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Friday, July 18, 2014

The onslaught of Typhoon Glenda–force of nature destroys anything on its path

I'm publishing this via email, because we don't have yet internet at
home because the phone lines are not yet back and our power is still
unstable, we experience a rotating black out for 4-5 hours. I just got
the time to type down a new blog entry in tribute of our survival
after the wrath of Typhoon Glenda.

I admit I'm one of the guys who got scared when Typhoon Glenda struck
us here in Cavite. The eye of the storm nearly hit our city and it
just landed on two nearby cities here in Cavite. In every storm or
typhoon, even if it has powerful winds, we just stay calm and wait
until its over. But for Typhoon Glenda, it gave us some scare because
we don't know what will happen next, the wrath and coming of a typhoon
with powerful winds is different than we encountered in the past.

After Super Typhoon Yolanda, the trace of its destruction was seen in
Tacloban and nearby islands, its so freaky and I felt that it might
happen to us, or happen to any one here in Luzon, we don't know how
powerful the typhoon and we have to do is sit in our home, prepare and
wait until it reach our land.

I faced a lot of typhoons in my life but I can say is that Glenda just
gave us a challenge to fight and survive, I think always about my
family's safety and the things I should do if ever the wild winds do
damage to our house. We were 70% prepared and was ready to face
another force of nature that day.

During after lunch hours, the typhoon left us with lots of damages
here in Cavite, our home stood still and were okay, but lots of leaks
were left, roofs are broken, plants and fixtures outside the house
were swept away, outside we saw trees are uprooted, electric and
telephone wires dangling, and lots of debris in every corner of the
street, I also heard that 4 Meralco post were destroyed during the 12
hour wrath of Typhoon Glenda here in Cavite.

We listened in news radio and I heard that many houses, and private
establishments were damaged by the typhoon. I'm surprised that a
parked commercial airplane was damage in NAIA terminal, accdg to news
that the plane was swept away and hit a structure of the airport.

I also learned from news that our malls didn't escaped the wrath of
Typhoon Glenda, first to hear is Glorietta 5, then SM Sucat, some
buildings in Eastwood City, and some condos and high rise buildings in
Makati and other areas are also slightly damaged. The powerful winds
can sweep everything, even if the developer created a typhoon proof
structure, the powerful winds of a typhoon can do destruction if
there's something that blocks its way, remember what happened in
Tacloban, an entire hotel was torn down because of the powerful winds
(im scared bec a friend lost his family there). We should always think
that everything is not the same, we can level up our survival and
preparedness because we don't know that it might happen to us too that
was happened during Yolanda

Typhoon Glenda gave us a review and also a test on how to prepare
ourselves for the next big typhoon, we have to be informed always and
know what to do if ever another same category level like Glenda or
Yolanda will visit us again.

Let's fight and survive!


photos: (posted at  animetric's blog post)
Typhoon Glenda damage
Eastwood City

Typhoon Glenda damage

Typhoon Glenda damage
SM Aura

photos posted at  Arpee's blog

SM Arena


and here's what happened in our province in Sampaloc, Quezon

and from San Pablo, Laguna

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