Az Fast Az Furious

at last i've watched 2 Fast 2 Furious movie in Glorietta. thanks to the Pinoy Xphiles group for the free movie ticket. I really like cars and some sort of street racing. the movie rocks! shooting style of the racing is cool! man did they do that...seems like the camera is flying

during my day off, ahehae.i accidentally met Lyndon Gregorio in Seattle's Best in Greenbelt. there we jam until midnight. more talkies and chit chattin. man,.its a great night chatting again with my local buds.

check out these movie maniacs. they are my favorites...damn..where will i put Chuckie !

Jason Voorhees of Friday 13th
Freddy Kreuger of Nightmare on Elm Street
Chainsaw Massacre of Chainsaw Massacre movie
Michael Myers of Halloween
and Azrael of Florist by day, Killer by night movie.

Meeting Addict monday..i got 3 meetings..and its a super conflict for me.. meeting for the Sci Fi convention, DC convention, and meet up with the Pinoy DC fans. its a one night stand meeting.and i attended two meetings for DC con and the Pinoy Dc fans. Man, looks cool to meet new people with people from Bankee and Bates ..two giant toy distributors here in the Phil. and met some my toy collectors buds.

thanks to the New Worlds people for allowing me to pass for their meeting. man! this weekend il be meeting up my group MATRIX Philippines. and will visit Blitzworx group this saturday...

word of the day:
Excuse me. is this Cinema 4? - feeling conio.

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