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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wendy's Philippines introduces their version of a Philly cheesesteak and Kimchi chicken sandwich!


We got some great news from Wendy's Philippines! Last week they launched two kinds of burgers that carries the popular flavors of Philadelphia and South Korea. Now we can order a Philly Cheesesteak burger and a Kimchi chicken sandwich!!!!  Yes you read that right, their new sandwich has Kimchi sauce and it comes with French Fries with Kimchi sauce!

For burger fans like me, you will enjoy a jam packed Wendy's Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt burger with lots of onions, bacons, melted cheese, sliced cheese and a beef burger patty. And for our Korean friends here in the Philippines and for Kimchi lovers, you'll enjoy the taste of Kimchi with their Kimchi Chicken Fillet Sandwich and that fries with Kimchi! yes..kimchi!!

I just can't believe that they have a sandwich with Kimchi!

To know my taste and try comments of Wendy's new products, then scroll down below!


Here's their promo image of their new burger

Wendy's Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt burger
SRP PHP 99 (ala carte)


For KPOP fans, Im sure you'll love this.

Kimchi Chicken Fillet Sandwich

Kimchi Loaded Fries


So here's my taste and try session
And also a closer look of the product, as it was served to us fresh from the kitchen of Wendy's


Wendy's Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt burger
For me it looks okay, the size and the ingredients. I was expecting for a much bigger version, but this is the ordinary size of a Wendy's burger. Now I dream and wish for that they should make it like a competitor for their Baconator.


The Wendy's Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt burger is tasty good!!! I can taste the aromatic beef burger patty then the juicy onions and bell pepper, then followed by the after taste of the melted thick gooey cheese.

For me, I got satisfied already, their bun still chewy tasty and not the foamy type. Im glad Wendy's is on track for releasing this kind of burger that other fast food joint can't offer.


I have mixed emotions with their Kimchi Chicken Fillet sandwich --- the kimchi flavor is a bit over powering the flavor of the chicken, I didn't enjoyed it. Maybe because the chicken fillet is not so very tasty for me, but for Kimchi fans, Im sure they'll enjoyed this.

There's a slight hot chili taste and the kick of essence of a Kimchi. Maybe because the flavor of the Wendy's Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt burger still reigns in my taste buds, that's why the Kimchi chicken sandwich is a bit bland after.


But for the Overload Kimchi Fries.
I guess they come up a perfect combo! For me, I enjoyed it and I love the Kimchi sauce over my fries, the spicy chili flavor and the thick slice of potato fries.

Siguro if I order, pwede ko ubusin dalawa hahah

For me the Overload Kimchi Fries is the best product after the Wendy's Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt burger


Me before the first bite of Kimchi fries


My blogger friends are enjoying the selfie moment with their Wendy's Philly Cheese Bacon Mushroom Melt burger


Friends of Team EATgetaway and PBNET Nicole and Aci joined us in a one day taste and try with Wendy's


Btw, before I end my blog post..check out this Wendy's announcement from their FB!!
OMG!!!! sobra mura

The three new product of Wendy's are now available nationwide.

Visit Wendy's Facebook at

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