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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Close to ya
it was a succesful music night for us Silme and the Sugardrops and still we face lots of challenges in playing music, and lots of request coming over before and after the gig, thanks for the tips, it was an almost a no show to one of our members and glad that TJ made it to the finals and played his violin on the 3rd last set.

it was a total of 20 plus song we played last night and it was a great evening..and Rain boy surprising us playing the piano on some songs. and Mighty man Joon watched the gig and played the piano on i think some Beatles songs..

i was with my friend, Dainty, cutey little girl who is now having her guitar lessons, i bring her with me to the gig to see and watch our acoustic night. and might she learn something and to see Luna playing the guitar...check it out on how she manage to use the strings.

it was a fun night with laughter..nice to hang out with my band mates..
and then we ended up in the far reaches of Timog and Tomas Morato and dine out in that Chinese restaurant. that gives us a full meal after the gig.

but before that night..i was really tired and hot, coz of the weather and heavy traffics across the metro, and i ran an errand for my uncle in Greenbelt, to get something and take it home, i was really exhausted., glad that i made it on time for our gig.

tonight i have a serious date ...gulp! and im preparing for it..
she's a manager of some indie rock band, ...its just weird that im having this heart pumping episode again,

wish me luck.

Friday, April 30, 2004

FHM Philippines

Dear azrael coladilla,

Congratulations! You are invited to the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party
May 4, 2004 at clubsixfifty at Libis. Please claim your prize of two
(2) tickets from the Summit
Media office on or before 12 noon on May 3, 2004. For questions or
other inquiries, contact us. Look for Dennison Ko or Paolo Gillego. We will be giving directional maps for all valid ticket claimants.

For details on how to claim your tickets and what to bring, please
visit the Events page of
FHM's 100 Sexiest Women at

FHM Philippines

Performing at the event will be FHM cover girls Cindy Kurleto, Sheree, 2003 FHM Girlfriend of the Year Myles Hernandez, the Viva Hot Babes, Starstruck finalist Yasmien Kurdi and FHM May cover girl Maureene Larrazabal and so much more!

FHM attendees will be treated to sultry dance numbers, exciting games, and a scorching-hot fashion show with luscious ladies clad in sizzling summer wear.

0000000000000 at last....i waited for this since i was 18 ahhhahaha!!!!
the ultimate party in my Merryland.

now is my chance to meet Yasmien !!!! and Cindy !! wohohohoho!!!!! im going to die !!!

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

When Worlds Collide
its another fun filled adventure in my Merryland. and now look meeting celebrities. geez.this is not me !!!
and now my skin is colored brown...thanks for the sun burn..

and people who dubbed me as the Tim Yap of Comic and Anime industry..
now here in my entry.i met the real eventologist Tim Yap

Azrael meets Tim Yap
i have sked that time with Tin Tin and Joy to meet up in Glorietta and also i txted Camy to meet her in Timezone. Before i go up to the 4th floor i snoop down this event in the atrium grounds of Glorietta, they have this Fashion week event, when i was looking to the main entrance they ask me to sign up, then i sign up and they made me a name tag. and after that they told us that i can proceed to the couch area there i can meet former MTV VJ and Model Sarah Meier, model Verns Buccky and Tim Yap, it was not my first idea to approach them but im not that comfortable meeting big stars. but my mind got locked up in the man hole and proceed my other idea to meet them...and its great to have a nice chat with these celebrities.

there i met the man! Tim Yap, and i told him about people here in the anime and comic world that they are dubbing as the Tim Yap of Anime and Comic., i explain to him what i do like..event organizing and hosting. then he said he was flattered and surprised that the icon has become a another icon hahhah! .labo ng paliwanag ko hahha..

then he introduced me to the commercial model Verns, while chatting she told me if i were a designer. i said ..yes..i design websites.then i smiled! then..Tim Yap told her that im into event organizing, then after that Sarah Meier look at me and said..hey dito ka muna..wag ka muna alis..kwentohan muna tayo..i was very relax at that time..coz these people are 'Englisera' but to look at it..marunong naman pala mag tagalog.

she thought that im a desinger coz of my bandana and shades looks.

then after that...all the nice chit chats...Tim Yap said that i must invite him on the next event im holding...i said yes...sure..then..he gave me his cellhphone number..and said thatil txt him if there are events and parties...he's next move was to try on those gothic jap outfits. which we talk about it earlier.

Azrael..Unique and funky -- just the way i like it! - Tim Yap

Nice Shades ! Take care ! -love- Verns Buckky

Hey Azrael! take it easy man, thanx 4 kicking it - Sarah Meier

close encounter with the Sexbombs
while we stop for a drive tru in Mcdonalds Pampanga, after a long trip from Zambales, i was taking my orders when suddenly my eye got caught on these girls wearing sexy clothes and make up, at first i thought where these GRO's come from..but when i look on some the girls..i recognize them...damn..its the Sex Bomb Girls...i panic a little coz its my first time to see them in no range...they joked on me behind , they said that im so tall and im in front of the line..i smiled and talked to them ..and they said that they have a show somewhere in Pampanga.

astig..sorry Rainboy..di ka nakasama...ehhehehe

Big Fish

me, Tin Tin and Joy watched this movie Big Fish and i didnt know that it was a Tim Burton movie...astig..syet! great story and an adventure that will reach on to my next generation. i like the glad that we choose to see that instead of the movie Taking Lives.

In Search for Lorrie
it was a very chilling experience and creepy coz..heres the story
i met this girl inside Starbucks Shangri La and that night it was our Artists' Den Meet Up. then i saw this girl..a cute one...very neat..looks rich..all white outfit..with lots of shopping bags..eating cake and coffee, and reading a comic Adventures of Tin Tin. then ...

i notice her coz it was on the other side of our table. That time we boys are very noisy every friday night talking about art and comcis..then..i notice again the girl..looking at me..and i started to look at her..but then she continued reading the book facing infront of me....

then our friend RG arrived and was looking for a chair. i told him he can grab that chair in front the girl might be alone..but RG got chicken out and i forced my self to talk to her.then she said that she was alone and we can take the chair..then..i joke around saying..look at this..we disturbed a fine lady reading comics...

then the girl look at us and smiled at me was ok..and i told read comics..thats cool...and she said.ya..its my favorite Adventures of Tin Tin,,and she said that its brand new and she bought it earlier in a time stopped !!!

my mind stopped and dont know what to do..if im going to continue to talk to her coz she already opened a topic for a conversation. then the Artists' Den boys said..go ahead can do to her..
but after that..she went outside and rode her time started and it moves fast...and said..what the hell happened...this is not me..why i chicken out !

then..on the other day..i began searching for this girl..plugging her description..likes..and her some Mailing list and in Friendster.

but i do believe in second chance.a friend of mine said that she knows a girl named Lorrie who likes reading comics and it matches my description.
he said that she regularly visit our Comic sale event in Greenhills West Club House..that time..i was there..and i didnt notice her that friend pass on his full name and cellphone number..i thank my friend for that info..and he said.try it..the phone might be have a lead.... was like one of those love story movies..oh man..!!!


thanks to all my site is now having a regular 100 hits per day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Monday, April 26, 2004

Heavenly Zambales

Its another adventure outside Metro Manila,we went to Zambales for a 2 day outing of our group and it was fun and a painful sunburn experience.hehheh...i got sun burn in my body. and im color pink, they are dubbing me as a shrimp or "hipon" coz my body color looks like a cooked shrimp. but i prefer to be a tuna sahimi or a pink tuna.

we swim on one spot of the beach and we enjoyed our time under the sun, beach is fun and i got lots of words in my hands describing the experience in the beach.

at night we play Harry Potter UNO card game and we just discovered that we are almost drunk when we started to laugh on something..what a fun night.

on the next day, we woke up early, but me...left alone in bed and saw my group finished their breakfast meal,. then another swimming and diving session in the beach. i clown around for a moment when i started pulling my shorts under the water haheh...they got it on video.

checking out the bottom thanks to the snorkels of Hecman, and when im using the goggles and snorkels, i almost drowned myself on a hip height water. coz the water starts to enter in my snorkels.

putik..sarap talaga sa beach!!!

Mayoralgo Beach House,
Cabangan, Zambales April 24 - 25, 2004

visit this site for more pics

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