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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

KATA T4 Android tablet (review)

The new Kata T4 tablet that was released by Kata Philippines is now powered by a Quad Core 1.3 Ghz processor, 1 GB RAM and a 7.85 inches IPS HD display screen, by looking at its design you might mistaken it as an iPad mini.It’s a clever move by Kata and because of this we wont be worried of getting a case, because we can use an iPad mini case with it…and yes, it fits perfectly. The body of the Kat T4 has a smooth and sleek metal finishing body and it looks great on gold and white color. For me its like a bigger version of the Kata M3 smartphone.

I did a lot of test and used it in my normal life and also during my blogger work. Read below and see why this Kata T4 tablet is good for people who wants to have an affordable mobile computer where ever they go.

Quad Core 1.3 Ghz processor
Android 4.4 Kit Kat
7.85 inch IPS HD display
8GB Internal Memory
8MP rear camera
5MP front camera
Dual SIM
3000mah battery
FREE 10GB Online Storage in Kata Cloud

SRP PHP 5,999
with free screen protector, flip cover casing and 60 days of Mega VPN account

The body of the Kata T4 is the same with the same of an iPad mini and people thought that Im using an Apple product, but I told that it’s a Kata tablet, an Android powered tablet. It will look great if you have your own case, at home I use the casing for iPad mini because I need the magnetized stand feature on the cover and I sometimes detach the Kata T4 from the case if I want to use it without the case.

In Kata Store you can purchase its own flip cover case designed for Kata T4, but its available only in one color and it comes free when you purchased it in a Kata store.
The battery stays intact inside and it’s a non removable type. The only removable thing from the Kata T4 is the small casing on top for the Dual sim and micro SD card. You need to be very careful in opening it and not to damage it or loose it.

Its more light weight than the iPad mini and its easy to hold it and also store it inside your bag. There are no buttons on the front screen and the only button available is at the right side of the Kata T4,  the power button and the volume control are located there. I'm a former iPad mini user and there are times that I always pressing the top of the tablet and thought that the power button is there hahaha.
The screen display is not scratch proof, it’s a regular glass protector for the touch screen features. I suggest you put a screen protector for protection from scratches and smudges. Always cover it by using the flip cover case because this will the lifespan  of your Kata T4 screen and also it protects it from dirt and unwanted smudges when kept inside the bag or placed on your table.

I used Belkin touch screen pen when browsing my Facebook news feed and also Instagram feed. The screen and its touch screen feature is accurate and responsive in every touch commands. In playing games, I have no problems with it because there’s no delay while playing any mobile game app.

1.3 Ghz Quad Core processor is now the norm in smartphones and tablets, its fast and also can  help you do some multi tasking feature. Loading the Kata T4 is fast and response with other apps is smooth and also incoming flow of updates and notifications from active apps. It doesn’t slow down when receiving a bulk of notification, but it uses a lot of power when heavily used during multi tasking mode.

I’m impressed on the battery specs and how the Kata T4 conserve energy during stand by mode or sleep mode. I left my Kata T4 tablet on sleep mode for one week and Im surprised that it doesn’t use a large energy while on stand by mode or sleep mode. What I did to the Kata T4 is – I just turned off the WIFI and let it sleep for one week. Also games and running apps went to sleep too when I put the tablet to sleep.


I have a dozen of apps installed in my Kata T4, there are basic apps that I can’t live without out hahaha. Ok, lets say that I need these apps because I need it for my work. The 8GB storage that comes in with the Kata T4 is not enough, If you still need more space and also more saving room for photos and videos, and ohh don’t forget more space for your game apps, then I suggest you get a micro SD card and expand it to a bigger storage.

For the 1 GB RAM, its good already to run some heavy apps, like game apps and other apps that needs a chunk of memory, I suggest that you kill the app by closing them after using it, just to reserve more memory for other apps that needs it. If you felt that the Kata T4 slows down, then use an app like Wipe Out or Clean Master to flush out memory being used by apps on stand by.

I really like the idea of Kata that they installed Mega VPN and some online tv streaming channels into the Kata T4 tablet. Just like in the KATA BOX that was launched few months, a Kata product that can convert your TV into an Android TV and it can let you watch online streaming tv sites and enjoy exclusive content that is available only for USA residents, by using the Mega VPN (that comes with free 60 days subscription) you can get an access to these sites and enjoy USA media content directly into your TV, but here for the Kata T4 tablet, you can also get the similar service of the Kata Box, you can watch Netflix, Fox News, Discovery Channel, CW, Taste Made, Crackle and History Channel.  The Mega VPN subscription can also be bought at any Kata Store, you can activate the code on the the Mega VPN app if you want to extend your virtual protocol network using a USA network to enjoy these exclusive streaming media.

Im using the Kata T4 tablet as my music player at home, I just plugged a wired speaker or pair it with a Bluetooth wireless speaker. The main speaker of Kata T4 is not enough to give audio boost if you are in a large room, you needed a





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