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Saturday, August 14, 2004

The End is near for all

a special tribute to Aliens Vs. Predator

Its a bad day for me this Friday 13th, for me that day is a lucky day, even that i walk from home up to Megamall and experience a heavy rain on my way, but that never stops me in my journey. I was stranded for 40 min. under the waiting shed in the area of pasig near the Flood way bridge, and there i got no money that time for the jeep ride, so I decided to walk going to Mandaluyong.

its a silly thing to do, but i cant do the spider-man stunt that i was doing back in highschool, were i jump at the back of a moving pickup Van, just to get a free ride going to Tayuman up to Blumentritt.

guess that i must have a new day job now! eeheehhehe....upcoming project for the animation gig will be on the next 3 this time i can no longer wait. I have to survive in this terrible world!

The end is here
Its time for Aliens Vs. Predator movie ! damn..i've been waiting for this movie since Highschool. during those comic-movie and video games type, I really love the story arc of these two creatures clashing together. For me its dream come true.

before the movie and comics they have this coin-op arcade game,Aliens Vs. Predator, its a free scrolling game that you'll choose a marine, android or 2 predator warriors, in a mission to defeat all aliens inhabitants that infested the area, its a good story -4 player game, and this f'kin game gives the bright idea for a new revolutionize movie.

then they brought the two creatures in a Dark Horse comic series, Aliens Vs. Predator becomes a hit comic series for all fans, giving them a wide imaginative battle between Bad vs. Bad for the trophy - we humans. Lots of series have given and single to multi series was appreaciated by all fans, one of my favorite story arc was - Aliens Vs. Predator WAR, its a battle royale between three races, aliens,predator,humans, a woman dressed up and trained as a Predator. cool eh ?

after the comic series, a movie was debated and then fans pitch their own ideas for the movie, but...when i watched Aliens:Ressurection, also another dream come true for me, and the ressurection of Ripley, will fill all the missing story for a AVP movie. i think....but when the end of the A;R movie, when the ship of Ripley plus the survivors crashed their ship on planet Earth, i was thinking what if theres an alien egg hatched and the infestation on Earth started.???...then Predators came to help humans to annihilate the pest aliens??? - another 20 bucks idea from me.-

Then...after those ideas...Sierra games.-i think im right.- made these first shooting games also from the same title, and me as a big fan, really dig this horror-suspense action shooting game. for a taste of real fun, i choose to be a marine. i spend my my whole day everyday playing this game. and then i cant believe that i finished the AVP game.
Also the first apearrance of a hybrid Aliens-Predator and Predator-Aliens, and Mechanoid-Predator. --which im expecting what will i see in the movie. this first person shooting game comes out with a sequel. which i havent played it ..and i guess its a lot more difficult.

Dream come true for me......tonight me and the Artists' Den Lyndon Gregorio, Ariel Atienza, Ryan Orosco, plus Jon Zamar will be watching with 5 people for the advance screening of the movie for FREE, from Manila Bulletin, plus we will be appearing in the newspaper as the last pic of the life of all humans hehehhehh....i think il bring a banner that says -GO ALIENS! GO! GO!-

Next movie i want to see
Robocop VS. Terminator
if they make be a very good boy for life.
witht the same treatment....- comicbook-game- and i hope a- movie

In the machine-dominated future of 2029, a human rebel gains access to the Skynet computer's Time Displacement Equipment and sends herself into the past on a desperate mission to kill officer Alex Murphy, a.k.a. RoboCop. But Skynet is onto her plan and dispatches a trio of Terminators to the past as well. The Terminators' mission: protect RoboCop at all costs.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Lazzy Legs ver.2
im very lazy today in updating my website. very busy for i have attended lots of activities for these past weeks, and it was a hell of fun for me and to everyone.
Wake the Acid Android

Doom 3
Chainsaw, Rifle, Shotguns, Demons, Zombies, Hell on Earth..these are some words that can describe the game Doom. For every game play theres this eerie feeling when you play this game,. Back in Doom 1 and 2, this new game really kicks all first person shooter, for me this is the grand daddy of all shooter games.

Graphics is great, if your PC is equipped with the latest Graphic Proccesing Unit like those GEforce videocards. man...sure you'll love your Pc when you have these cards.

When you play Doom 3, is just like transporting your self inside the ALIEN movie atmosphere, the creatures and demons are like H.R. Giger designs, (he made those Alien designs). Now Doom 3 has a great story line, juicy cut scenes....and smooth graphics animation
Only problem is, that...if you are pregnant or have an heart ailment, this game will kill you an instant. Like for my experience..i got almost the first 15 minutes play time, but suddenly i quit for the horror and thrill of the game.

Story is are the main dude from Doom 1 and Doom 2, and of course,.you know the whole story for that.
You are assigned as a soldier in Mars, suddenly a scientist opens the portal of Hell, and then Hell comes down to Mars.

Your mission is to survive and finish all the missions. Equipped by a PDA, all info will be stored there, and dont forget your baby ......your loving weapon..and too...THE FLASH LIGHT...yes...the flash light is the most important tool here.. if you dont have one...You wont survive the whole game......the GAme is so dark.

one exciting about is that you can't use your gun while holding the flashlight. so you have to disable first the flash light before you shoot those demons. Lots of secret passages that leads to treasures of medic kits, ammo, and armor pack.

Doom 3 will blast all shooter games, better grab it and play it.. before Hell on Earth occurs.

Dir en Grey DAY!!!
KINJO JAM presents
Crisanta Towers, Pasig City
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Venue Map -

Kenkoy Exhibit in ATENEO
There will be an exhibit of Kenkoy Memorabilia at the Rizal Library of Ateneo de Manila starting tomorrow August 9 up to August 20, 2004. This is in connection with the Filipino Month Celebration in which Ateneo de Manila will pay tribute to Kenkoy's creator, Tony Velasquez, the Father of Philippine Comics.

The exhibit will showcase Velasquez' original artworks of Kenkoy, Rosing, Ponyang Halobaybay, Talakitok, etc.,as well as rare Kenkoy Komiks, original scripts, books, photos,documents and his personal items.
Since the exhibit will be held inside Ateneo's Library, outside visitors will be required to present ID's for entrance.
Thank you and please do find the time to take this rare opportunity to see this exhibit.

INK - Meme na Exhibit

I went last Friday the Meme na Exhibit, hosted by the Ilustrador ng Kabataan, and me and some members of the Artists' Den was there to support our talented young artist, during the exhibit Bagetsfonik and Narda performed an electronica and acoustic acts. It was Me, Lyndon and Camy, jammed the whole night, and we hang out inside Shangri La, checking out the new clothes, shoes and Camy window shopping mode was on. then later that..we went to the Artists' Den meeting in Starbucks, that makes our best night ever for a full attendance.

Stanley Chi of Chopsticks comic strip of Manila Bulletin joined us in our meeting, and the i found out that he's the brother of the immortal Sentai King-Richmond Chi, an old friend during the old anime-sentai days.

Sleepless Android
Deviant Art Manila Meet Up

its another success Deviant ARt Manila meet up, and it was a total of more than 30 Deviants artist who went to participate the 2nd meet up, thanks to Edgar Tadeo and Ryan Orosco for volunteering in giving a tutorials on comic art and thanks to RG Guanzon for giving tutorials on Web designing and Flash animation.

Cheese cake ETc. cafe was our first meet up, after an hour the management wants us out of the venue, coz our number of attendees continues to grow and the cafe have only limited tables and chairs for their customers.

we tranfered to the foodcourt area, there we continued the tutorials and lesson....i learned that day is ....Cheese cake a bad venue for us !!!!

Electronica Rave Eventica

It was a great evening overdosing myself by Electronic music. Clone, Drip, Brian Cua and Silverfilter performed that night. i invited the people from differetn community, but some of them made it to the even , how sad is.tht they left early and missed all the fun that night. Thanks to Acdid42 for the free Cd of your Album, Soft Asian Enemy. the venue is inside Club Halo, a cool venue for electronica rave eventica, and watch out soon that we will be hosting an album launching of DRIP with a taste of the toy-comic and cosplay convention type..

Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Az and Camy Show
A birth of a revolutionize talk show is coming soon!
watch out for the website launch !

The Az and Camy Show
Azrael Coladilla and Camille Francisco in a first ever underground talk show that will rise in our land.

upcoming topic: Quest for the Fashsionista Communista!

My fairy is here

I really do believe in fairies.......
and now i have to face and meet her.

Imagine what if Peter Pan falls in love with Tinkerbell.

Rave invitation to all

we invite all to this one night Electroncica Rave Eventica
all Deviant ARtists
all cosplayers
all visual kei's
all people who loves to party!

its all for FREE

thanks to Acid42 for inviting us at their gig

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