) Fort Bonifacio 403-8718
Prism Plaza, TwoE-Com Center, Manila Bay (near MOA) 519-8135
Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang 808-4058