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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Globe Telecom showed us their network ready LTE-Advanced tech - LTE CA and LTE Broadcast

Globe Telecom teases us with their new LTE technology – LTE CA(Carrier Aggregation) and LTE eMBMS (enhanced Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service or LTE Broadcast). The two LTE tech under the LTE-Advanced tech were launched inline with their celebration for the Innovation Month of Globe, its their advocacy to promote and develop innovative products and services. With this new LTE tech, users will experience more high speed internet connection for their high data and bandwidth needs.
I was waiting for this moment last week and I guess they postponed the showcase because they are so busy with the Globe Slipstream and I have mention it in my previous blog post that Globe Slipstream is the Easter Egg of Globe for their network ready LTE Advanced. According to my co-blogger, he mentioned that F1 racer Marlon Stockinger rode the Lotus F1 car around BGC with a 220kmph speed, thus resembles a similar speed with the LTE Advanced of Globe that can boost the internet speed up to 220 mbps.

During the press briefing, infront of us were two persons from Globe – Manny Estrada, head of Network Tech Strategy and Ashish Pinali, Senior Advisor for Product Planning.

5G was questioned to them during the forum. Manny said that

“Today 5G is not yet defined as a technology itself, there are many papers right now talking about 5G and one of them came from the International Telecommunication Union that actually sets the technology definition for the international level, and today we define 5G that can go beyond 4G, for obvious reason, its a 10GBPS speed and going up and we are not yet ready and we don't know how much spectrum is to be used, we haven't started to ask a paper or concept for this 5G. When we talk about 5G, it is still a concept, and we don't know yet what it is or how long or fast will it take. “

For the LTE-A tech of Globe, Mr. Pinali shared this to us

”Globe intends to deliver this connectivity to its customers and offer this technology, recently Globe joined a league of top mobile operators of the world to have 100 percent 3G network. In the developing market in South East Asia, We are the only carrier that has 100% 3G coverage and soon to come is the 100% 4G coverage. Globe also launched its LTE network in 2011, which kick started this new generation on new way of connecting to wireless internet.  Together with the advanced new deployment of LTE and also users technology, Globe will be bringing these things to customers where they need it most. “

We also learned that LTE-A is already network ready by Globe, we have the network but we don’t have yet the devices. At the press briefing, they tested the LTE CA and LTE Broadcast using Huawei’s modem, router and tablets. As of this writing that’s the only available LTE A ready devices and its still under product testing. Mr. Pilani added that LTE A will be available this 2015, powered by Globe.

Mr. Manny mentioned that they tested the LTE CA last April and it gave a good result of 220mbps and then later it went to maximum speed of 230mbps.

Scroll down below to read about the LTE CA and LTE Broadcast

We heard about LTE A few weeks ago, we read it…we heard about it.. but then here it is, to see is to believe it. We saw the LTE A performance with the right hardware and the right connectivity.

I just learned that LTE-A is not 5G, it still under 4G

Huawei router connected to an antennae

Huawei tablet that were exhibit to showcase the features of LTE Broadcast
yes, you can now watch TV using LTE-A

LTE CA speeds up to 220mbps

They showed to us the speed of LTE CA and here’s the status of a download in progress, a big chunk of files are being downloaded from the FTP server and it displays that it reached 209 mbps and it can go max up to 214 mbps. The upload bandwidth were not used but I learned from this forum that you can get a 50mbps upload from a 200mbps download speed.

This was a concern before during the first launch of LTE, when in the world can we have an equal upload speed up to 200mbps. But I believe that upload speed can be achieve by higher 5G..or maybe 8G ???

Here’s a comparison rate for LTE vs. LTE A
LTE can give you 100mbps DL (download rate) while LTE A can give you up to 1.3gbps DL rate.

Spectrum were shown here on how many bits you need in order to throw a 4G connection. I understand that mobile network speed is like those watts from a Solar panel, the more panels you have, the more watts you can throw away to your battery. Here in LTE, you need 5 pcs of 20mbps in order to throw away 100mbps to networked devices.

here’s another LTE A tech from Globe – LTE eMBMS or LTE Broadcast

This tech is the next future for tv mobile broadcast and programming. Your tablet, TV with wifi and mobile devices can enjoy digital and wireless broadcast content via LTE Broadcast. Since the connection is now faster, you can now enjoy 720pixel or 480 pixel broadcast content that will be available via LTE Broadcast. I’m not sure if Globe intent to be a content broadcaster in the future, but this tech showed that they can now join the broadcast business to offer good quality online content via LTE Broadcast.

The faster the speed, the lesser bandwidth is need to have HD broadcast, here the previous was 4mb for a HD 720 pixels, but for the LTE Broadcast that will be just 1.5mb to broadcast a HD 720 pixels.

Globe peeps… Just correct me if I’m wrong on understanding this broadcast bandwidth.

On my hand is a Huawei tablet with LTE A ready connection. We watched a live stream broadcast that are exclusively for the LTE Broadcast network.

To flip the channel, all you have to do is shake the Huawei tablet.
It feels like I’m watching a DVD broadcast of a tv show and commercial. Expect good quality when plugged to a 32 inch LED tv.

LTE A is coming this 2015, and Globe is ready to launch it right away if devices are ready for their customers.

in other note

Globe also launched Globe City, a virtual platform where everyone has the opportunity not just to share their ideas but to turn their ideas into reality and earn from it, all in a fun gaming environment. Also showcasing their latest products and services during the Globe Innovation Forum where Globe Technology partners such as Nokia, WSA/Telco Systems, Gemalto, SMSGT, DTQ, Stratpoint, Acision, Teradata, Amdocs, SmartQ, Evolving Systems, Huawei, WSA/TeleDNA, Nominum, and SAS.

More months are needed for LTE A ,but just relax, LTE A is already here!
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