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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Halloween 2015 scene in our merryland


Here are some photos from the Halloween craze 2015 that I witness last week. I’m not totally prepared for the Halloween party and event but I managed to do some tweaks for my Halloween get up hahahah.

I was supposed to paint my face again via a face crayons, but its so rare to see it in National Bookstore and I think they discontinued selling it.
My usual Halloween costume and make up is always – The Crow, which sometimes mistaken as the Joker hahahaha

Above is a photo of my wife and me during the Instax event with Halloween theme. We wear our Star Wars shirts and then she brought our son’s General Grievous mask as her own Halloween get up.


I did my own style and brought this Willy Wonka glasses and a black shoal to blend in the Halloween event. I didn’t won the Instanx camera for the contest, but my wife won the camera via lucky pick.


And its funny…we carried these Halloween pumpkin bucket in the middle of the day and people around us are looking in a funny way… in one of the staff of a store in mall saw us… they smiled and I just told me… Trick or Tweeett….


In other side of the Luzon, I was in Tagaytay with my family for a week of sembreak staycation, here I spotted the 7 Eleven display….. an Aswang set up inside their store ahhaah. It always scare the kids inside.


Flashback: Last year we were in Tagaytay too, and we didn’t brought any costume for our son Ashton, so I made a DIY mask using a brown paper bag and I drew a scare crow face using a pentel pen and I let him wear it for the trick or treat event in Robinsons Summit Ridge.

Looking at his mask….gives you a little spook


Present day: We are in Tagaytay again….and still we forgot to bring his costume hahhahah. So my wife Lace went to Ayala Mall Sentris and bought a mask, crown, new polo shirt and shorts for Ashton’s costume get up. I gave him my shoal to be his cape.

and now we have a crowned prince for the Halloween.

We didn’t bought another Halloween pumpkin because we have lots of it now at home… so my wife managed to buy that orange bag for Ashton’s trick treating, its much more easy for him to carry it around.


Here’s my costume while I wait for the kids to knock on our door for the trick or treat… I gave them a scare after I stood infront of the door hahahaha.

20 plus kids and some parents screamed in shock when they saw me wearing a white blanket.

I think this is a better costume than wearing a face crayon hahahah


Around the Halloween parade… my wife snap some pics of Ashton and some kids in costume


I spotted one kid wearing a Kylo Ren costume…sayang walang pic


Kids are enjoying their day in costume


I also forgot to make Ashton a DIY sword… next time, we will make it sure that we are always ready.


Trick or Treat inside Dairy Queen store in Tagaytay.
We thought that they will give out free ice cream to all kids in costume, but they gave lots of candies instead.


Trick or treat goodies…


Ashton’s loot of the day during Halloween….. wow dami candies


In the other side of the world…in down under.
Vincent sent us a pic of his Halloween get up… hahahaha
Spooky Ogre… it also scared their own pet dogs


We went back home after the Tagaytay Halloween event, then I went to SM Bacoor to buy some stuff and also check some toys in Toy Kingdom.

Here I spotted their gory set up infront… Its a turn off to me when I see too much blood effects
But it scared the kids and parents.. but I gave them a thumbs up because all store staff are in costume


Shoppers are having a photo op fun inside Toy Kingdom…
Kadiri lang to see the zombie effects… ahhhaha I hate bloody costumes lalo na zombies.
But its Halloween….normal lang naman

Thanks everyone for viewing my Halloween post, I hope next year we’re super prepared for going out in full costume.

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