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Monday, June 01, 2015

review and reactions: San Andreas movie (7/10 rating) (watched it in 4DX )


EARTHQUAKE: THE REAL WORLD VS. THE MOVIE WORLDI was right that this movie will tickle some pinoy viewers, because we have already the West Valley Fault, like a time bomb waiting for the strike of the big one. It was scary to learn from our local scientist that the big one will strike any time this year, and our local government are starting to prepare by doing some earthquake drills and also emergency preparedness. But some of us just don’t care about it because they lived far away from the fault lines and there are times that we just lay back so comfortably in our couches and don’t even care on what's going on, because in this time, few of us don’t believe in our scientist.

San Andreas movie is a good movie and a nice wake up call for everyone. I think this movie is a good basis for the worse things that will come soon for Manila. The West Valley Fault and the San Andreas are the same, both of them are fault lines that can lift a part of land or separate the entire land mass of an island or archipelago.

I’m very thankful that this movie is released in time for the earthquake preparedness of our country. You might get tips on how to survive or maybe get tips on how you can die if you don’t prepare for it.

Okay enough for the real world scenario, lets now talk about the San Andreas movie.

I watched this film in a 4DX format and environment. That 4DX experience with 3D glasses, moving and vibrating chair with wind, smoke and scent effects that can re-create a similar environment on what the screen shows. It was the most fun ride and movie ever, so if you want to enjoy this movie, then watch it in 4DX. I just found myself shouting “whoaaaaaaaa!” whenever there’s explosion and destruction, because the movie seats are interacting with the action scenes from the screen and it’s a mind blown experience kind of thing haha.

If you want to enjoy the movie. then get your butts in a 4DX experience in BGC Cinema and SM MOA.

I think my subtitle for this article says it all. When a muscle man do his job as a fireman and member of a rescue unit, just imagine all the most impossible things that he can do. But that’s how the movie goes, we have a hero that saves the day and then saves his entire family, that’s the focus of this movie if you want to think using the left side of your brain, Just for entertainment purposes, More intensive action to come your way after the opening credits.

I just don’t want to think that the plot of the movie is the same from another disaster theme movie, but that’s okay for me, I don’t want to know the story, all I want to know is the main science of it and how the movie writers make a dream come true sort of thing that it can only happen to movies. Today, our scientist don’t have yet the right instruments to predict when will the next earthquake to happen, but here in San Andreas movie, they did discover that they can now predict the next big one, its like our local scientist who predicted without accuracy yet that our West Valley Fault will shake us soon. With these concepts now out to the public, many of us started to develop some questions that if that’s possible and if those destruction can really happen in the real world. I ‘m sure that the source of science info for the movie came from real scientist who works on earthquakes in the US, Japan, and other countries. The movie concepts looked so real though.

It will be weird if I mentioned that I enjoyed the destruction here in San Andreas. I like the visual effects that they did here in the movie. There’s a new view on how the destruction and earthquake occur, and it’s the 1st time I see how the entire land of San Francisco movies like a rubber, that’s an awesome view and we wish that we can see that too when we ride a helicopter. The earthquake waves are real and we felt it even before and after the occurrence of the quake, the movie might give a disturbing feeling to people who experience a really bad earthquake in their lives. It’s a scary movie but there’s always a lesson behind it….stay away from tall buildings, don’t use the elevator, don’t panic and don’t look back.

You though that the Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is the hero of the movie…no…
According to the right side of my brain, the heroes of this movie are real life firemen, policemen, medical units and rescue units. Any maybe your neighbor is a hero too. The movie reminds us that we should help people if they need it, survive and use our brains in every split seconds, because when you panic, you seem to forget to watch out for your loved ones.

I admit…I enjoyed watching this film, its no brainer that the main action is the destruction, because this is a disaster movie what you can expect??? But I’m glad that there’s no injection for romance, comedy or gory deaths. Just plain destruction that’s it.

San Andreas movie is now showing in all Philippine cinemas in 2D, 3D, 4DX cinemas.
The film has been rated PG by the MTRCB





photos via Warner Bros Pictures
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