Jollibee Summer Treats: Halo Halo-Sundae, Wasabi Fries, Royal Float


Blogging is back again! If you saw my Instagram post and Facebook post, you might be craving already with these new food items launched by Jollibee. They say that two of the food items was available before, I think last summer time, and then one new food item is newly launched few weeks ago.

They say that the only way to beat the heat is to treat yourself with some cold desserts and if you are craving for something salty, crispy, savory, aromatic, spicy taste, then you take some bites and enjoy the moment satisfying yourself.

Okay let me introduce to you the Jollibee Summer Treats
Featuring --- Jollibee Halo-Halo Sundae, Jollibee Wasabi Fries and Jollibee's Royal Float.

Three food items that will help you cool down this hot dry season, and also at the same time, get a nice food tripy flavor with a spice kick of wasabi fries


Jollibee's traditional sundae with soft served vanilla ice cream is now top with your favorite halo halo ingredients. Instead of crushed ice for the halo halo, Jollibee uses their soft served ice cream as the ice cold base for the halo halo.

There's ube syrup on top of the Halo Halo Sundae, then added with tidbits of monggo beans, langka, gulaman, nata de coco, and sweet coconut strips.


That's 6 toppings and we just found a new way to enjoy a new kind of halo halo
You can buy the Halo Halo Sundae for a price of PHP39 only.

(Im not sure if that's langka, but others say it was banana)

Btw, this is a good food innovation for a sundae product!


The Jollibee Wasabi Fries was making waves in social media few weeks ago. I just learned from it when some of my Facebook friends are searching for the availability of the wasabi fries. Due to its popularity, some branches are running out of wasabi powder.

Jollibee Wasabi Fries got a real wasabi flavor!!  Wasabi powder already exist in other food products, but adding it in a Jollibee fries makes the fries more tastier.

Okay, Jollibee mag stock na kayo ng marami wasabi powder!


The spicy kick to your mouth and also to your nostrils will give you an explosion of aromatic flavor.
Its one of the best food tripy of Jollibee

Grab one at a price of:
Php 40 regular
Php 65 large
Php80 jumbo


Im not a fan of the other softdrink with float, but for a Royal Tru Orange top with soft served ice cream as the float. Wow! Im sold! because Royal is one of my fave drink since my childhood days. I can imagine already the orange flavor.


Royal Float
Php 35 solo
Php 25 with value meal

The Jollibee Summer Treats are now available in all branches nationwide.  If you bought some, then want to post a FB or IG photo, then I suggest you use the hashtag #JollibeeSummerTreats and #JollibeeWasabiFries


Enjoying with some fun games and summer treats with co bloggers Enzo Luna, Christian Melanie Lee and Lucky Magno


PR Pro Michelle and Sab


Unveiling the summer treats


Thanks guys for reading my blog!
Let me know if you love the flavor of the three new food items launched today by Jollibee.

Hm.. if ever I have time, I can organize a Jollibee Wasabi Fries eating contest.


Post a comment and let's see!  I can sponsor a PHP500 Jollibee GC as prize!!