Malaysian boutique “Pua Heritage” showcases their modern-traditional fashion clothes in Manila


Its my first time to attend a Malaysian fashion show and the center stage of the show is here in Manila. The traditional clothes with a touch of modern style is shown by Pua Heritage, a Malaysian boutique in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The Malaysian fashion show that evening in Microtel Hotel, in SM MOA complex made us appreciate the Malaysian culture and tradition, its not just fashion, we also got to listen a live performance of a musician based in Borneo.

Pua Heritage used the traditional pua kumbu. a traditional patterned multi colored ceremonial cotton cloth used by Iban, made and used in Sarawak (Malaysia). The cotton cloth is woven by Dayak women and are considered to be sacred objects. The clothes with pua kumbu are used for rituals, special events, birth of a child, burial and etc. Pua Kumbu have some similarities with our “batik”, as the style and texture a bit the same.

The fashion show features – urban collection, the muslimah wear collection and the couture collection.

The Urban Collection features modern architectural designs with strategically placed patches of the Pua motif fabrics in a cotton and microfiber blend, in bold and striking colors, evoking the bold-spirited women of this century.


The Muslimah Wear Collection is designed for the modern Muslim, merging conformity with style. Loose-fitting and flowing, as homage to the dictates of the Muslim culture, the designs are mainly easy to wear outer garments. The line is stylish yet modest, and made from Valentino satin combined with soft Pua motif fabrics.


The Couture Collection is comprised of ten gowns made from delicate French lace accented with embroided Pua materials, reflecting opulence and glamour. Each piece is lovingly embroided and sewn by hand with the most meticulous craftsmanship.


Included in the show is the line of Leather Wear, featuring handmade Nappa leather jackets and trench coats, accented with patches of the Pua material in contrasting colour. The pieces in this particular line show an edgier interpretation of the Pua.


“All the pieces in our collections celebrate local artisans and our rich heritage, yet are totally wearable in today’s current setting. We recognize and create what is current, without forgetting our roots,” says Hussein Suhailin Majeni, Retail Manager & Designer of Pua Heritage.
History In The Weave.

Each Pua weave conveys a rich history of generations of the treasured indigenous handicraft of the members of the Iban or Dayak Clan, who still live in the long houses of rural Sarawak, Borneo.The weave tells of locally grown handspun cotton textiles using techniques and traditional looms with origins that date back to early trading among neighboring countries of the Indian subcontinent.

Developed and refined by women of Sarawak, the weave, from design to technique, has been part of the unique character Malaysian Borneo has been known for. Pua Kumbu has many similarities with the popular "Ikat" weave. Both share a common ancestry and method, and it is only the motifs that have evolved separately.

Staying current; preserving a legacy.

Launched in 2013, Pua Heritage is a boutique in Malaysia that carries unique local Bornean fashion- and style- inspired clothing and merchandise. Founded by designer and Managing Director Ms. Noraini Alision Salleh, Pua Heritage evolved from a specialty boutique to a fashion house with the brand name N-Inspired, carrying sub-collections Urban, Couture, Muslimah, Traditional, Bridal, Footwear, among others. Ms. Salleh works with four other designers who collectively produce the N-Inspired Collection for Pua Heritage.


The Malaysian collection presented in this fashion show is just a preview of what will be unveiled this coming October when Pua Heritage launches its roster of Fashion Designs in the Philippines in the next Manila Fame Exhibit. For more information on the latest collection, please check their website: