Tips: how we finished shopping in 1 hour in Landers Super Crazy Sale 2019

Wow! We just finished our shopping in 1 hour at Landers Superstore for their Super Crazy Sale event, which started today March 13. At first I didn’t know that there’s a sale, Me and my wife were planning to go to Landers and invite Mama for a day of shopping, and then we learned via their FB page that the start of their super crazy sale is today.

Upon arriving at Landers at around 3:30pm we saw that lots of cars are coming in to park, so we let our driver stay on the line for parking and we entered Landers to start our shopping.

Lander Super Crazy Sale is starts on March 13, 2019 up to March 17, 2019, from 9am to 10pm and for Landers members only.

I was a member last 2017, and I got my 1 year membership via BPI, I didn’t got a chance to renew my membership because the branch is too far away from our home (Otis branch), but then after some months, their Daang Hari branch opened, we didn’t visit it yet during its early days, because we heard that the lines to the counter are long.

Not yet a Landers member?
Then check out some info posted at their FB Page on how to become a member
Or just use your credit card to get a FREE membership for every PHP5k worth in single receipt.

Go visit:

Btw, this is not a paid blog posting :)

How did we finished our shopping in 1 hour?
Answer: team work

You need 2-3 person to be a Landers super crazy sale shopping team
1st person - assigned to use the shopping cart and line up at the long line to the counter ( we calculated that from the end of the long line up to the cashier, that’s 1 hour )

2nd person - carry an eco bag to grab items and go shop around. Then go back to your cart to place all your shopping items and empty your eco bag, and then shop again. The shopping aisles are crowded because lots of people are moving with their carts and the long line took over those aisles. Moving with an eco bag around is much easy and you can slip through so easily.

3rd person - can do the same with the 2nd person, or you can assign to buy snacks or food (which requires Landers membership card)

Here are some tips about the long lines to the counter.
I’ve noticed that the PWD/Senior lines look so slow in line or maybe the lines are much longer because it occupies 2 lanes from the right side of the superstore. We have a senior person with us, but I told my wife and Mama that the normal line for shoppers are faster because they have more cashier counters on stand by.

And then I heard a person there at the PWD/Senior line already complaining that he is in line for 2 hours already.

I suggest that you take the normal shoppers line at the right side of the superstore, and not at the right side. Why ?

Because the line is much shorter and the aisle is shorter compare to the one on the left side of the superstore.  If you have the end of the superstore, then the right side is the best place to stay in line.

How to score the discounts
- Check the price label and see how much are the savings and discount.
- There are some buy one take one deals, so check it if you need those items.
- If items are on a set pack, then divide the number of items and see if the price each item is reasonable.
- If you are not sure about the price of the product, consult with your wife or mom
- Use PWD/ Senior ID for discounts, ask your companion to bring it

So there you go
I hope these info are helpful for your Landers shopping this week

Here’s our shopping haul of the day from 1 hour in Landers

We were at the middle of the line already when we finished our shopping.

My cousin Shareen spotted me at Landers this afternoon. This is so funny, I was waiting for my wife at the counter.

My high school classmate, Michael, spotted me at Landers.

Grabe naman ito sale ng Landers. Super dami ng tao!
Its our first time to shop here at Landers Daang Hari, and now my wife as a new member.
Super easy pala mag shopping here.  Nakachamba lang kami and we’re glad that we have eco bags with us for shopping.

So always bring an eco bag!

If you used our tips, pls let me know via the comments
Or if you have other tips. Then share it here too.