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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Must See: All out of love - the musical “songs from Air Supply” at Resorts World Manila

The timeless song and music by the Air Supply are being immortalized once again in a new format -- that is in a musical stage show! I’m not a fan of musical shows, because I only have a one or two musical shows that captured my attention because of the story, but Im starting to be a fan of our local production, I started to like “Bituing Walang Ningning” from last year and“ Ang Huling El Bimbo” which I watched this year, but then I didnt’ expected that I will be watching a musical show again -- All Out Of Love the musical.

So here’s the story:
I received an invite from our Resorts World Manila, and because of my busy schedule, I accepted the invite because we’re going to watch a concert performed by our local artist -- my eyes attracted by the names of Migs Ayesa and Rachel Alejandro,  at first I thought its a concert tribute for Air Supply.

After arriving in Newport Performing Arts Theater, we sat at the VIP seat, its a good seat and front of the house, when the curtains opened, I noticed that there’s a stage set and also the performers on stage are singing and acting...then boom! I realized that we will be watching a musical show! Hahaha

And the fun starts...when we learned that the Air Supply duo are sitting behind us!! Wow! That’s an awesome experience.

But what about the musical show, is it  good?
Is it entertaining?
Are the singers -- good on stage performing and acting?

Before I hit a review and my comment, let me write down here some info about the musical show

All Out Of Love: The Musical production team are all Australian, they are  composed of co-director Jacinta John, award winning stage director Darren Yap; musical supervisor, arranger, and orchestrator Stephen Amos; and choreographer Yvette Lee among others. The musical is based on the libretto written by Canadian Jim Millan. And along with the creative team includes our cast of Filipino talents led by MiG Ayesa, Rachel Alejandro, Tanya Manalang, Raymund Concepcion, and Jamie Wilson

Okay, Im going back to my review,.. The curtain opened and I was greeted by a big song number, so I pin point that the main singer on stage are the main stars --- I just noticed that Tanya Manalang voice reminds me of another show --- yes, she’s one of the major characters from the “Ang Huling El Bimbo” musical, I just learned about it after show and that’s why her voice is so familiar. I just sat down, listened to new rendition of an Air Supply song, performed by the actors on stage, and start to be glued on my seat for stitching the story involving the major characters.

Throughout the musical, I figure out that...hey! This is a romantic comedy theme..which I prefer -- I guess this musical is for all ages because the scenes and actions are for general patronage, there’s no blood, no cursing, and no for R-18 moves, I think if ever you have a nephew or niece who are into singing, especially if they know Air Supply, I suggest you bring them to this show and Im sure they will love it. Well, thanks to my mom and dad who always play their cassette tapes of Air Supply at home, so all songs they performed reminds me how I waited for hours to wait my turn to play those Metallica cassette tapes. But Im here at the show and Im happy that I appreciated the songs and I want to share this too to my 8 year old kid (who also loved listening to Beatles song)

As for the main characters -- Its my first time to see Mig Ayesa on stage live!  Wow! He’s really good and I like how he act as a rockstar in this musical, well for me he is really a rockstar, he’s always a good choice for live acts and also a “suki” for musical shows, but here for the “All out of love” the musical, he got the character right and it fits him well. For Tanya Manalang’s performance is always on high energy, It may sound that I’m going to hear a Disney song because of her high pitch voice, but for me, her voice is cute and her version of an Air Supply song still stuck on my head (there’s a Youtube video of a sample, go watch it here) which I can listen everyday because I like her version. For Rachel Alejandro’s performance, its my first time to see her on a musical show, I know she’s active on stage, but Im comfy to see her singing, but for acting I got nervous--- because I was a bit unsure if singers can be actors too, but Rachel’s character transformation on stage with that country girl accent are getting stronger and stronger for the mid-arc, but for the 1st part of the arc where she appeared with lines, I didn't noticed that she speak with a country girl accent. Her acting is really fit her well for the character, she’s a singer and also rockstar...bagay talaga sila ni Mig Ayesa!!! Yiheee.

The setting of the show -- is in America, yeah they mentioned, Los Angeles, New York and Hell’s Kitchen, I was laughing inside my head because I was expecting to see Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen -- lol comics fans and Netflix fans can relate. But the setting of the show is like a time travel for us viewers, because we took a peak of what was the life back then during the 80s in America.

Over all, I loved the show, Im adding this to my fave list, Im not a big fan of musical shows, but as I mentioned in my first post above, local prods are great!! Its a must see and I want to see them again on stage--  MiG Ayesa, Rachel Alejandro, Tanya Manalang, Raymund Concepcion, and Jamie Wilson...hope to see you on stage again.

Watch the show..they are on a limited run this month of October 2018.

Tickets to All Out Of Love: The Musical are available at the RWM Box Office and TicketWorld outlets. Visit or download the RWM Mobile App for the complete show schedules.

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