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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Brotzeit German Bier and Restaurant offers Chef’s Specials this Summer 2015


I’m happy that I tried this German restaurant called Brotzeit. I went to their 2nd branch in Glorietta 4 to try the off the menu offerings for their summer 2015 chef’s special. Thanks to the Brotzeit Philippines team and Chef Ivan Maminta for inviting me to try and taste their chef’s special. Brotzeit is a restaurant that serves authentic German beer and food, the restaurant is an original concept from Singapore and now they are here to serve the best of Bavaria’s cuisine and beer.

We have lots of restaurants here in Manila that serves the basic food by Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and others, but its so rare to find a restaurant that serves German cuisine. When I heard about Brotzeit’s opening last March 31, 2013 in Shangri La Plaza, their 1st branch here in the Philippines, I just thought that this restaurant is a beer bar resto type, I tried to avoid it because I’m not a heavy beer drinker, but I know that German beers are the best, their sausages are good, But then after two years of avoiding it, I realized that the kind of Bavarian special soup that I’m searching for 2 years is available here in Brotzeit.

I’m talking about the “Goulash Soup”, it took me two years to find it, and I first tasted this at Sofitel and German Embassy’s annual Oktoberfest. I felt sad that they didn’t offered this soup last 2014, so I tried my best in hopping some hotel buffet for that soup, unfortunately they don’t have it. And I didn’t know that Brotzeit serves it and its just in front of my nose.

Guys…I freaked out super when I learned that Brotzeit offers this as part of their regular menu, thanks to Chef Ivan for adding a Goulash soup in our dinner when me and my wife visited their 2nd branch which is in Glorietta 4.

Going back to the topic, Brotzeit Philippines is now offering the off the menu special called “the chef’s specials” this is offered only for this summer April 5-May 2015.

After May 2015, they will offer another version .. I super love this concept when resto starts to offer off the menu meals, its always a surprise and menu concept are always new.


Brotzeit in Glorietta 4
You can find this resto near the main gate of Glorietta 4, they occupied a new space near Ascott Hotel.



When you enter, you’ll see first the al fresco dining.
This is for those who want to walk in for some beer
and also a place for smoking peeps.


To enter the air conditioned resto, just go near the glass door and push that button to activate the automatic glass door.

Awesome! German tech in resto is the best!!!


Inside Brotzeit


An artwork displayed on the wall of Brotzeit.
It’s a happy hour animals enjoying some yummy cold malt beers.



The display of beers and glasses is nice.
Just to let you know that German beers are the best ever!


They have a separate menu for beers.
I’m not familiar with this kind of beer, but I just picked one of the best seller in Brotzeit – the Heff weissbier beer

And here’s their MENU
just click the photo to enlarge it

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And here’s what’s on my table.


Hefe weissbier beer
PHP 165

When I tasted this, my comment is that this is one suave beer!
Lightened flavor..but I can feel the thickness taste of the beer. It’s the best partner for your sausages, ham and spicy food here in Brotzeit.

Yup… I got tipsy before the serving of the main course


Goulash Soup
PHP 120 cup
PHP 190 bowl

The apple of my eye..and the delight of my tummy. Goulash soup is the best ever for me…its spicy, meaty and tomatoey! When I first tasted this in a German Oktoberfest event, I didn’t went back for more sausages.

Thanks to Brotzeit for bringing this to Manila, and this will be my forever default food whenever I visit Brotzeit.


Chef Ivan taught us that the Goulash soup is best paired with their self made breads.


Sausage Platter
PHP 980

Best offer for you if you plan to do some beer drinking. The sausages is composed of different kinds of German sausages -- spicy chicken sausage, Numberger sausage, pork cheese sausage, Weisswurst and garlic pork sausage and sauerkraut.

take note of the spicy sausage. its very spicy at the front and end of the sausage.
my favorite here is the pork cheese sausage, it’s a must try for sausage fans.




(Schwenkbraten mit spargel und Speck - Schnitzel skewers )
Chicken Schnitzel skewers with Roasted vegetables and potato salad
PHP 450
It looks like a common skewers food.
The chicken Schnitzel is cooked in a bbq style manner, but the glorious part here is the potato salad, there’s something angelic to their potato salad preparation. Its good!


(Schweinbauch mit backerkartoffeln - Braised Pork Belly)
Braised Pork Belly with baked potatoes
PHP 550
I’m a pork belly fan…this Braised pork belly of Brotzeit is a special kind. The meat is super soft and when you taste it, you’ll experience a melt in your mouth thing. The baked potatoes are good too, the best sub for your white rice.


(Schweinkotelette mit bohnen - King Henry Pork Chop )
King Henry Pork Chop with bacon wrapped beans
PHP 690

Chef Ivan prepared this King Henry Pork Chop, he said that most restos offers the common cut of meat, and usually it’s the T bone cut or the porterhouse cut style. Here he wants to show off a different take, a King Henry cut in a pork chop.

This meal is good for a man sized meal. Very heavy.

Brotzeit Summer Specials 2015

And here are the other chef’s specials that are available for April-May 2015.

Zwiebel Rostbraten
Flank steak served with roasted potatoes and fried egg
PHP 980
Maifest platter 2,400 Klein
Grilled Pork Chop, sausage platter and Schwenkbraten
PHP 1,700


Its funny that we almost forgot that its our wedding anniversary last March 24. Hahahaha. Our taste and try session now turned out to be a wedding anniversary date

If Brotzeit serves the best beer and meat, don’t forget that they also serve good desserts.


Blueberry cheesecake
PHP 120

Girls fave dessert.


Flourless sponge chocolate cake
PHP 120

I was afraid to try this because it looks so sinful sweet. But when Chef Ivan explained to me that it is not too sweet because they used a flourless style of making a cake. I got curious and took a bite and then I started to love it. Its packed and tight with cake sponge and it melts in your mouth right away.

Awesome partner with a hot coffee.
Oh forgot to mention, they also serve coffee at Brotzeit.


Here’s our photo op with the culinary director of Brotzeit.
Thanks Chef Ivan…. lapit na Convergence sa DC and Secret Wars sa Marvel
hope to have a geeky comics talk with you again when I visit Brotzeit in Glorietta.

Branches: Shangri la Plaza mall and Glorietta 4
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