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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Why Colgate Total® added Charcoal in their toothpaste

I’ve seen the commercial and I’m sure you saw it too, it’s a bit disgusting at first when you learned that Colgate Total added charcoal in their toothpaste, and they advertised it that it can help for deep clean in our teeth. What happened to the pearl whitey teeth and bacteria protection?

Don’t worry, charcoal is in micro format and not purely charcoal for your toothpaste, this is a latest innovation from Colgate Total, they use charcoal and also the ingredients of Colgate for cleaning and removing stains, bacteria and odor in our teeth.

With micro charcoal added to the all new Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean, they say that it penetrates hard to reach places between teeth. This innovative toothpaste reduces bacteria build up by up to 90% 12 hours after you eat and drink.

Colgate Total Charcoal KV

According to Colgate -- Activated charcoal works because it has a large surface area that can absorb toxins on the surface of the teeth. Most commonly known as a bacterial filter for water and as a household remedy for upset stomachs, you can now benefit from the untapped cleaning potential of charcoal in a convenient toothpaste

Now you’ve read it.. I also learned in the past that our ancestors use charcoal to clean their teeth, we don’t have yet toothpaste during the primitive days, they use a powdered charcoal to clean their teeth and also make it free from bacteria.

I learned also from survival experts that they do practice in cleaning their teeth with charcoal when there’s no toothpaste around.

Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean is now available in all stores
SRP P126.20 for the 150g tube, and at SRP P87.05 for the 90g tube.

Colgate Philippines on Facebook at!/ColgatePhilippines/app_248352308653806 , or visit the website at


I haven’t tried this yet..but I’m interested and also confident that this new toothpaste really works.
Here’s a sampler that was sent to me few days ago.


I super love the packaging hahaha.





they also included a mini travel bag for your personal hygiene stuff


They bundled it of course with their new product


as usual..readable info about the product is in this USB


The black toothbrush…hmmm


Here it is…



I thought that its all black toothpaste..but its not. The micro charcoal is added as a stripes of grey color in this toothpaste





The black toothbrush is so unique! hahaha.


The toothbrush is also added with some!

thanks Colgate Total for sending this

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