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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Paradise Dynasty launches new Chef Recommendation dishes and opens new branch in SM Aura

The much awaited new dishes at Paradise Dynasty Philippines has finally launched and these new dishes are included in their Chef’s Recommendation menu, which you can order as your main meal, snack or appetizer.  The new dishes were launched first in their 2nd branch in Podium Mall and I learned that day that they are now opening their 3rd branch in SM Aura, as of this writing, the 3rd branch is now open.

The Chef’s Recommendation new dishes features 4 kinds of dishes with blend of taste of Paradise Dynasty’s signature flavor.

Paradise Dynasty Philippines now have 3 branches 1) Conrad by S Maison 2) The Podium Mall and 3) SM Aura, all are located in premiere malls by SM Supermalls. I wonder where will be their next branch ? perhaps its another premiere mall located far south ?

Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (8 flavors)
PHP 388 (8pcs)

In Paradise Dynasty their Xiao Long Bao assorted flavors are a crowd favorite

Here are the color coding of the special Dynasty Xiao Long Bao

Brown - Garlic
Green - Ginseng
Orange - Foei Gras
Grey- Szechuan
Yellow - Cheese
Orange - Crab Roe
Black - Black Truffle

You can also order them for 6 pcs and 10 pcs

The tip in tasting the colored xiao long bao is to taste the original first, then the light colored up to the darkest colored xiao long bao.

When you dine in at Paradise Dynasty, I suggest you try their delicious XIao Long Bao, its one of the best ever served by this restaurant.

During the opening of their SM Aura branch, they launched a new version of Xiao Long Bao --- the Chili Crab Xiao Long Bao, a version inspired rom Singapore chili crab.

Take note: this is available as of now in their SM Aura branch and then after 3 months ( I think) it will be available in all branches.

Here are the new dishes from their Chef’s Recommendation menu:

Deep-Fried Duck with Steamed Bun (half)
PHP 1288

You can eat this as is or you can sandwich the duck meat in a bun, you can ask for the resto staff to help you carve the duck meat and prepare the bun for you. I realized that duck meat is so expensive!

The resto staff helped us prepare the buns

There were only 5 buns per serving, and the remaining duck meat can set aside for you to enjoy it later if you decide to eat it with plain rice

The style is similar to peking duck or roasted duck on a bun, I loved the taste of it when it was added with that special sauce. The fried duck meat flavor expanded because of the sauce. You can eat it by hand or use your fork  if you dont want your hands go messy. But I love to eat it with my hands because buns are easy to eat using bare hands.

I’ve tried eating the duck meat with rice, and its good! Especially the fried duck skin!! So crunchy and tasty.

Grouper with Pine Nuts and Fruits
PHP 1288

Grouper aka Lapu Lapu fish here in the Philippines has this sauce that taste like a sweet and sour, but for the menu they didn’t want to brand it as a sweet and sour, because thats a very common food in every Chinese resto.

The sweet and sour sauce is not that special, what I like is the taste of the grouper fish, its perfectly deep fried and the sauce added more flavory sweet and sour but it didn’t over power the taste and you can still taste the freshness of the fish meat.

Grilled Grouper with Tofu in Mapo Tofu Style
PHP 1288

The Grouper with Pine Nuts and Fruits taste so common, but my mind gets blown when we tasted this other version - the Grilled Grouper with Tofu in Mapo Tofu Style is a must try and this is what Im calling the Paradise Dynasty signature flavor.

The Mapo tofu spicyness is a winner, and the grilled grouper fish is so perfect, you can taste a grilled burned meat and fish skin and with after taste of a chili thick sauce of the Mapo Tofu. I super enjoyed this and I thought that it was the finale ---- which is the best ever but...

Shanghai Style Braised Pork Belly
PHP 588

but….Shanghai Style Braised Pork Belly is the one who made us reach the finish line --- I mean the heavenly flavor was reached when we started to eat this food. Its so soft and I felt peacefulness in every bite -- I think in every bite, I got worried for some “putok” batok” moment haha, but Im glad that I dont have any healthcondition. I super enjoyed this and I want to order this again when I visit Paradise Dynasty.

Crispy fried crystal prawns tossed with salted egg yolk
PHP 588

This is from their old menu, I super recommended this too. Its one of my favorite here at Paradise Dynasty.

Charcoal Custard Lava Bun
PHP 188

For the dessert, the Charcoal Custard Lava Bun is always the best to end the meal.  I suggest that you slice the bun into two and let the heat of the custard lava go out, its better to eat that way instead of biting it, you might burn your lips and tongue when biting it. So be careful.

As of this writing, their 3rd branch is now open in SM Aura

Here’s the promo poster of their Chef’s Recommendation new dishes.  I think you can also order a whole fried duck -- hmm I will try that next time.

With my friend Valerie Tan -- great to see her again!!

With PBNET friends Edel and Ron

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