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Monday, April 13, 2015

Affordable ramen and gyudon in Fukuya Japanese restaurant in Festival Mall Alabang


If my memory is correct, this Fukuya restaurant once occupied the old space in SM Southmall during the late 90’s. I remember that my first taste of an okonomiyaki is in Fukuya, its hard to forget it when its your first time to eat an authentic okonomiyaki. When I first tasted it, me and my old buddy mentioned that its okay to die early because we tasted an okonomiyaki, I’m glad that was just a joke, because I haven’t tasted yet the full Japanese cuisine in the late 90’s.

Our food adventure of me and my wife started here in Festival Mall Alabang, we stayed overnight in Crimson Hotel Alabang that time and we went here in Festival Mall to check out some restos.

Here we found Fukuya at the top floor of Festival Mall.


I’m not sure if they are the same resto that I tried back in the late 90’s but..


I can tell that they really are the same resto because they have this banner curtain at the entrance of Fukuya.

You know its rare to see a Japaense resto to have this traditional setting.


And ohh…the glass display they have is very mouthwatering.

They have those preserved Japanese meals in bowls displayed outside the resto, it serves as the actual menu of Fukuya


From here, we can tell that all food in Fukuya are so affordable.
I mentioned to my wife about that affordable ramen house in Rockwell Powerplant mall. I wish they expand more and offer more affordable meals to us.

Same thing to Fukuya.


It’s a pay as you order thing.
As you enter the resto, you have to order your food at the counter and then wait for the food to arrive in your table.


I’m not sure if there are some Japanese chef behind the cooking station.
Pero kung pinoy chef..ok naman din. I trust them big time.


The number…and the waiting.
I can’t believe that we just waited for 10 minutes and then our food starts to come in


PHP 175

A stunning PHP 175 for a Gyudon!!! in other resto or fast food, they offer this around PHP 300+ and above. Here in Fukuya it’s a super affordable deal.

But there’s no egg and less sauce to my Gyudon.

But the taste is just right…but paying for a PHP 175, you might miss some old flavors you’d been tasting from a high end Japanese resto.

For me… its ok na.


Shoyu Ramen
PHP 150

My wife ordered this Shoyu Ramen, its ok and it’s a heavy load of ramen, tasty soup and some pork.
Back in the late 90’s, Shoyu Ramen are the most affordable ramen ever, selling it at around PHP 80, and its only pure veggies at that time.

I’m glad that Fukuya serves an affordable ramen.


I’m happy with my meal…its just right…and pwede na.
Yes…I will go back here if ever I’m in Festival Mall.

Branch: top floor of Festival Mall, Alabang
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