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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Share Different– Veeming your message, comments and opinion in a different way #ShareDifferent #HugotYourHeartOut

Social media is a evolved social communication platform that existed in the monochrome monitor days, before it wasn’t called social media, but back then we call it BBS, bulletin board, and forums. That was the earliest form of social media, and the users are invited to post freely their ideas, comments, opinions and messages, it was a haven  for people who are afraid to talk, they can hide their identities through usernames and handles, the exchange of words were non stop, those words can be helpful, entertaining and can also be hurtful.

Social media today requires you to be credible whenever you want to post your exact feeling, reactions or personal comments. If you are fighting for something or want to share an effective solution to a problem, we take the keyboard to write our voices on the internet world.

here's my video about my opinion about my social media

But there are some kind of negative effect when we try to post real feelings online, because people around us can agree or disagree with your feelings or reactions. It can hurt them with your words or sometimes hurt you when they counter react with the topic you chose.

The result is that the social media users tend to go silent and no longer voice out their concerns, I think it’s a type of game that you need to play safe and never interact, you try to avoid them but its hard to escape a real feedback or comment because social media is designed to conversation, its like an open water with many sharks or dolphins and you really have to think first before you make that post that is constructive, creative or destructive.

Did the internet break us?

Others create another account just to voice out, they hide their identities, they go all out of their character, revealing their dark side, their good side, the funny side and the bolder side. That’s how social media makes us a person with multiple personality, We are quiet in person, but we are so noisy, talkative and war freak when we are online.

I’ve observed some of this behavior in some of my online friends, and Its funny that they have that multiple personality.

The evolution of social media lands now on the mobile platform, this time you will no longer need to use your laptop or desktop computer in sending a message, a comment or a picture to share online. With the social communication app like Veems, you can now post your real feelings and criticisms from the real world. The online communication at VEEMS will able you to send messages in private mode to one person, or send to a blast message to your followers.

There’s also a feature and channel for anonymous users, everyone are invited to participate in a discussion where different ideas are shared, you can go out of your shell and wear a mask to hide your identity, just to share your opinion with confidence with no requirement to  reveal your identity and never get hurt virtualy. Of course there are rules on the board that needs to be followed, but I know we are all adults and we know what limits that we should push ourselves.

VEEMS added a new trend when it comes to social media communication, anonymous posting via mobile in one network of anonymous users will test your creative differences to others  and also reveal your other self…

That’s a new way of sharing conversation in a different way.

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