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Friday, April 09, 2004

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Holy Az Week
here are some my skeds for the Holy week

Holy Monday - Gig audition in Hotel
Holy Tuesday - Passion of the Christ movie out and Tambay Night
Holy Wednesday - Stay Home...sleep sleep
Maundy Thursday - Holy Trek Day at Sector 001
Good Friday - a day with Ice the Queen of the Land of Tuna
Black Saturday - Band Practice at Silme's place
Easter Sunday - Meeting for a convention

Yesterday i cooked one of my favorite food!
thats PASTA!
and first i cooked the pasta and mixed it with tomato and mushroom sauce with cornbeef, i used cornbeef coz i dont have any meatballs at home.
the turn out of the pasta eheheeh

then..i used the other Pasta and cooked on the other day with Tomato sauce with chili powder and ever delicous tuna.
My queen of the land of tuna was happy to know that i have Tuna meal that night...

too bad the carbonara monster failed to taste my dish! hehheh
thanks to him for my internet access at home!

For the holy trek bring some Cinnamon rolls that il buy in my favorite baked shop..hmm..i saw lots of the Via Astris members will bring some pasta.i planned to cook one.but hey...Lyndon's pasta is a major favorite ever!

Jen Garner on the moves!
my love! action star Alias babe, Jeniffer Garner is on the workout now
for her sked shoot for the movie ELEKTRA, wow! my babe will be on the big screen again..but the movie will be released 2005! oh great have to wait another year for this one...

still i enjoy watching her in
look at that Abs! !

To all my readers
i like to thank all of my readers here in my blog
some of you are not yet familiar to me.
thanks to all of your emails. and im shocked that there are now lots
of followers and readers in my site.
thanks and coz of made the Azrael's MErryland
having a hundred hits per day or less than a hundred hits per day
that makes sometimes. hit a one thousand hits per week. but sometimes
eight hunder hits per week.geez..where these people got my site shaping the content of my blog. for all reading pleasure

thanks and more stories and news for my so-called-Merryland

-Azrael Coladilla
Far Away, So close - U2

Girl Dating will never be the same...always

Monday, April 05, 2004

Az Activity
im a little bit busy for the holy week
il post more pics and articles tomorrow

and good luck to my band Silme and the Sugardrops
we have a live performance in a hotel in Manila

and congrats to the Sugardrops ! we played last night in Greenbelt !!
super cool !!!

more pics here !!!

Silme and the Sugardrops photo page

Rockwell Jamming practice and Bikini show

Az in Animax Carnival 04

more pics here

Animax Carnival 2004 in Glorietta

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