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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dad shopping tips for Super 8 grocery warehouse 3-day sale this Nov 13-14-15, 2015


Super 8 Grocery Warehouse will launch their nationwide warehouse sale for 3 days starting tomorrow November 13, 2015 up to November 15, 2015. Shoppers are invited to visit a nearby Super 8 Grocery Warehouse and take the advantage of the low prices, discounted prices, promos and giveaways exclusive only for Super 8 shoppers for Nov 13-15.
Super 8 is a chain of grocery warehouse stores that provide retailers and value seekers, a wide assortment of quality products at wholesale prices with excellent service.

Usually the moms, ate, tita, ninang, lola at manang are shopper experts when it comes to grand sale event like the Super 8…Super 3-day Sale. For us big boys, we usually want to shop gadgets and toys, but shopping for food and other household needs, we lack of some skills to do grocery shopping haha.

Here’s some shopping tips for guys like me who are not an expert in buying their grocery. This tip can help you to monitor your budget and also never loose an interest in shopping, because after a series of visits in Super 8, I found some fun in shopping.

Okay here are my tips.

1. Download an app to your smartphones
- Google Keep app – I use this app to list my things to buy and I also log all the prices and compute them in one press. I write the price on this manner, for example -- 145+65+99.75+67.25+ <--- and="" br="" calculator="" copy="" i="" just="" my="" paste="" this="" to="" will="">
2. Calculator app – use it to paste your shopping haul and computer for the total price. Use the history panel to view previous computation

3. Bring power bank --- you don’t want to loose your shopping list on your smartphone

4. Mp3 music on smartphone – I usually play music while I shop. This will make me focus and never loose track

5. Always start shopping from the top list going to the bottom list – this will save you time and never miss an item

6. Pick and use a nice shopping cart, don’t ever choose a shopping cart with a busted wheel or handle. Make yourself comfortable pushing a good condition cart. Using damaged ones will slow you down.

7. Shop with a full stomach – Eat your merienda, snack or lunch before going shopping, also hydrate more if you will stay longer in buying your groceries. If you are hungry, try to visit those free taste booths in Super 8 for a quick refreshment.

8. 1 hour inside the grocery is too long, but try to manage finish your shopping for 40 minutes. – You don’t want to stress your foot standing all hours.

9. Always count your money budget and set limit of expenses. Buy the most important items on your list first.

10. Always bring your eco bag…or request a carton box to carry your shopping hauls home.

11. If you will commute --- use Grab Car for safe and smooth ride home.


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