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Friday, August 06, 2004

Inside of my Guitar
having a hard time these past days and i even ran away for a moment onto something..but went back, got a good grocery gig and some coffee talk with some friends, silent movie gimmick and a date im waiting for.

just went to a movie out with my friends - Ariel Atienza, Reitch Calabia, TJ Dimacali with his Gf, Ricky Sunico, in Megamall Cinema 6, saw some New Worlds Alliance like Dani with the Pinoy Slayers (Buffy), Bernie Sim of MTV ink promoting her GO!Chopsuey Exhibit in Big Sky Mind, and some college buddies back in UP Diliman.nice to see ya Pikachu!

The Goethe-Institut Manila, showing Classic German Silent Movies, with musical live performance by top Filipino musical artists
here are the sked
Aug 5- Metropolis (music by Rubber Inc.)
Aug 12 - Faust (music by Tots Tolentino)
Aug 19 - Last Laugh (music by Syzgy)
Aug 26 - Nosferatu (music by Garlic)

Megamall Cinema 6 @ 8pm

Movie Marathon

Its a Full CGI movie produced and made by a film company from France, and all i can say about this movie , is that think of fusing Lara Croft of Tomb Raider and San of Princess Mononoke, you'll have Kaena. Story is about a girl named Kaena, got the greatest discovery about a new life and the prophecy that will save all his people. The CGI effects is like of the final Fantsy movie but the character design is into western style, except the character Kaena, much more anime style, and the sexy design keeps the viewers stay focus on her character. The creature design gave a HR Giger style, and also the sound effects and music, A CGI movie treated with comic book style story telling, a very recommended film.

a Silent German Film, first shown in the year 1926. and also was treated as the Mother of All Sci Fi films.The music here was performed by Rubber Inc, an indie electronica band that brings live music interepretation as we watch the movie, the story is great. Never think of a father and son fight like in Star Wars, a rebellion and humans vs.machines. On the production of the film, i saw that they used a really big Film Studio for all those backgrounds and landscape. During the old times, people are so interested in creating movies, but the special effects are very limited but in here you'll know where did the special effects came from..Here they used some miniatures and some transitions. If you're into Sci fi, this is a must movie to see!

Eternal Sunshine on Spotless Mind
A romantic movie that comes from the heart of the writer, a very unique love story that i dont know if it will happen to anyone. a very good basis on what if? and when? . What if your memory is erased? can you forget the person you love? A great movie act by Jim Carrey, another movie hit of the year as they say, for me...its a Big Yes...I thought that Big Fish by tim Burton will kick this out...but this is a great film that can pin your hearts out, Great Cinematography ! I really like the change of scenery in a quick mode..its a real art film for me!

a japanese film from the year 2003, a very cool ninja-samurai movie,. i was thinking of Ninja Scroll when i watched this movie in Edgar's place, showing in WOWOW, too bad that it doesn't have any eng sub, but for a short time, i can catch up on those japanese words. Very Bloody, lots of violence, a battle of good vs. evil, Ninja vs Samurai, humans and enhanced humans. Azumi is a girl, a member of a ninja clan that possess a tru great skills and power in fighting although that she's a girl, all the advantage is on her.a great action film from Japan, a truly must see film !

I do belive in Fairies

I Do Believe in Fairies...I Do....I Do !

yup.thats very own fairy goddess will be here.
and i can feel butterflies in my stomach again.

song for her : Inside of my Guitar and She will be loved
will sing these song next week on our romantic date

This is it people! hope this is the real one!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Aztigamus Vol. 1 Issue 1
Anak ng pating heto na naman ako at
wala na naman magawa sa buhay, dahil sa tindi
ng trapik kanina papunta marcos highway e, wala
naman ako magawa kung di magisip ng kanta
para sa aking sariling gawang musika,

syet na malagkit at napakalakas ng ulan at ang
hirap mag hanap ng taxi..kasi mga putang ina mga
taxi na yan.napaka arte,, bwakinang ina nila,
nagkaroon pa ng taxi, bwisit

ah yun, at ako pa ata ang sinisi ng putang ina taxi
driver na yun, dahil kasalanan ko ata yung traffic,
eh gago pala sya..tarantado sya, di ba nya alam
na rush hour, hahehaehah..sori sya at ako ang
pinayagan nya sumakay sa taxi

at salamat at nakauwi na din ako ng maayos,
galing kasi ako sa megamall at nag grocery, after
ng coffee meeting namin nina Ariel Atienza at
Edgar Tadeo, pucha,, sa sobra init eh, naisipan ko
pang maki shower sa condo nina Ed, salamat
pareng Ed, your the hero man!,

syet..kakatawa kanina sa bahay, what the f****k
i doing and im downloading pics of Hero Angeles,
yung putang ina kamukha daw ni Vic zhou ng F4,
sa star circle, kasi ba naman nabalitaan ko na sya
na pala yun gaganap na Lastikman sa susunod na
Film festival sa December 2004, ah
leading lady pa nya si Sarah
Geronimo...puta..hindi sila bagay! sa akin Sarah
Geronimo! sa pag papatuloy ng kwento

nagpatuloy ako sa pagdownload ng picture ni Hero
Angeles at ayun, at nakakuha ako ng picture na
yung topless sya, eh sympre...mga
tarantado..hindi ako nababakla sa kanya

gagamitin ko kasi yan sa pag edit ko para sa next
issue ng omake omake news philippines, i-edit ko
kasi yung pic nya at gagawin kong Lastikman
using Photoshop, ah puta...kanina e...ginawa ko
na e... medyo hindi bagay at nagkamali at sa

ah ayun...salamat at nagbasa kayo sa issue kong
ito, sa ngayon wala pang title..

putang ina...ano ba ulam nyo ngayon?
ako? walang kamatayan SPAM at Sopas!

syet pare solid ito sa tiyan nyo!

Monday, August 02, 2004

ASshole Online 2
more news about the anonymouse asshole who bassed me in my YM yesterday, too bad for him, i got his true identity, when he txt me lat night, but he didnt know that his father cellphone is registered in my directory

here's the culprit
Ray Ann Manansala

This guy never uses his brain. i dont know if he had one.
Basshing me online and mobile, and never realize whats the real story. although that i cant blame him for this. maybe theres a reason behind this attack.

He tried to fool around with my ex-girlfriend, but he got his stakes and won the bidding, but thats okay for me now,. now i got the real story. well..maybe il just let this guy loose, coz..."MAS MASARAP PANG TUMAE NA LANG SA KUBETA KAYSA SA MAKIPAG USAP SA TAO NA LOSER KATULAD NITO" , its better to take a pooh in a loo,rather than talk to this loser, like him.

sorry dude,. death threats cant scare me away.
why dont you go to your school and finish up your studies.

wanna bash the guy? here's his email addy :

poor guy hahhahahha...i love my blog !!!!!!
sweet revenge !!!

30,000 Hits under the sea!

its a boombastic night for me last saturday, and got no sleep for that day, been busy on some gigs and party. Im glad that our plumber fixed my kitchen sink, now i can enjoy the cooking and eating.

we reached 30,000 hits! and wow...what a developement. thank you all
for all your support in my website. im planning and putting some stuff here to all of you to dig in.

the Girl from Saturday Night

Saturday night was hell for me. got drunk and got my ass walk to Valero up to Edsa at midnight. I was invited to attend the 40th Anniversary of the Makati Jaycee's and it was a great party. meeting all these big time people and business brain head, that time its a eat all you can for me.

Congrats to the Jr. Makati Jaycee for organizing the event, it was a glam success, geez..Makati Jaycee already founded 1964, and the award to all past presidents are best of recognizing their part of being a great leader. Aww...then it was my turn to be conducted and being welcomed as a new member, and they call me a Baby Jaycee, wow..take a look on my wearing a baby bip with their logo.

it was fun taking the Johnny Walker whisky taste test, by having a 5 toast of their flavors.and got kick me out..after doozing some of it bottom ups plus with beer. it was trouble for me that awaits. Jacque was there and both us got drunk, that time we should talk on some events and also some updates from our group Matrix Phil. so we do is only some giggles and some drunkeness laughter, by that time i set my self up and headed home.

but before that i was attracted to a girl seated at my back, and i was "suplado mode" at that night, only thing in my mind is get the energy absorb of the whole night,. and i didnt even know that we already talked for 3X saying some short hi and hellos.and then when i'm talking our Vice Pres Don, she suddenly interrupted our talkies and then i faced her up and introduced myself.. our VP did a great job in introducing me to other peope and to her..dubbing me as a event organizer and into Anime-comic stuff. pogi points was to low for that night, maybe that im not that flashy...glad i met her....Mimi is the name.

Cosplay Parade on Ice
i was there at the Cosplay Parade on Ice in Megamall, and it was cold chilling experience for me..lots of cosplayers compete for the cold trophy and its my first time to attend this cold event.

I was happy to see that people in the anime-cosplay community now recognize me.after the Toycon gig, people are now bowing to me and welcoming me and some of them call me not that a great teacher...well...hmm...ehehhee.

I approached Jerry Polence, coz we already talked online to meet in the event to discuss some modeling gig for a upcoming convention. It was nice to meet her and all i can say is that she's babe and cool girl who talks with this Diva Costume, of Cyberteam in Akihabara, then after that she won 1st place, topping all 2nd and 3rd place, Witch King and Orc.

lots of people went to the event, i was equipped by my digicamera and all hops didnt got away. and even when i enter the event, i met Garfield!! oh wow! ehheheheheh

more pics here

Morning shoot

I was told by sister to help them in their video and photo shoot that morning, reasons of no sleep, coz we left our house at 6am and my sleep time was 7am, so no time to sleep, have to do this morning gig, our location is in Luneta Park, infront of Rizal Monument, The F4 International made a short presentation showing the wonders of Manila, the footage will be sent to Taiwan and be presented in a event to Jerry Yan, also its a pure Jerry Yan event, making way for his solo album.

and then i went home and met the Icebox in Mendiola Square inside my friend Internet Cafe. I watched Superman/Batman:Worlds Finest Fan Film, the film was also the maker of Batman:Dead End. a fan film Batman versus Joker, Alien and Predator. In World's Finest, shows the events that Superman-Batman meet at the first time and their first gig together as a super hero. The editing was cool. has a professional execute, I know its hard to get a perfect Superman actor, but this fan film gives a new window to us to see a substitute for the man of steel in acting. Some people say that the Superman in the Fan Film "The Graysons", was a perfect actor for the next Superman, sporting a look like in Kingdom Come.

Another fan Film was 'Counterstrike", from the popular online war game, now a fan film, i really like the action and gun totting and shooting, it was like in the video game, story was counter terrorist must diffuse the bomb that the terrorist planted under the basement of a building, lots of gun action with a twist of serious gun battle. and now..if you watched it you'll find who WINS.

to watch the fan film visit
for a streaming film experience.

theres a story below this painting. I was taking the video with the group, after the shoot i decided to take a photo of the painting.

Asshole Online
i was minding my own business.suddenly i was disturbed by this anonymour YM sender, maybe theres a connection about my ex-girlfriend, and maybe this is the ex-boyfriend, also the brother of my band mate Rain.

ray1330: hoy gago ano ung mga sinasabi mo kay harlan? wag kang mag papakita akin hayop ka sasapakin kita
azrael: sino ka? awla ako sinasabi kay harlan?
popazrael: tapang mo
ray1330's status is now "Available" (8/2/2004 11:16 AM)
ray1330: wala kang kinatatakuta?//
ray1330: ngaun magkaroon ka na
ray1330: ang ina mo pati pinsan ko gagaguhin mo
azrael: heheheh
azrael: try harder
ray1330: Bagay sau pangalan mo ASSHOLE
azrael: tnx man hahhahah
azrael: matagal na
azrael: try harder!
azrael: next time .bago ka magbigay ng threat ...magpakilala ka muna
azrael: duwag! wahahhaah!!!!!
ray1330: tang ina mo kinausap kita ng maayos dun sa hotel...
azrael: hotel?
azrael: hehhe,,..
azrael: pwede ako naman..
azrael: tang ina mo din wahahhaahha
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