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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Auratech’s Fotogo Pocket Photo Printer and Smart Page Preview at Home 168 Manila

Was recently invited to check out some of the new devices of Auratech at Home 168 in Malate, Manila. Here they are:

Fotogo Pocket Photo Printer

This small and portable printer looks like a white power bank at first glance but it isn’t, it is a pocket photo printer that you can easily carry around during your travel that you can put on your small carry-on or bag.

If you need tangible memories that you can give to someone or just a personal copy to paste it on your photobook journal, Fotogo can easily print those sweet captured memories on your camera phone or any digital image and print it in less that a minute. How cool is that!

Inside Fotogo, you can load it up with 1” x 3.4” sticker photos that is water-proof and finger-print proof. Fotogo body is 3.0” width by 5.2” length and 1” depth. Cost is PHP 5,999 pesos per unit.

It also uses an app also called Fotogo app to print it via mobile. You can search it in the Play Store and install.

In the app, you can even have filters and choose from a selection of filters to enhanced the look on your printed photo.

After you’ve selected the filter and framed your image, you can now print and wait for the photo printer to finish.

Instant photo under a minute!

A Fotogo and a smartphone is all you need.

Inside Home 168 Dormitory.

Smart Page

In the old days, we use a Cattleya notebook or a logbook to write our notes, to-do lists and ideas. But would it be amazing if we can also take pictures, create a presentation, control our house appliance in a notebook and more. Don’t worry, Smart Page got you covered and introduces you to Smart Life.

A Smart Planner that can help you manage the day or even the week by scheduling your tasks in this system planner. You’ll never have to forget your to do lists and go over your budget, just input it in the Smart Planner and have complete command on your plans, goals, lists and tasks.

A Smart Home Controller app that can control your house appliances through 3D IR remote control. Control your TV, Air Conditioner, Home Theater, Radio and other appliances with ease using this device. It's like one smart device to control them all!

Smart Connect Home that connects it bia 4G, PSTN or VOIP and Smart Entertainment that you can play games with its quad core 1.3 Ghz processor. Smart Capture to take snaps of those lectures or things that need a photo with its 8 MP rear camera or have a fun time hanging out through video chats using the 2 MP front camera.

Smart Presentation can also help you in preparing for some slides you need on your next presentation or brochures that you have to design. Smart Homecare is also great in tracking your health and fitness. Monitor your body weight, body fat rate, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, Visceral fat and body temperature with Smart Home Care.

You can get Auratech’s Smart Page soon!

Home 168 Manila

Got a chance to tour Home 168 during the device launch which is situated in the heart of Malate, Manila. It is a great location because of accessibility to all the necessities you need may it be grocery, entertainment or food stops.

It is very recommended for students, workers and individuals who reside in nearby provinces. They can stay at Home 168 Manila during weekdays to catch up on sleep and go to work or go to school the next day.. It is an affordable option that offers complete amenities during the stay.

Home 168 can accommodate up to 520 bedspacers with its spacious 1332 sqm. dormitory compound. It has an RFID gate entry and CCTVs for 24/7 security.

Front View of the rooms.

Inside the dormitory, they have 5 double deck beds, 2 orbit fans, aircon and private lockers.

Wow! They also have a trampoline!

They have water, electricity, Wi-Fi, hot and cold distilling station, cable TVs, monthly cleaning and pest-control. That’s a lot of charging stations!

Just outside, they have a local bakery that serve hot pandesal.

Chill in a coffee shop.

Can also get a haircut here.

Bedspace per month with fan will cost you 2500 pesos if less than 5 months and 2000 pesos if you’ll be staying more than 5 months. If you need aircon (6 hours) that’ll be 3000 pesos for less than 5 months stay and 2700 pesos for more than 5 months stay with aircon.

Home 168 Manila located at 1929 J. Bocobo St. Malate Manila (between
San Andres Sports Complex and Remedios Circle Police Station), you can like and follow them on facebook:

Coverage by: Aaron Nomo of Numu TV
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