Az cents
I arrived in Ortigas late and i thought my fellow crew and staff left me and headed to the shooting venue. i rushed right away inside Zufei internet in Robinsons Galeria to surf and txt my companies about the shooting. i beg them to picked me up, after i surf the net i went back to the meet up venue there i was surprised to see them eating. im glad that all of them are late. and we are out of sked for the shoot. astig...everyone made it to the shoot, and it was a hell of a fun and experience. shooting the film dogme style eahhahae...

btw we shoot only the teaser trailer for the film and will continue another shoot on me and zion will have an inhouse zion party on saturday night right after the Light Saber training and Matrix Fu training. astig !!!!

Clone wars upclose
at last i already watched Star Wars Clone Wars animated series all straight Chapters 1-8, and will wait to finish it this saturday and it will be the last episode of the 1st season series. I really like the battle between Obi wan and Drudge. astig...Obi wan can stop bullets and fire, like Neo haehahaehae....also.i was impressed to the Art Troopers, they are very skilled and got the right estimate for the target. they use hand signals in communicating and they succesfully defeated some droid armies. also The dark jedi ..forgot her name is very skillful in the Jedi Arts. he dueled with Count Dooku and then later Dooku defeats her, and ask her to join in their Dark force and she was introduced right away with Lord Darth Sidious via a holo-communicator. after the battle of Obi wan with Drudge, Drudge was defeated, but Obi wan didnt know that Drudge's body can regenerate, in space Anakin uses of the star ship fighter and battles droids in space, and also there is an under water scene which shows another Jedi that can breathe and fight underwater. can see im a Star Wars baby!
thanks to master jedi Oneal for the free viewing i his Laptop Pc,
he got the videos in Star Wars HyperSpace, only members of the club can download and view the series for free.

events more....
there are lot of events coming this december..i think we have a total of 3 big conventions this out for the last convention for will be the 1st time and a hit....

they are real humans
the pic below George Lucas and Steven Spielberg..they are just look a likes. they are not the real Lucas and Spielberg, we just make fun of these two americans, coz they look like the directors. my sis joisu thought of that they are statues or from the wax museum... i said to her it is real people and perfectly cloned .opss....human look a likes.

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