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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak + New renovated branch in Glorietta 4


Jollibee's burger steak meal is fully accepted because many of us pinoys prefer to eat their burger patty with white rice and instead of enjoying it as a burger sandwich. In my early youngling days, I love burger steak, but I first encountered that to a restaurant that serves pancake, their burger steak price is expensive for me, I only get to eat one when Im with my parents.

During my college years, we're so thankful that Jollibee released their own version of their burger steak meal. The best part of its burger steak history is the affordable price and you can order it with one or two burger patty.

During my travel around the country, Jollibee's burger steak is my eat and run lunch when I arrive in one city. They serve it fast and preparation is very simple. Then drop the burger steak on the plate, add some rice and pour some yummy gravy and some mushrooms. I am also glad that they made an Ultimate version, they added a sunny side up egg, french fries and garlic, it was a perfect man sized meal and its the heaviest food that Jollibee offered.

Today, January 2017, Jollibee unveiled another new addition to their burger steak product. The Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak recently launched right after New Year's day. It took me some weeks to try it because I'm still tied at my bed and home enjoying the last hours of holiday vacation.

But when I got a chance to try it....I can say that Jollibee should let this Pepper Cream Burger Steak stay for good at the menu of their fast food store.


Its a double blog post feature for today, one is the new burger steak and also the new renovated store of Jollibee here at Glorietta 4.

I didn;t even noticed that they renovated their store. But when me and Enzo stumbled this store 2 weeks ago before, we got amazed on the new interiors and the eye catchy video wall featuring a dancing Jollibee mascot. Ahahaah! Jollibee now goes electronic and no longer the statue kind.


I learned that art mural painted on the walls of Jollibee G4 was custom made and hand painted directly on the wall .It means that the art mural will stay there forever and can't be moved. Unless you break the wall and move the wall to a different location.

I have more feature of the new renovated branch of Jollibee G4 right after the feature of Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak


The classic version of Jollibee Burger steak is still there, same old, same flavor, as in same-same, The taste didn't change and after I took a bite of it, I remembered the times I always eat this during my class lunch break. I felt like a student again. hhahaa. You can still order this and still with an affordable price of PHP50.

Same thing to the all new, all different Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak, it is tagged with the same affordable price at PHP50. They also said that you can order this in 2 burger patty format. I haven't seen it in their menu, but they say that it can be ordered over the counter.


Actual photo of Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak and its predecessor the Classic Burger Steak.
Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak is 100% real beef patty, its a Jollibee signature beef patty  with rich cream sauce and infusion of black pepper and top with sweet corn kernels.


Im so excited to do the taste test and I posted a vlog about it
where you can watch it here at

vlcsnap-2017-01-17-08h42m37s379 findings:
The pepper flavor is not that strong. Kids can still enjoy this, I was worried a bit that kids might not want to  try because its pepper. But after tasting it, I can taste the aromatic pepper flavor just right.
If people want to explore new flavor and want to taste something new, you can train your taste buds by eating a plate of Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak. The beef patty is thick and still perfect and same with the beef patty of a Jollibee burger steak.


I expect that the Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak will have a very strong pepper flavor. Because some foodies like me will prefer that, but for others who are not familiar how good it is to have pepper on your food, then you have to start from the basic taste -- a lesser and just right pepper flavor. But if you want some more pepper and spice, just add some hot sauce or salt if you prefer for more spicy chili flavor.

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed my blog post.
Feel free to comment below if you loved the taste of Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak

Here's a closer look of the new renovated Jollibee store in G4


New welcome sign


A bigger video wall, featuring the playfulness of Jollibee.


New interiors


New dining area design


Its my first time to see a round communal table with rotating food platform in the middle.
This perfect for the family.


More giant video wall inside the store.


The new ordering counter. You can now see the kitchen from the counter when you order your food.


Photo art work inside


More dramatic photo and quotes


I heard that the new Jollibee crew uniform is designed by top fashion designer, Francis Libiran.


Its also fun to see the artwork on the wall .Its a dance step in doing the Jollibee dance.
According to a Jollibee rep. that the Jollibee G4 branch is the 1st store to have a new modern look. They will do more of this in other stores in the future. Not all can acquire the new look, it will still depend on the foot traffic and also how the store performs.

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