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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Limousine party with Rebisco Hansel Premium sandwich biscuits

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Here’s an awesome experience from yesterday afternoon party organized by Rebisco Hansel Premium, they organized a party inside a limousine Hummer-clone car, I haven’t tried this yet so that’s why I agreed to come and meet the people behind this famous sandwich biscuits that was released in the market 2-3 years ago.

I’m not a fan of any cookies or sandwich biscuits, but if ever I tried one and love the taste, expect that it will be added in my fave list to chew on while having a snack or breakfast.

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Before the riding the limousine, the Rebisco team treated us with some drinks and snacks at Oakwood cafĂ© in the same building of Joy Nostalg. Joining with us are a group of lifestyle and fashion bloggers. I’m glad that Ryan arrived that time, because the group of girls are making fun of me when I arrived late hahahaa.

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and now they introduced to us their two kinds of Hansel Premium sandwich biscuits.
First is the Cheese Sandwich flavor.

I call it the addicting biscuits, because I can’t stop eating this hahah.

P7118847 - Copy
Next is the Peanut Butter Sandwich flavor of Hansel Premium. I love the taste and its good pair for my coffee or cold drinks.

P7118850 - Copy
The Rebisco team told us that the limousine is ready…ok time to bring this baon to our party ride hahaha.

P7118852 - Copy
Take a photo of the people inside the elevator when its already full and you are left behind

da who: a fellow blogger is now having a crush to this blogger wearing black
hahahah! sorry Spider-man!

P7118859 - Copy
Outside the building… the limousine arrived!! wohohohh.

P7118863 - Copy
Sympre photo op muna bago sumakay!

P7118864 - Copy
Then Ryan told me…tunay na Hummer ba?
I said to’s a clone!

P7118865 - Copy
But what the heck…im okay to ride this…a Hummer or not..its still a limousine!

P7118866 - Copy

I’m gonna ride this baby!! If this is a Transformer..I call it Limourous Prime.

Here’s some brand marketing for you all!

P7118872 P7118878
P7118875 P7118876
Our blogger friends took the opportunity too for their photo op.

And here’s what we did inside the limousine


Chit chat about Hansel Premium

Eat some Hansel Premium biscuits..

Then Earth Rullan grabbed a bottle of champagne

Okay na sa akin yan. haha. not too much.
After drinking..I remembered that I’ll visit Medical City pala for my check up hahaha..

Pass on the wine glass pls.

Madam Earth is so busy…..

After some drink….we got so perky

Thank you Rebisco Hansel Premium!!!

Okay…we’re getting wild..because three winners inside the limousine took home PHP2,000 Rustans GC.

While roaming around Ortigas and getting stuck in traffic, we opened the door of the limousin’e roof and as usual..Madam Earth went out and waves at the Ortigas people and another fellow blogger shouted “WE love you Manila!!” haahha

Many people took photo and video of us and the limousine.

I want to go out too..but I’m too big hahha

Now my turn…ohhhh ganito pala yun

Enjoying the sun

Surfing the traffic of Ortigas… yeah baby!!!

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