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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Im gonna get you, im a Spaceboy
for now im still a prisoner here at home, and im all f'ck up and still hunger for some new gigs. and expecting a mission to be accomplished this week, but everything is turning upside down. But that bad side is having an exchange to the good side, which i got some new offers that i didnt expect to come. but still i want to prioritize the first gig that i already started.

Where's the band
Some people didnt know that my band Silme and the Sugardrop is already disbanded, i got some gig offers already when we are starting to form the band, and for now the band is no longer complete, i got this gig for Oct in Eastwood City and damn! we dont have the members to play, so i just decided not to play for that month, even that TJ Dimacali our hardcore fighter violinist will have his new electric violin.

But still TJ wants the gig, but my question is, are we prepared for the oct gig? i was prioritzing other indie bands like Late Isabel and Drip, coz they are my top bands who are my picked to play in Eastwood. I haven't yet explained to them the terms of the gig, coz its been organized by a Ateneo student Organization.

Right now im preparing my gears for this new band im forming, Neko-chan, my old online buyer od jrock stuff, she has decided to join with me in a try out band for Jmusic, also TJ got interested in jamming with us. we might start covering jrock music like the other jrockers here in the Philippines. Drummer is still our problem and a lead vocalist, well.i have work out on the drummer thing, for the moment, we might try the Electronica side for the drum beats and effects, while the lead vocals might be me or Neko-chan. Maybe she might have a great voice. coz i like girls who sings and plays the guitar.

and for that maybe we need a new name for this band...
Our Silme and the Sugardrops lead vocals had gone AWOL and we dont have much contact to him, and we dont know if he's still interested in joining with us.

well for the music we might start covers of Luna Sea, which is my most favorite. and im eyeing for next months Kinjo music event which will be Utada Hikaru Day, a marked day for our 1st live act.

Pieces of me
...i dont know why am i addicted to Ashlee Simpson's song Pieces of me. coz its MTV and MYX's fault! and now i have downloaded an mp3 of her song. ehhehehe..

The Land of no post
Here I am again, back to my blogging habits, the time im not busy, the time im not lonely, the time im not alone, but wants to be alone.

Neci, sent me a message and wants to meet me, she's from the states, and she's here for a vacation. I met her online in friendster, and sometimes we have this regular night chat sessions and i also invited her last time in my online bday party. its hard to stay contact with her, coz i dont where i can call her, even that she's near here in my location. i guess we wont be able to meet anyway.

Game Blood
its great that my game blood is back, having my game addiction is back online and now i cant stop it. Now been playing again all these ROM games i got from a friend called the Cyberbiologist, he's my PC doctor, been playing all kinds of ROM games, like CAstlevania series, Megaman series, and now im trying to finish Super Metroid,

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is one oy favorite now, ive choose to be the Empire and then in the game , i really love to kill and annihilate all Rebel Forces. its cool lead Darth Vader in every game. Destroy all rebel scums that inhabited the planet Yavvin after the destruction of the Death Star. The Campainge game play has story stages that have missions orders and that mission must be followed and accomplished in order the win in the game.

I Played this Magic:The Gathering , Starter PC game, and now i get the idea of how these card games play.its cool to battle with other wizards, and they use these creatures just to block their selves in any spells and magic attacks, by that creature attack and spells attack you must use to sell you land property in order to active each attack, depends on the power of your creature and spell.

Monday, August 16, 2004

No one sleeps in Tokyo
i just got a wonderful sleep session yesterday, and i think its one of my best resting days, after a full straight of no nonsense work, and a great activity last saturday. Right now i just got news that i was linked to this girl that i didnt know, got the info from a member of the Kinjo Japanese music community, and hell yeah..i didnt know that im too popular, as they know my name, but its their first time to meet me in flesh.

ahhahaha..i like these kids! they are funny.

Az in the Archers ground

Il be conducting a one shot lecture about pop culture in De La Salle University, and im so excited that im back and students are interested to let me do the lecture for them,. this time its good that the subject is in Filipino class.

This Friday at 2pm, me and RG Guanzon of We Are Anime will team up in a one shot lecture, and damn! im gonna be the first one to talk. Maybe after the lecture. il upload a transcribe version of my lecture, so that it might help all those thesis makers and might be a good source for their projects.

and maybe next week or next next week, me and the bunch of mutants of Artists' Den will be in UST and on November, we might do another lecture in Assumption Antipolo, and it will be my 2nd visit after 5 years.

National Book Award Winners

Congratulations to Mango Comics and Kestrel Studios for winning both the award for National Book Award as Best Comic of 2003, Mango Comics has released the 1st remake of Darna and Kestrel Studios and Quest Ventures released the 1st issue of Siglo:Freedom, which was published here locally.

Im glad that pinoy comics are booming up the industry here, and because of that these publishers will do more of their best comics in the Philippines.

this year another round of title for Mango Comics, watched out for the release of "Lastikman" : team up by Gerry Alanguilan, writes the story and Arnold Arre, main artist for the comic. Also Kestrel and Quest Ventures will release another leg title for Siglo, titled Siglo:Passion, I've been hearing these titles from my artist friends, right now they are busy finishing the book.

invades the Dir en Grey Day

Its my first visit to the 2nd event of Kinjo: Philippine Japanese Community, its an group for all jmusic lovers, for this month they finished their event called Dir en Grey Day, its an event and shrine for Dir en Grey and to their rocker fans. That day i was expecting of lots of Visual Kei cosplayers,, and when i entered the gates,, i just saw some people who just don in their Visual Kei costumes,

Sakura Beat first jam for the acoustic performance doing their Larc en Ciel covers, while the Disciples of Ninth made a stuning X Japan acoustic no vocal acts, and the popular 7Thursday, cheered by their groupies and fans for their ultimo Larc en Ciel covers.

well..for my nifty i hate to see in that event, is that male posers are the worst ever. you see, posing as jrocker and just not to mind their attitude, i mean, these kids must learn their lessons, so that time i just let them be, but when the time give them a taste of my wrath, ehehe,.but its nice to see them pay the P50 entrance...its a lot of help though.

fuck ! this is the first time i used the word "though"
damn me! i hate myself though hahahaha!
though ! tho! tho ! thong ! opps.!!!!

Another STory
its another immortalized story from one of our Artists' Den meet up
starring: Camy, Az, Fluxx, RG, Ariel, Lico, Kyo, Lyndon

and this event...gave birth for the Az and Camy Show !

Sunday, August 15, 2004

A swell in the sun
im still in a 50% not so good condition, as my life nearly fades into the bottom of eternal stench, got lots of ideas coming up, and my brain is already overloaded by upcoming events, girl situation, girl i like, girl i hate, girl i want to meet, sked is getting tighter than ever.

I think my life is running again, but it lacks of fuel to charge to a point of safe return up to be the point of no return. that is very creepy.

Alien Impales Predator

At last i have watched the movie! and its a good one! its a must see movie to all alien-predator fans. all of my theories are correct for the story of the movie..and i believe that maybe next time they might follow the story arc like in Aliens Vs. Predator:WAR comics from dark horse comics.

Alien 5, - I got news that Sigourney Weaver just signed in to do the Final Alien movie as Ripley again - Alien 5, and Ridley Scott story will follow to the main origin of the Alien, that is going back to the main land of Alien 1. which is that revealed that the alien is a main weapon that being used by that found giant space jockey fossil in part 1.and story will be the crash landing to Earth of a space pod filled with aliens, that origins came from the planet of the Alien.

Predator 3 - they still have to choose 3 different script. and one last story involves arnold swarzenegger and danny glover, both survivors of Predators attack of their movies.Dutch from Predator and Harrigan from Predator 2 and they are captured and brought back to the Predator homeworld because they were the only two people to have ever killed a Predator.

the mutants of Artists' Den Ariel, Ryan, Lyndon, and me.
thanks to Manila Bulletin for the free ticket =)

Give me the word! FAUST

its a german folk movie that has a story of a battle between God and Satan. - its a pretty good movie i watched after Metropolis, another Goethe German silent film feature that gives a nice blend of live music by Tots Tolentino and his band. nice moves on those musical live in the silent film. Special effects that was used in Faust are lot more impressive than the special effects thy used in our local movies during the 1990's. since the movie is a 1926 film,

and the German film organizer really did well on this festival, giving us pinoy a taste on how German films were presented during 1920's, its a pure silent film that was played by live musicians or orchestra, the system has stopped after 1940's, when they got a chance to mix the picture and sound into one movie.

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