Jollibee’s I love you, Sabado jingle is back! to remind us about weekend family bonding

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"
The iconic and classic commercial song of Jollibee back in 1987  was  revived for the new generation of Jollibee fans. I just read the details about the song “I love you, Sabado!” of Jollibee and it was launched on 1987 and not in the early 1990s. Back then I was in my grade school years, but I have some memory that we sang this song every Friday during my 2nd year high school days because Saturday is the day when they will air the new episode of X-Men the animated series hahaha.

The fresh arrangement of “I love you, Sabado!” song is now having an extended version, back then we only have the 30 second song that was used in the tv commercial of Jollibee. The song was composed by Jose Manuel "Bob" Serrano / The Arrangement, Inc and was created for Jollibee Foods Corporation.

The song today is not just about the fun and the love for Saturday and Jollibee.

The new extended version of “I love you, Sabado!” is now a song that promotes and campaigns the weekend family bonding.

Why we need that to be reminded??? Because we know that mom and dads are busy during weekdays and the only time we have to bond each other is during weekends. That’s why for me, I try to keep my weekend booked and be holy only to my family.

Watch the new TVC of I Love you Sabado -

and here’s the classic and first commercial -

I’m a bit guilty about being busy for weeks… but thanks to Jollibee for reminding us again that family bonding is very important to us and to our kids.

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Last Saturday, Jollibee treated us to a weekend out of town trip, we went to SM City Lipa to witness the grand launch of the new “I love you, Sabado” campaign of Jollibee.

Last Saturday, Jollibee launched a simultaneous event campaign in their six flagship Jollibee stores nationwide starting at 8am and all customers who were with their family were surprised to receive some freebies

The six branches were attended by celebrities and it surprised the customers dining in those branches

here's the list of branches and the present celeb.

Jollibee New Las Pinas - Yumbassadors Kiefer Ravena, Arnold Van Opstal, and Alyssa Valdez

Jollibee E. Rodriguez - Bamboo

Jollibee Iba, Zambales, San Pablo Plaza and Parkmall Mandaue - The Voice Kids grand finalists and

Jollibee Kids Club endorsers JK Labajo, Lyca Gairanod, and Darlene Vibares

Jollibee Talomo, Davao - The TVK stars and Emmanuelle Vera


A Jollibee van picked us up from our home and we were joined by fellow blogger Jeman Villanueva and his family and also one blogger from Cebu.

Our son, Ashton was so excited during the trip and he even ordered a Jollibee Chickenjoy while we left home for 10 minutes hahaha. We didn’t know what’s in store for us in Jollibee SM City Lipa, but we’re sure that its an enjoyable event.

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

We dined in a Jollibee branch in SM City Lipa, and we’re so hyper about the food we eat.. Our son Ashton tried the Beef pepper steak for the 1st time and he loves it. I’m so glad that he liked the flavor hahah. Then followed by a family platter of Jollibee spaghetti and a bucket of Chickenjoy.

Omg..I ate all Jolly spaghetti that day and its weird that its soooo good and best ever.

Then we went to the event center of the mall and there we watched the Jollibee Jollitown stage play and later on they played the I Love you Sabado song…from there, I learned that they added some new lyrics and much more longer.


Isang tulog na lang
ang hinihintay buong linggo

papalapit-lapit, di na maka pikit
bukas ang buong pamilya'y mag chi chicken joy

I love you Sabado
pati na rin Linggo

Hintay ka lang Jollibee nandyan na ako
Sabado ang araw ko, mabubusog ang puso ko
masayang buong pamilya
at home sa Jollibee

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Our ‘I Love You, Sabado!’ campaign inspired families to make the most of their weekends by spending quality time with one another. As a brand that promotes the joy of family, Jollibee is bringing back to life this campaign as we believe that the message still holds true in this day and age. Amid the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives, we want to reinforce the importance of reserving weekends and pursuing our passions with the the people who matter most -- our family

Jollibee is going all-out on this campaign in line with our goal of engaging even more Filipino families across the country. We will make this a yearly advocacy by enjoining the whole nation to celebrate every first weekend of July thereafter as a National Family Bonding Weekend. Then and now, this is what our brand proudly stands for” said Jollibee vice president for Marketing Harvey Ong.

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Ashton at the I love you Sabado event

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Jollibee and friends

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Ashton at the kids audience area haaha

Jollibee "I love you Sabado" Jollibee "I love you Sabado"Jollibee "I love you Sabado" Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

it’s a 30 minutes sing and dance stage play and there are two shows for the entire day, available for free for all mall goers.

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Lace and Ashton

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

After the show, we learned that there’s a free dancing head video for people who bought a bucket of Jollibee Chicken Joy!

We tried the dancing head and that’s our funny video singing the I love you Sabado song.

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

you can watch the video here at

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

And here’s the behind the scene ahahah


All of us wearing that chroma cloth and the video taping is just 1 minute. We got a copy of the video after the shoot. It was fast…and also fun.

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Then the meet and greet with Jollibee started at 3pm. Lyre and marching band woke up the event center and reminds everyone that Jollibee and his friends are coming.

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Jollibee "I love you Sabado" Jollibee "I love you Sabado"Jollibee "I love you Sabado" Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Lots of kids went on stage to have a photo and meet and greet with Jollibee.
Grabe…these kids are so lucky that they can meet Jollibee with no hassle.

In my generation, we only meet Jollibee during birthday parties haahah.

Jollibee "I love you Sabado"

Congratulations Ashton!!! you met Jollibee again!

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